Virginia deaths 1897-1912
        the missing years
Between the time period of 1897 to June 13th of 1912, the state of Virginia did not keep death records. Several counties and cities kept their own during that time, but  far from all. I am now placing deaths from those years on this website.  I will be gleaning these mainly from searching through old newspaper obituaries mostly from Virginia and Washington, D. C. newspapers also from searching through Bible records, transportation death permit indexes, some cemetery interment cards and some other sources. I am also, in some cases, checking old census records for better name and age information.

I hope that this information will be helpful to many of you. The listings with one green asterik* next to them are from the transportation death permit indexes, as the people apparently died elsewhere than their home or at least where they were going to be buried. If a listing is bluelinked that means their obituary is on that linked page of my Old Virginia obituaries website. If I have information on the age and/or cause, then I will place that in a listing too.
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