Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ALEXANDER, Capt. James M.-W, March in Norfolk
ALEXANDER, Ollie-W, November 1 in Pulaski Co.
ALLEN, Clifton F.-W, May 3 at Drewry's Bluff, age 19, drowned
ANGLE, Minnie W.(Mrs. T. C.)-W, June 7 in Richmond city, age 27
ARMISTEAD, Robert-W, May 6 in Cumberland Co.
ATKINSON, Capt. A. C.-W, March 1, age 54
ATKINSON, Weston H.-W, March 11 in Manassas Junction, railway accident,  buried in Alexandria

BABER, Martha Ellen(Mrs. B. D.)-W, May 24 in Manchester, age about 70
BAIN, R. H.(male)-W, May 3 at the Home for the Sick in Petersburg
BAIRD, John Douglas-W, January 11 in Richmond city, age 61
BAKER, David, Jr.,-W, February 27 in Richmond city, age 80
BANKS, Mary Virginia(Mrs.)(nee Lee)-W, May 25 in Richmond city
BENNETT, George D.-W, February 17 in Richmond city
BEVERLEY, Capt. Frank C.-W, March 11 in Spotsylvania Co., age 82, general debility
BIBB, Dr. William-W, February in Albemarle Co, age 75
BILBRO, Henry M.-W, May 2 in Lynchburg, age 56
BILLUPS, Mary J.(Mrs. W. A.)-W, May 1 in Richmond city, age 78
BOISSEAU, Richard Edwards-W, November 7, age 60
BOWLES, William Hunter-W, May 4
BRANCH, Ella(Mrs. A. B.)-W, June 21 in Chesterfield Co., age 38
BRYAN, William, September 1 in Fredericksburg
BURNETT, Henry C.-W, February 16 in Richmond city

CABELL, Mildred Kidder Eldridge(Mrs. WIlliam Meredith)-October 16,
age 79
CALWELL, Bedford-W, May 9 in Harrisonburg, age about 89
CARTER, Nina Underwood(Mrs.)-W, December 6 in Richmond city, age 52
CASH, James, August 31 in Fredericksburg, typhoid fever
CHALKLEY, Martha S.-W, February 28 in Manchester
CHALKLEY, Nannie J.(Mrs.)-W, April 1 in Richmond city, age 77
CHRISTIAN, Dr. J. H.-W, March 13 in Richmond ciy, age 55
CLAIBORNE, Herbert A.-W, February 15 in Richmond city, age 84
CLEMENS, Susannah(Mrs. John)-W, May 9 in Swansboro, Manchester, age 50
COLEMAN, Dr. Thomas E.-W, February 14 in Pittsylvania Co., age 83
COOKE, Cornelius J.-W, January 16 in Richmond city
COTTRELL, A. O.(female)-W, January 15 in Richmond city, age 77
COTTRELL, Kate-W, November 3 in Richmond city, age 31
COYNA, Ida E.(Mrs. Patrick H.)-W, May 7 in Richmond city, age 89
CRISSEY, Sallie H.(nee Harris)(Mrs. John)-W, November 1 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age about 52, typhoid fever
CROWLEY, Kate B.-W, November 3 in Richmond city, age about 30

DALE, Joseph H.-W, November 2 in Richmond city, age about 68
DAVENPORT, Alice Hathaway, March 1 in Richmond city, age 76 
DAVIS, John W.-W, May 9 in Richmond city, age 65
DORSAM, John L.-W, June 21 in Richmond city, age about 73
DOSWELL, Helen(Mrs. Richard)-W, March 19 in Charlottesville, age about 60, heart disease
DRUEN, James A.-W, March 1 in Charlottesville, age 62

EDMUNDS, Helen(Mrs. Dr. Robert)(nee Carter)-W, August 4 in Richmond city
EGGLESTON, Herbert, September 4 in Richmond city, age 10 months
EPPS, Peter, Jr.-W, May 6 in Richmond city, age 23

FALWELL, Laura A.(Mrs. Thomas)-W, May 6 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., age 77
FINNERTY, Mary A.-W, November in Richmond city
FINNEY, Mary-W, March 18 in Martinsville, age 6, burned
FLOYD, Ellen(nee Stith)-W, March 3 in Lynchburg, age 66
FOWLKES, Mettie(Mrs. Truly G.)(nee Burton)-W, November in Nottoway Co., age 35
FRAZER, William T. B.-W, July 1 in Orange Co., age about 83, buried in Richmond city
FRENCH, Mrs. John E.(nee Cotton)-W, June 21 in Richmond city
FUQUA, Bertha-W, September 2 in Chesterfield Co., age 18

GALE, Joseph H.-W, November 2 in Richmond city, age about 48
GARBER, Allen-W, March 13 in Shenandoah Co., age 36
GARCIN, Ramon-W, April 30 in Richmond city, age 71
GATES, Lewis H.-W, June 4 in Richmond city
GLENN, William J.-W, May 12 in Richmond city, age 81
GREENSTREET, J. T.-W, January 3 in Richmond city, age 46
GRINNAN, Andrew Glassell-W, May 9 in Madison Co., age 75, buried Richmond city

HALL, H. T.(male)-W, May 1 in Pittsylvania Co., shot himself, age 67
HARPER, William Ross-W, May 10 in Richmond city, infant
HARRIS, Fannie A., February 28 in Richmond city, age 88
HARWOOD, Virginia(Mrs. Col. John S.)-W, May 23 in Louisa Co., age 69
HAWKINS, George-W, November 21, age 83
HAYDEN, Helen Fentress-W, May 10 in Richmond city, age 28
HELFERT, Mary Eliza(Mrs. N. J.)(nee Pearman)-W, April 29 in Richmond city, age 24
HILL, William A.-AA, November 28 in Richmond city, killed in railroad collision
HIRSCHBERG, Isadore-W, April 17 in Richmond city, age 42
HOLLADAY, Alice(Mrs. J. Z., Jr.)(nee Sampson)-W, May 6 in Charlottesville, age 21
HOLT, John-W, April 30 in Petersburg
HOPEWELL, John-W, March 14 in Shenandoah Co., age 52
HOPKINS, Henry H.-W, March 3 at the Soldier's home in Richmond city, age 73
HUBBARD, Anne(Mrs. Thomas J.)-W, January 10 in Richmond city, age 59
HUBBARD, John Walker-W, December 2 in Roxbury, age 16, shot & killed accidently
HUNT, Lucy(Mrs. John)-W, November 12 in Chesterfield County, age 66
HUNTLEY, Wesley P., Sr.-W, May 23 in Richmond city

JACKSON, Bud-AA, March 8 in Petersburg/Dinwiddie Co. area, killed by falling timber while working
JACKSON, Cornelius-AA, March 19 in Petersburg, traffic accident
JENNINGS, William-AA, March 3 near Haxalls, railroad wreck
JOHNSON, Margaret(Mrs.)-W, May 2 in Onancock, cancer, age about 56
JOHNSTON, Eliza(nee Finley)(Mrs. James)-W, January 10 in South Buffalo, Rockbridge Co., age 93
JONES, Handy-AA, November 27 in Nottoway Co., heart disease
JONES, Isaac-W, March 11 in Spotsylvania Co., age 70, dropsy
JUDD, (Mrs.)Lee-W, March 3 in Page Co., age 32

KEITH, Molly A.-W, May 28 in Richmond city
KING, Robert Lee-W, November 1 in Richmond city, age 31
KITE, George L.-W, March 12 in Page Co., age about 78
KRUG, Herbert Jacob-W, November 1 in Richmond city, age 3

LAMBERT, Rufus-W, December south of LaCrosse, age 17, accidentally shot & killed
LARRICK, Jacob F.-W, March 18 in Middleton
LAWRENCE, Edmonia C.(Mrs. Rev. C. D.)-W, November 2 in Richmond city
LINDENBURGER, John West-W, December 1 in Hampton, age 56

MAHONE, Mary Anne(Mrs.)-W, July 6 in Richmond city
MALONY, Thomas J.-W, May 7 in Staunton, age about 50
MANDERS, Mattie G.-W, July 2 in Richmond city
MARTIN, Grace-W, December 28 in Amelia Co.
MAUGER, G. W.-W, March 1 in Roanoke, age 87, buried in Pennsylvania
McCARTHY, Mary(Mrs. William)-W, May 23 in Richmond city
McCUE, Mrs. W. A.-W, June 30 in Staunton apoplexy
McQUAIDE, Annie M.(Mrs. E. J.)-W, May 25 in Richmond city
MINOR, Mary Buxton(Mrs.)-W, May 7 in Richmond city
MORGAN, Julia A., February 26 in Richmond city, age 62
MORRIS, Mary A.(nee Claiborne)-W, May 3 in Richmond city, age 73
MOSES, William W.-W, May 10 in Chatham, Pittsylvania Co., age 66
MOUNTJOY, J. Manson-W, October 30 in Augusta Co., age 71
MURRELL, Gilbert-W, May in Richmond city
MYRICK, Nehemiah-AA, May 2 in Suffolk, drowned at Lake Kilby

NAIL, Ernest-W, in Augusta Co., age 19
NASH, McLloyd J., March 5 in Portsmouth, age 43
NESBITT, Angelina W.(Mrs. James)-W, May 3 in Richmond city, age 86
NEWELL, Marie Louisa(Mrs. John B.)-W, September 2 in Richmond city, age 58
NORFLEET, Fannie(Mrs. Columbus C.)-W, March 2 in Suffolk, age 53
NORMENT, James Rennolds-W, November in Richmond city, buried in Williamsburg
NUNNALLY, Henry J.-W, July 19 in Manchester, age 78

O'KEEFE, Dennis-W, February 6 in Richmond city, age 65

PACKARD, Rev. Dr. Joseph-W, May 3 near Alexandria, age 90
PATTERSON, Thomas E.-W, May 26 in Richmond city, age about 45
PAXTON, Col. James Hayes-W, March 3 near Lexington, age 89
PHAUP, William-W, January 12 in Richmond city
PERRY, Pierce-W, March 3 in Luray, Page Co., age 65, heart disease
POCKLINGTON, Temple R.(male)-W, October 31 in Richmond city, age about 14, typhoid fever
PUTNAM, Capt. W. W.-W, March 3 in Richmond city, age 68

RASBURG, S. B.(Mrs.)-W, November 12 in Richmond city
REAXE, Fannie(Mrs.)-AA, March 2 near Richmond city
REDFORD, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, May 31 in Richmond city
RICE, Mattie(Mrs. Samuel B.)-W, November 3 in Ashland, Henrico Co.
RICHARDS, Jim-W, June 28 in Greene Co., age 92
ROBINSON, Judith B.(Mrs. Charming)(nee Christian)-W, May 3 in Norfolk Co.
ROBINSON, Wade Hampton- February 24 in Richmond city 
ROCK, Joseph E.-W, November in Charles City Co., age 5 years, 8 months, buried in Henrico Co.
ROE, Hiram-W, March 1 near Winchester, age 78, died from being kicked by a horse
ROWLETT, Bernard-W, August 4 in Richmond city, age 27
RUSSELL, Judith(Mrs.)-W, November 12 in Danville, age about 80, paralysis
RUSSELL, Thomas Jefferson-W, May 24 in Clark Co.

SAMS, Mary Eliza Whittle(Mrs. Rev. J. Julius)(nee Conway)-W, May 6 in Richmond city, buried in Norfolk city
SAUNDERS, Julia A.(Mrs. William I.)-W, May 9 in Swansboro, Manchester
SHEFFEY, Rev. Robert Sawyers-W, August 30 in Giles Co., age 82
SHEPHERD, Robert Harvey-W, February 16 in Lynchburg, age 78
SHEPPARD, Elizabeth E.-W, January 19 in Richmond city
SHERMAN, Ernest-W, March 18 in Shermansville, Caroline Co., age 96
SMOOT, James Rector-W, November 3 in Alexandria, age 71
SNOOK, Fanny J.(Mrs.)-W, October 30 in Richmond city, age 78
SOUTHALL, Pleasant Turner-W, June 9 in Richmond city, age 86
SPRAGUE, Andrew J.-W, March 12 near Claremont
STARKE, Adeline A.(Mrs. Gideon)-W, June 5 in Richmond city, age 74
STEWART, Rev. Kinsey John-W, June 10 in Richmond city, age 86
STORRS, Robert W.-W, February 20 in Richmond city, age 59
STREET, Davis-AA, May 5 in Smithfield, shot by Sam Jordan on May 2, 1902

TALLEY, Mary E. "Mollie"(Mrs. Dr. Alexander W.)-W, May 2 in Petersburg, apoplexy, age 47
TAVENNER, Edwin B.-W, March 11 n Hamilton, age 68
TAYLOR, Fielding Lewis, Jr., September 1 in Gloucester Co.
TAYLOR, Powhatan-W, December 2 in Manchester city, resident of Buckingham Co.
THRIFT, N. S.-W, May 9 in St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk city, age about 73
TILLER, Ethel Lee-W, April 26 in Richmond city
TIMBERLAKE, Amanda(Mrs. H.)-W, March 2 in Winchester, age 43, pneumonia
TIMBERLAKE, Charles T.-W, December 1 in Richmond city, age about 49
TONEY, J. W.-W, January, age 65
TRAYLOR, Hester A. Richardson(Mrs. Marshall E.)-W, July 2 in Richmond city, age about 28
TYSINGER, David, March 1 in Readus, Shenandoah Co., age 78

VAUGHAN, Capt. James T.-W, May in Richmond city, age 67
VAUGHAN, Lemuel Holt-W, May 3 in Jetersville, Amelia County, age 59
VEST, Dr. Richard S.-W, February 2 in Richmond city
VORBRINCK, Henry T.-W, November 1 in Richmond city, age 36

WALKER, Samuel-W, September 1 in Richmond city
WALL, Mary Alice-W, November 3 in Winchester, age about 50, consumption, formerly of Washington, D. C.
WARRINER, George-W, May 7 in Manchester, age 45
WEINBURG, Regina Fannie-W, May 6
WHEAT, Dr. Lewis-W, December 29 in Richmond city, age 46
WHITE, Caroline(Mrs.), August 31 in near Oterville, paralysis
WHITEHURST, Kate C.(Mrs.)-W, February 27 in Richmond city, age 68
WILTSHIRE, John Lee-W, November 1 in Richmond city, age 6 months, 11 days
WINGFIELD, Fitzhugh-W, July 26 in Richmond city
WOOD, William H.-W, November 2 in Hampton, age 90, from injuries due to a fall
WOODWARD, Major Peter-W, March 4 in Staunton, age 79

YARBROUGH, R. Norman-W, October 31 at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, age about 21
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