Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ABRAHAM, Wycliffe G.-W, November 16 in Richmond city, age 52, heart disease
ADAMS, Clara L.-W, October in Richmond city, age 25
ADAMS, John T.-W, January 25 in the Virginia Hospital, age 26
ALEXANDER, Margaret Potter(Mrs. C. P.)-W, May 19 in Richmond city, buried in Pennsylvania
ALLEN, William Temple-W, December 17 in Clarke Co., age 82, paralysis
ALLEY, Daniel H.,Sr., July 5 in Richmond city
ALMOND, Mrs. Wheeler J.(nee Keyser)-W, March 13 in Page Co., age about 30
AMMERMAN, C. H., April 28 in Fredericksburg, age 67, heart disease, formerly of Brooklyn, New York
ANDREWS, Charles Richard-W, January 14 in Richmond city, age 22
ANDREWS, S. H., April in Manchester
ARCHER, Marie Eloise-W, October 21  in Richmond city, age 21
ARCHER, Richard Field-W, July 7
ARCHER, William Vernon-W, December in Norfolk city
ARMSTRONG, James-AA, February in Gordonsville, age 102
ARNALL, Susanna A.(Mrs. W. O.)-W, May 18 in Richmond city, age about 52

BAGBY, Joseph H.-W, December in Roanoke, age 34, internal hemorrhage
BAGBY, Rebecca-AA, March 16 in Richmond city
BAGLEY, Mrs. Lou-W, July in Blackstone, age 83
BALL, George A.-W, September 29 in Loudoun County, age about 50
BANE, George W.-W, July 13 in Rockbridge Co.
BARKLEY, James Byrd-W, July 4
BARRY, Capt. James E.-W, January 25 in Norfolk city, age 85
BARTLETT, Charles M., April 28 in Roanoke, age 45, pneumonia
BASKETTE, Lucy A.-W, March 11 in Old Church
BEAR, Mary(Mrs.)-W, September 30 in Henrico County
BELL, John H.-AA, December 9 in Petersburg, age 72
BENNETT, Lafayette-W, May 7 near Octagon
BIRCH, Emma F.(Mrs.)-W, January 31 in Richmond city, age about 58
BLACK, Sarah M.(Mrs. George H., Sr.)-W, September 30 in Richmond city, age 50
BLACKBURN, Irven R.-W, January 27 at St. Luke's Hospital, Richmond city
BLAKEMORE, Kate E.(Mrs. J. H.)-W, July 9 in Roanoke, age 67
BLAND, Edward, April 28 in Crewe, Nottoway Co., age 19
BOHANNON, Violet-W, April 6 in Richmond city, age 29, consumption
BOISSEAU, Edwin Pechin-W, May 2 in Richmond city
BOISSEAU, Holmes-W, December 22 in Petersburg, age 53
BOISSEAU, Jeff D.-AA, December 24 in Richmond city
BOLTON, Edward-W, January 1 in Richmond city, buried in Scottsville
BOOHER, Jesse-W, January 28 in Bristol, age about 80
BOOTH, Nellie(nee Hargrove), July 4 in Richmond city
BOWMAN, Eleanor(Mrs. Isaac)(nee Hite)-W, May 19 in Strasburg, age about 90
BRIGGS, Anna-W, January 17 in Winchester
BROWN, Joseph C.-W, February 18 in Chesterfield Co., age 82
BROWN, Mary-W, January 17 in Pulaski Co.
BROWN, Willie, April 28 in Richmond city, infant
BRYAN, W. J., July 4 in Newport News
BUTLER, Andrew M., December 26 in Richmond city, age 49

CAMPER, James-W, June 28 in Campbell Co.
CARPENTER, Addie-W, December, typhoid fever
CARTER, James M.-W, January 16 at "Aspen Grove," Hanover Co., age about 68
CARTER, Robert W.-W, December 21 in Fredericksburg, laryngitis
CHAMBERS,  Ethel(Mrs. John)(nee Fleenor)-W, January 28 in Bristol
CHAPPELL, John Abner-W, May 25 in Amelia Co., age 84
CHEATHAM, Mary(Mrs. Thomas)-W, January 17 n Petersburg
CHENNAULT, Susan M.(Mrs. Edward)-W, December 22 in Swansboro, Manchester city, age 72
CHILDREY, Hezekiah-W, November 12 in Richmond city, age 60
CLARK, Lewis, April 27 at Lewisetta in Northumberland Co., age about 35
CLEMENTS, Lee. H., April 29 in Swansboro
COLEMAN, Mary Catherine(Mrs. E. H.)-W, June 5 in Amelia Co., age 74
COOK, Mortimer-W, June 6 in Alexandria, age about 65
COOK, Robert Kerr-W, June 7 in Richmond city, age 2 months, 2 weeks, 5 days
COTTRELL, Samuel Smith, Jr.-W, June 28 in Newport News
COUGHLIN, James-W, January 25 in Richmond city
COURTNEY, William Deane, March 14 in Richmond city
CRAWLEY, Mary Jane-February 8, age 65
CREW, Peter J.-W, August 6 in Richmond city, age 71
CROW, John W., July in Richmond city?
CUTLER, Joe-AA, February 19 in Pittsylvania Co., resident of Reidsville, N. C., railroad accident

DAVIS, Ella-W, January 27 near Abeline
DEANE, Bettie(nee Thomas)-W, December 15 in Richmond city, age 56
DeVAUGHN, John T.-W, August 8 in Alexandria
DEY, Rev. Rohn Bascom-W, February 17 in Luneneburg Co.
DICKINSON, Frank-W, December 21 in Spotsylvania Co., blood poisoning
DIGGS, John, July 5 in Richmond city
DIXON, Lucy A.(Mrs. Capt. Frank L.)-W, May 8 in Alexandria, age 66
DODSON, Lewis-W, December 16 in Stafford Co., age 23, consumption
DULANEY, F. M.(Mrs.), April 28 on Albemrle Co., age 76
DURST, Susan(Mrs.), April 28 in Roanoke, buried in Baltimore, Marland

EDWARDS, David, April 29 in Richmond city, age 59
EDWARDS, Virginia Guthrie(Mrs.)-W, January 1 in Richmond city, buried in Powhatan Co.
ELGIN, Anna(Mrs. John E.)(nee Jackson), April 25 near Leesburg, age 60
ESTES, Susan R. H.(Mrs. James)-W, May 5 in Richmond city
EVERETT, John M., April 27 in Richmond city, age 75
EVERHART, Matilda(Mrs.), July 3 near Leesburg, age 80

FARMER, Mrs. William H.(nee Fuqua)-W, October 2 in Chesterfield Co., age 27, typhoid fever
FILLYAN, Luther, April 27 in Roanoke
FITZGERALD, Harriett(Mrs. Green)-AA, July 5 in Blackstone,
age about 67
FOX, Ida H.-W, May in Richmond city, age 20
FRANCK, Mary(Mrs. George)-W, December 22 in Richmond city, age about 83
FRENCH, G. L.(male)-W, in Fauquier Co.
FUGATE, Robert C.-W, May 8 in Newport News, typhoid fever & peritonitis
FURR, Dallas-W, August 6 in Loudoun Co., age 55, stroke of paralysis

GERECKE, George C.(Mrs.)-W, December 25 in Petersburg
GIBSON, Emily F.(Mrs. John S.)-W, January 27 in Richmond city, age 79
GIBSON, Margaret S.(Mrs. Patrick)(nee Williams), April 27 in Richmond city, age 75
GILLIAM, Francis D.(male)-W, January 27, age 18
GOODE, Mattie A.(Mrs.), December 25 in Richmond city, age 66
GOODMAN, Clinton, April 29, age 10, killed by dragging off a runaway horse
GRAHAM, W. L.-W, December 24 in Bedford City, age 49, pneumonia
GRESHAM, Margaret R.(Mrs.), December 25 in Richmond city

HAMILTON, William S.-W, February 2 in Bristol, age 45
HAMMEN, Joseph A., April 26 in McGaheysville, Rockingham Co., age about 60
HANGER, John M., December 17 in Staunton, age 66
HARE, Edward Bailey-W, March 29 in Richmond city, age 13
HARRISON, Fannie Olivia (nee Beville)-W, February 1
HARWELL, Richard S.-W, June 6 in Richmond city, age 26
HASKINS, Henry-W, June 27 in Amelia Co.
HASKINS, J. H.-W, March 28 in Amelia Co., buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Crewe
HATCH, David-W, January 15 in Prince George Co., age 84, pneumonia
HATCHER, Flora-W, January 1 in Chesterfield Co., age about 25
HATCHER, Thomas W.-W, October 1 in Richmond city, age 71
HATCHER, Willantine Wirt (nee Walker)-W, February
HAYNES, Vaden-W, May 8 in Pittsylvania Co., age about 41, typhoid fever
HENDRICKS, Walter L.-W, July 1 in Richmond city, age 22
HENKLE, Preston D.-W, May in Rockbridge Co.
HERRING, George F., April 26 in Richmond city, age 17, while painting a viaduct was shocked and fell to his death, buried in Gordonsville
HILTON, Edna V.-W, March 12 in Manchester
HOGSHEAD, Col. P. B., July 4 in Staunton, age about 74
HOLLIS, Donald W., April 26 in Richmond city
HOWARD, Clifton-W, May 6 in Henrico Co.
HUBAND, Robert-W, Jule 2 in Manchester
HUFFMAN, Dr. George W.-W, April 24, consumption
HUNTON, Dr. George W.-W, May 6 in Warrenton, age 75, asthma
HYSLOP, Dr. James-W, May 18 in Keller, age about 27, pneumonia

KUHNERT, George W., April 28 in Bristol, age 61, apoplexy
KWASS, Mary(Mrs.), April 26 in Pocahontas

JACKSON, William J.-AA, September 22 in Richmond city, age 47, hemorrhage
JAMES, John W.-W, December 21
JEFFRIES, Dr. Sydnor-W, January 25 in Warsaw, age 88
JENNINGS, Emma-W, April 28 in Richmond city, age 15, peritonitis, buried in Powhatan Co.
JENNINGS, Maria N.(Mrs. William James)-W, January 14 in Richmond city
JENNINGS, Raymond-W, April 28 in Richmond city, measles, buried in Powhatan Co.
JOHNSON, Isiah-AA, September 22 in Richmond city, age 20, typhoid fever
JONES, Clyde Andrew Lee-W, June 28 in Richmond city
JONES, Cora(Mrs. Henry)-AA, January 24 in Blackstone, Nottoway Co., age about 39, congestion of the lungs
JORDAN, Georgie-W, December 20 in Monterey, tuberculosis

LAM, W. H., April 26 in Harrisonburg
LANE, Mary Elizabeth-AA, August 22 in Richmond city, cancer
LEADBETTER, Julia Page(Mrs. H. C.)-W, December 24 in Richmond city
LEE, Allbert-AA, July 9 in Richmond city
LEE, Ella, April 26 in Richmond city
LEEDY, Josiah-W, December 23 in Wythe Co., age 90
LOMBARDY, Paul-W, December 20 in Richmond city, age 73
LONG, Mrs. Mary E.-W, December 17 in Richmond city
LOWRY, Mrs. Benjamin-W, July in Madison Co., murdered
LOWRY, Ida B.(Mrs. W. W.)-W, January 23 in the Virginia hospital, Richmond city
LUPTON, Mrs. Hal(nee Smith)-W, July 1 in Winchester
LYDEN, Bridget(Mrs.)-W, January 26 in Richmond city

MARTIN, Blanche-W, December 24 in Roanoke, age 24, typhoid fever, buried in Franklin Co.
MARTIN, Robert A., December 16 in Petersburg
MATHEWS, Fannie Harrison-W, June 30 in Richmond city, inflammatory rheumatism & heart disease
McCLOUD, Tony-AA, January 8 in Brunswick Co., killed with an axe by Willie Barnes
McCRACKEN, Mrs. Captain T.-W, April 26 in Fredericksburg
McGREGOR, A. W.(male)-W, December 16 in Richmond city
McGUIRE, Dr. James Mercer Garnett-W, January in Clarke County
McNEIL, Zenia A., April 27 in Richmond city, age 4
McNULTY, Frank-W, March 29 at St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk,  age 52, resident of Cape Charles
MEADE, Henry-AA, July 3 in Amelia Co., age about 80, killed by lightning
MEADE, Prof. Richard K.-W, January 20 in Boyce, Frederick Co., age 61, heart disease
MEARS, Edward, April 28 in Portsmouth, age 87, fell head first into a wood burning stove
MOORE, Edward F., April 27 in Manchester city
MORRIS, Martha A.(Mrs.), April in Manchester city
MULLEN, Henry, April 25 in Spotsylvania Co., heart disease
MULLEN, John W.-W, December 21 in Waterford, Loudoun Co., age 68

NEALE, Rosalie E.(Mrs.), December 26 in Richmond city
NELLERT, Charles F., April 28 in Charlottesville, age 63
NICHOLAS, Elise(nee Warwick)(Mrs. John Ambler)-W, May in Lynchburg?
NORVELL, John C.-W, January 25 in Richmond city, resident of Charlottesville

O'CONNELL, Mary-W, July 2 in Richmond city, age 6 months
ORGAIN, Griffin-W, January 2 in Dinwiddie Co., age 22, heart trouble
OWEN, Bettie(Mrs. Co. Thomas H.), April 29 in South Boston, age 61

PAGE, William Armistead-W, July 19 in Staunton, age about 60
PALMER, Thomas A.-W, January 16 in Richmond city
PHILLIPS, Annie J.(Mrs. Rev. Phillip), April 25 in Richmond city
PIERCY, Samuel A.-W, December in Norfolk city, age about 35
PLEASANTS, Mary(nee Parker)(Mrs. J. Hampden)-W, January 17 in Richmond city
POINDEXTER, George W., June 6, age 22, railroad accident
PORTER, Susan N.(Mrs. John)-W, July in Portsmouth
POWELL, Fannie E.(Mrs.), July 4 in Roanoke, age 68
PRIDE, Nannie C.-W, May 12 in Amelia Co., age 50

RAFFO, Catharine(Mrs.), April in Richmond city
REYNOLDS, William Watkins-W, June 30 in Newport News, typhoid fever
RIDDELL, Thomas-W, January 25 in Richmond city
ROBB, Elizabeth(nee Toler), December 24 in Richmond city
ROBINSON, Catherine, July in Richmond city, age almost 90
RUSSELL, William Taylor-W, March 12 in Manchester, age 52

SALE, Anne Rebecca(Mrs. Dr. John W.)-W, January 17 in Bedford City
SANFORD, Grace(Mrs.), April 27 in Richmond city
SEAY, Dr. Junius H.-W, July in Amelia Co., age about 86
SHADE, J. Polk, April 28, age 58
SHELTON, John Sutton-W, December in Louisa Co.
SHUMADINE, Francis B., April 27 in Norfolk city, age 75
SIMPSON, James W., December 15 in Alexandria, age 91
SINTON, Edmonia, December 26 in Henrico Co.
SKINKER, Maj. Charles Robert-W, December 17 in Richmond city
SMITH, Azzie(nee Muse)(Mrs. S. J.)-W, January 17 in Gore, Frederick Co., age 71
SMITH, Charles B., April 27 in Staunton, age 66
SMITH, Capt. John-W, May in Portsmouth
SMITH, Col. William P.-W, April in Richmond city
STITH, John-W, October in Richmond city, age 45, died of burns
SPOTT, Charles E.-W, January 17 in Richmond city
STONE, Mary(Mrs. Rev. R. H.)-W, January 17 in Culpeper, age about 68
SULLIVAN, Daisy-W, September 29 in Stafford County
SWARTZ, George H, April 26 in Clifton Forge, injured by dynamite 3 weeks earlier, buried in Staunton
SWISHER, Charles L.-W, June 3 near Waynesboro, age 28

TABB, Hattie-W, March 27 near Grub Hill Church, Amelia Co., age 65
TAYLOE, John, April 25
TAYLOR, Dr. J. W.-W, April 27 in Leesburg, age about 70
TAYLOR, Luther-W, July 2 in Manchester, shot while trying to escape police
TERRILL, Emma(Mrs. N. A.)(nee Dodd), April 28 in Charlottesville, age 57
THEIMER, Charles J.-W, June 6 in Richmond city, age 56
THOMAS, William H., April 28 in Fredericksburg, age 82
THOMPSON, Rebecca(Mrs. Henry)-W, June 22 in Amelia Co.
THON, Rudolph John, April 27 in Richmond city, age 19
TRAYLOR, Henry A.-W, December 8 in Richmond city, age 63, nephritis
TUCKER, Ophelia(Mrs. A. C.)-W, June 22 in Deatonsville, Amelia Co.

VAUGHAN, A. Jeff-W, July 10 in Richmond city, age 69, congestion of the brain
VAUGHAN, Robert-W, December 24 in Richmond city
VAUGHAN, Sarah Ellen(Mrs. Benjamin B.)(nee Vaughan)-W, June 27 in Petersburg, age 80
VAUGHAN, Tom-AA, June in Amelia Co.

WAGNER, Emily A.(Mrs. F. W.), April 29 in Richmond city, age 74
WALTON, Robert H., Jr.-W, May 2 in Prince Edward Co.
WEBB, William Presley-W, July 7 in Blackstone, age about 74
WELLS, Julia A. S.(nee Wellons)(Mrs. Rives C.)-W, May 8 in Suffolk, age 79
WELLS, Rev. Richard-AA, June 16 in Richmond city
WESTMORELAND, James Edward-W, March
WHITE, Ruth Estelle-W, June 6 in Hanover Co., age 17
WHITEHEAD, Martha Garland(Mrs. Thomas)-W, September 8 in Richmond city
WHITNEY, Henry L.-W, October 5 in Richmond city, age about 45
WILEY, Gabriel-W, February in Richmond city
WILKINSON, Mary J.(Mrs.)-W, August 7 in Richmond ciy, age about 68
WILLINGHAM, Catharine "Kate"(Mrs. William A.)(nee May)-W, April 26 in South Boston, age 28, buried in Staunton
WILLOUGHBY, John-W, December  in Spotsylvania Co., age 89
WILSON, William-AA, February 21 in Dinwiddie Co., shot and killed by Robert Vaughan(AA)
WINGO, Mary Eliza-W, February 16 in Amelia Co., age 60
WOOD, Columbia(Mrs.)-W, December 23 in Charlottesville
WOOD, Jackson B.-W, August 24 in Richmond city, age 86
WOODLING, Henry, April in Lynchburg, died from gunshot
WRIGHT, Margaret R., July 6 in the Virginia Hospital, Richmond city
WYATT, John J., April

YOUNG, Solomon-AA, November 30 in Richmond city, age 31
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