Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ALBROOKE, John E.-W, December 20 in Green Bay
AMISS, Mary H.(Mrs. Richard)- W, October 4  in Morrisville, Fauquier Co., age 80
ANDERSON, Ann E.(nee Powell)(Mrs. Charles W.)-W, June 30 in Rchmond city
ANDREOTTI, Frank- W, August 7 at the Virginia Hospital, age 26
ANGEL, Nora(Mrs. J. E.)-W, April 8 in Roanoke, age 28
ARMSTRONG, John A.-W, August 21 at Rockbridge Alum. Springs, age 32, buried in Fredericksburg
ARMSTRONG, Nellie-W, August 22 in Newport News, age 12, from burns
ARUNDALL, Louisa(Mrs.)-W, December 21 in Floyd, age 83, paralysis

BALL, John E.-W, December 8 in Richmond city, age 18 years, 9 months and 21 days
BARKER, infant son of John Barker-W, July 3 in Pittsylvania Co., died of injuries received from wagon accident
BASS, Bolling-W, July 2 in Greenesville Co., age 92, burned
BASS, Dr. Joseph Fuqua-W, December 6 in Richmond city, age 62
BATTLE, Henderson-AA, December in Richmond city, age 23
BENNETT, William T.-W, August 31/September 1 in Pittsylvania Co., age 59, from injuries due to fall from a wagon
BICKFORD, Katie(Mrs. James V.)(nee Tabb)-W, August 28 in Newport News, age 28, blood poisoning
BILLUPS, Martha-AA, July 4 in Norfolk city, killed by gunshot
BIRD, Major William E.-W, August in Newport News, age age 69
BLACKSTONE, John J.-W, December 6 in Accomack Co., age nearly 87
BLOXOM, William H.-W, June 4 in Accomack Co., age about 75
BODE, Eugene-W, September 6 in Fredericksburg, age 50, killed while trying to board a moving train
BOISSEAU, James William-W, February 27 in Dinwiddie Co., age 57
BOISSEAU, Preston-W, May 17 in Petersburg
BOOKER, Edward L.-W, September 7 in Lynchburg
BOON, Rev. Aaron-W, December 22 in Luray, age about 67
BOWMAN, Gilbert E.-W, August 18 in Amherst Co., age 64, stomach cancer
BRAXTON, Mary Caperton(Mrs.)-W, October 15 in Richmond city
BRAUER, Lucile Brown, April? in Richmond city
BROCKMAN, Marietta-W, July 5 in Albemarle Co., age 20, suicide by drowning
BROWN, A. Crockett-W, June 7 in Wytheville, age 49 
BROWN, Alfred L.-W, August 14 in Chesterfield Co.
BROWN, Thomas S.-W, October 17 in Stanley, age 68, kidney trouble
BUNCATTER, Mrs. James(nee Fries)-W, July 18 in Frederick Co., age 41, consumption
BURKE, George-W, August 21 at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, age 25, consumption, buried Spotsylvania Co.
BURNETT, Mary Elizabeth-W, July 9 in Richmond city, age 4 months
BURTON, F. Y., April 3 in Danville
BUTLER, Daniel C.-W, December in Richmond city, age 55
BUSH, Buford-W, August 22 in Roanoke Co., age 54, typhoid fever
BYERS, Lula O.(nee Muhause)-W, April 30 in Alexandria, buried in Gordonsville

CAMP, Abner-W, June 20 in Newport News, age 38, typhoid fever, formerly of New Jersy
CAMPBELL, Bessie Nightingale(Mrs. R. L.)-W, August 22 at the St. Andrew's Home in Lynchburg, age 29
CAMPBELL, George-W, June 19, age 80 
CARTER, David G.-W, March 6 in Richmond city, age 20
CARTER, R. W.-W, December
CARTER, Robert-W, March 12 in Loudoun Co., age 56, heart disease
CATLETT, Lucy(nee Nelson)(Mrs. Charles)-W, December 23 in Timber Neck, Gloucester Co.
CHALKLEY, Bernard D.-W, December 24 in Richmond city
CHAMBERS, Mrs. R. F.-W, September 1 in Petersburg, age 63
CHAPPELL, Hunter W.-W, August 25 in Waverly, age 21, typhoid fever
CHATMAN, John-W, July 13 in Amelia Co.
CHILDRESS Lydia(Mrs.)-W, June/July in Orange Co., paralytic stroke
CHRISTIAN, Judge Isaac H.-W, August 31 in Charles City Co., age 74
CHRISTMAN, Lacy-W, August 19 in Pulaski Co., heart failure
CLARK, Mabel Virginia-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age 9 months & 15 days
CLINE, Rev. W. G.-W, August 21, age 52, paralysis
CLOPTON, Edward Henry-W, September 1 in Gloucester Co.
COBBS, H. W.-January 8, age 47
COLAW, Jonas-W, July 8 in Highland Co.
COLE, Mary Alice Downes(Mrs. R. E.)-November 24, age 26
COLLAWN, Lelia Pearl-W, August 18 in Fredericksburg, age 20, typhoid fever
CONNELLY, James-W, August 31 in Surry Co., age 69, buried in Petersburg
CONSANI, Brunello-W, July 8 in Richmond city, age about 22 months
COOK, B. B.(Mrs.)-W, December 18 near Oak Grove, age 67
COOKE, Edwin-W, March 6 in Richmond city, age about 30
COUNCILL, James Calvin-January 22, age 78
COX, Rev. James-W, December 18, consumption
CRANK, James H.-W, April 18 in Petersburg, age 19
CROWDER, William E.-W, December 6 in Petersburg, age 54
CRUMP, Emmett, August 26 in Richmond city
CRUMP, William-W, August 21 in Alexandria, age about 47, pulmonary trouble

DABNEY, Julia Ann R. (nee Sydnor)-W, July 20, age 86
De BORDENAVE, Maj. Fergence-W, December 19 in Franklin?, age 74
DILL, Mary Jane-AA, December in Richmond city, age 51
DOLES, Lee-AA, June 29 in Zuni, shot & kiled by John Griffin
DOWELL, Annie E.(Mrs.)-W, March 13 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age 75
DRAPER, Eva May-W, December 20 in Manchester, buried Emporia
DRINKER, Edward C.-W, June 5 in Henrico Co., age about 55
DUNN, Capt. Thomas R.-W, July 18 in Petersburg, age about 63

EDWARDS, Robert-AA, December in Richmond city, age 16 years, 4months, 15 days
ELEY, Nannie Stuart(nee Briggs)(Mrs. Mayor Adolphus S.)-W, June 20 in Suffolk, age 52, cancer
ENGART, L. C.(Mrs.), August 25 in Clifton Forge, age 77?
EPPES, Martha(nee Jones)(Mrs. V. M.)-W, December 18 in Mecklenburg Co., age 84

FINCH, George E.-W, August 22 in Rustburg, Campbell Co., age 71
FISHER, Thomas-W, August 14 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age about 62, typhoid fever
FLORA, George-W, June 5 in Winchester, age 78, buried Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
FLOYD, Victor-W, December in Henrico Co., age 29
FOOSE, Louis H.-W, December in Richmond city, age 36 years, 6 months
FORBES, Martha(Mrs. James H.)-W, June 2 in Buckingham Co., heart trouble
FOSTER, Walter-AA, December in Richmond city, age 1
FRANKLIN, Jethro Riddick-W, June 20 in Suffolk, age 82
FRAZER, John B.(Mrs.)(nee Powell)-W, April 2 near McKenney
FRENCH, Judith(nee Blanton)(Mrs. John W.)-W, December 13 in Richmond city
FRY, Moses-W, December 18 in Shenandoah Co., age 80

GARNETT, Mary(Mrs. Dr. Clarence)-W, November 16 in Newport News, age 62
GIFFORD, Marietta A.(Mrs. Z. C.)-W, July 8 in Richmond city, age about 86
GORDON, John A. B.-W, December 19 in Spotsylvania Co., age 61
GREEN, Mrs. Robert F.(nee Royston)-W, August 25 in Leesburg, age 28, typhoid fever
GREEN, Thomas R.-W, March 13 in South Boston, Halifax Co., age 52, pneumonia
GRESHAM, Benjamin F.-W, March 11 in Essex Co., age about 77
GRIFFTH, Walter E.-W, March 17 in Amelia Co.
GRIMES, Mary S.(Mrs. Thomas W.)-W, April 17, pneumonia after the measles
GRINDROD, Nelly(Mrs. Cecil)-W, August 29 in Roanoke, age 40, blood poisoning
GROSH, Lou M.(nee Chittam)(Mrs. Henry E.)-W, June 19 in Roanoke, gastritis, buried in West Va.
GUERRANT, Bettie(Mrs. Major W. G.)-W, June 1 in Montgomery Co.

HAGY, James Alexander-W, June 6 in Abingdon, Washington Co. , age 72
HALL, Martha D.(Mrs.)-W, October 3 in Richmond city
HANCOCK Daniel S.-W, April 8 in Richmond city, age about 35, pneumonia
HARGROVE, Benjamin-W, July 18 in Chesterfield Co., age 61
HAW, Margaret-W, June 6 in Hampton
HAWKINS, Martha A.-W, September 4 in Spotsylvania Co., age 60
HAYNE, Sallie(Mrs.)-W, April 3 in Albemarle Co.
HEADLEY, Allison(Mrs.)-W, December near Sharps, age 30
HERRIOTT, E. A.(Mrs.)-W, April 2 in Richmond city, buried in New York
HEYDENRICH, Paul H.-W, December 7 in Staunton, age 35, died days after an appendectomy
HIRSCH, Mollie-W, July 17 in Harrisonburg, age 30
HOGSHEAD, infant(female)-W, December 6 in Staunton
HUDNALL, M. B.-W, December 7 in Northumberland Co., age 67
HUDSON, Gertrude-W, December 24 in Lurary, age about 23
HUDSPETH, Lula(Mrs.)-W, May in Richmond city, age 39
HUFFMAN, Ambrose C.-W, August 18 in Page Co., age 63
HUMPHREYS, Fannie B.(Mrs. Dr.)-W, December 23 in Lynchburg, buried Farmville
HURT, Samuel, Jr.-W, April 6 in Petersburg, age about 86
HUTCHINSON, Lucian M.-W, August 25 in Etna Mills, typhoid fever

JACKSON, Nora F.(Mrs.)-W, December in Middlesex Co., age 61
JACKSON, Ruby-W, July 11, age 6 months
JENNELLE, Callie(Mrs. M. J.)-W, June 6 in Roanoke, age 42, congestion of the brain
JEWETT, Mathew W., Jr.-W, March 14 in Ivanhoe, age 22, buried in Danville
JOHNSON, Mary-AA, December in Richmond city, age 40
JOHNSON, W. A.(male)-W, June 19 in Halifax Co., age about 51
JOHNSTON, Allene-W, September 8 in Roanoke
JOHNSTON, Mary Gambell-W, December 22 in Lexington, age 76
JONES, Major HoraceW.-W, June 1 in Charlottesville, age 70
JONES, William M.-W, August 21 in King George Co., age 78
JORDAN, John M.-W, June 5 in South Boston, Halifax Co., age 70

KAMPHAUS, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, December 24 in Richmond city
KENNEDY, Mrs. David Currie(nee Cralle)-W, March 6 in Richmond city, age 32
KEEVAN, James-W, July 9 in Richmond city, age 99
KIBLER, Jesse-W, August 31, age about 22, typhoid fever
KIRKWOOD, Horace Berry-W, September 8 in Richmond city
KNICK, Mary A.(Mrs. William)(nee Armentrout)-W, August in Collierstown, Rockbridge Co., age 82
KROUSE, Ida Lillie Belle-W, March 6 in Richmond city, age 5 weeks

LAYSHON, David-W, August 29 in Richmond city, age 62
LEEF, William F.-W, April 30 in Alexandria
LEWIS, Oscar, December 19 in Fredericksburg, age 30
LILLISTON, Dr. A. Herbert-W, December 20 in Accomack Co., age 28
LIPSCOMB, Robert M.-W, March 5 in Ornage Co., pneumonia
LOUDERBACK, Mrs. Jacob-W, November 15 in Page Co., dropsy
LOWE, Oscar W.-W, November in Charlottesville, age 55, apoplexy

MACON, Alice(nee Holmes), September 1 in Charlottesville
MAHONE, William-W, July 1 in Richmond city, age about 50, heart  disease
MARCHANT, Capt. Thomas-W, August 20 near Mundy Point  
MARTIN, Bettie-W, December 16, pneumonia
MARTIN, Thomas, April 2 in Richmond city
MARTIN, William-W, December 21 in Wytheville, age 76
MASON, A. J.-W, December  19 in Luray, age 74
MATEER, Margerette(Mrs.)-W, September 6 in Kingsville, Prince Edward Co., age over 80, burned in her home
MAURY, Jesse L.-W, March 6 in Charlottesville
MAY, Albert Francis Galiton-W, September 8 in Roanoke, age 88
McCALL, Jesse, September 5 in Graham, Tazewell Co., age 75
McCLENNON, Anna Bell-W, August 22 in Newport News
McCOY, Bessie V.-W, December 18 in Winchester, age 24
McCUNE, Lucy A.-W, December 7 in Richmond city, age 30
McENERY, P. A.-W, August 6 in Richmond city, age 66
McWHIRT, Agnes(Mrs.)-W, August 21 in Spotsylvania Co., age 86
MEADE, Jane Brokenbaugh(Nee Grymes)(Mrs. Richard Kidder)-W, September 28, age about 87
MEADE, Thomasia-W, October 18, age 50, typhoid fever
MILLER, Sylvanus-W, August 19 in Rockingham Co., age 83
MOORE, Annie-AA, July 5 near Tasley, shot by her husband
MOORE, George T.-W, June 2 in Stafford Co., age 64
MOORE, Margaret Adams(Mrs. J. M.)-W, July 9 in Bon Air, age about 57
MOORE, Patrick Theodore-W, April 3 in Richmond city
MORDECAI, Norwood-W, December in Richmond city
MORRION, Marie E.(Mrs. William E.)-W, July 11 in Petersburg
MURRAY, Sallie(Mrs. Thomas H.)-W, August 10 in Charlottesville, age 83

NEROHR, Bertha(Mrs. Nick)-W, December 24 in Richmond city
NEVILLE, William-W, July 4 in Portsmouth, age about 75
NICHOLS, Edmonia Lewis(nee Weddell)(Mrs. Col. E. W.)-W, June 29 in Lexington
NUCKOLS, Sallie Willie-W, December 21 in Short Pump, age 3 years, 11 months, diptheria

ORGAIN, Pompey-W, July in Amelia Co.
OSBURN, Amanda C.-W, 31 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age 94

PARHAM, Benjamin Meade-W, July 18 in Sussex Co.
PAYNE, Alice(Mrs. F. W.)-W, December 18 in King George Co., age 55
PIERCE, Irene-W, August 23 in Danville, age 8, had epileptic fit while left alone in bathtub
PITT, Horace Casper-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age 5
POLLARD, E. R.-W, December 18 in Etna Mills, age 62
POUDRE, Eleanora-W, August 14 in Roanoke, age 18, typhoid fever
POWELL, Eunice M.(Mrs. Roland)(nee Crostick)-W, July 10 in Richmond city
POWERS, John T.-W, March 13 in Richmond city, age 43
PRATT, Joanna(Mrs. Rev. R. H.)-W, August 15 in Norfolk, buried in Richmond, formerly of South Carolina
PRIMROSE, William D.-W, August 28 in Warrenton, apopletic stroke, buried in Baltimore, Maryland
PUGH, Luther A.-W, August 22 in Lynchburg, age 35, typhoid fever, of Appomattox Co.

QUARLES, Jeanette G.(Mrs. James P.)-W, June 6 in Richmond city

RAHILY, Daniel-W, July 18 in Petersburg
RAMSEY, Capt. Edwin C.-W, October 16 in Chuckatuck, age 66
REGNAULT, Margaret V.-W, December 20 in Richmond city
RHODES, Howard-W, August 20 at City Hospital in Roanoke, age 29, typhoid fever, buried Lexington
RHODES, Jethro-W, August 23 in Isle of Wight Co., age 95
RICHARDSON, Carrie-AA, December in Richmond city, age 8 months
RIDGEWAY, James W.-W, June 29 in Loudoun Co., age 78, kidney trouble
ROSENE, August-W, October 16 in Richmond city, age 57
ROYSTER, John Bacon-W, April19 in Richmond city

SAMPSON, E. B.-W, December 20 in Gordonsville
SATTERWHITE, John G.-W, August 7 in Richmond city, age 64
SAUNDERS, T. M.(Mrs.), April? in Richmond city, buried in Norfolk
SCHULTZ, Madaline(Mrs. Albert)(nee Barth)-W, August 21 in Staunton, age 26, consumption
SCOTT, W. C.(Mrs.)-W, December 8 in Gordonsville, age about 70
SEGAR, Lemuel-W, August 14 at Widewater in Stafford Co., age 34, consumption
SELDEN, Georgie Sinclaire(Mrs.)-W, September in Gloucester Co.
SHANNON, B. J.-W, September in Harrisonburg, age 45, accidental overdose of morphine, formerly of Iowa & Washington, D. C.
SHEA, Delia(Mrs. Philip)-W, April 3 in Richmond city
SHIELDS, Col. John C.-W, June 30 in Riverdale, Rockbridge Co., age 84
SHORTT, John William-W, March 6 in Richmond city, infant
SHUMATE, Elizabeth-W, June Frederick Co., age 62
SIEGEL, Louis Hiram-W, September 1 in Richmond city, typhoid fever
SIMMONS, Martha C.-W, December in Richmond city, age 76
SISSON, C. L.-W, August in Orange Co., age 45, typhoid fever
SMITH, Lloyd T.-W, December 20 in Northumberland Co., age 59, heart disease
SMITH, Mary(Mrs. Rev. Robert)-W, July 17 in Manassas
SMITHER, Joseph A.-W, December20 in Henrico County, age about 70, paralysis
SNELLINGS, Margaret(Mrs. Robert)-W, October  17 in Fredericksburg, age 66, cancer
SPENGLER, David M.-W, December 17 in Strasburg, heart disease
SPIES, Ambrose-W, December in Richmond city, age 71
SPOONER, G. Wallace-W, September 6 in Charlottesville, age 73, heart trouble
SOURR, Mrs. John O.-W, June 19 in Shenandoah
STONEMAN, Jacob-W, October 17 in Richmond city, age 70, born in England
SULLIVAN, Capt. E. W.-W, September 6 in Harrisonburg, age 45
SULLIVAN, Mrs. John H.-W, October 18 in Stafford Co., age 71, congestion of the stomach
SWINDELL, E. B.-W, July 16 in Tidewater area on ship, killed by lightning, resident of Hyde County, North Carolina

TAYLOR, Marie Fleetwood-W, July 11 in Richmond city, age 9 months
TERRY, Ella P.(Mrs. W. M.)-W, June in Richmond city, buried Hanover Co.
THOMPSON, Lizzie, April 2
THOMPSON, Mrs. N. H.-W, June 4 in Louisa Co.
THURMAN, May Irby-W, August 10 in Keswick, Albemarle Co.,age 18, meningitis and typhomalarial fever native of Tennessee
TOMLINSON, Charles Ralph-W, April
TONEY, Ida B.(Mrs. David Lee)-W, August, age 38, spinal meningitis
TURNLEY, W. Fitzhugh-W, August 26 in Suffolk, age 37, consumption

VALENTINE, Alex-W, June 30 in Skelton, run over by a train
VANLEAR, Dr. A. G. L.-W, September 8 in Staunton, age 71
VAUGHAN, Richard-W, September in Caroline County, age 23, killed on railroad tracks
VENABLE, Fitz-W, August 14 in East Radford, age 19, appendicitis operation
VERTNER, Mrs. Constance(nee Kearney)-W, June 6 in Luray, age about 60
VINT, Mrs. John-W, August 26 in Stafford Co., age 51, paralysis

WAKEFIELD, Henry G.-W, March 13 in Henrico Co., age 66
WALDRON, Bernice-W, August 22 in Fluvanna Co., child, struck by lightning
WALKER, Jerome-AA, July 4 in Gilmerton, age about 60, killed by a train
WALKER, Melville-W, December 7 in Walkerton, age about 59
WALKER, Pearle M.-W, December in Richmond city, age 10
WALKER, Sarah E.(Mrs. Gen. James A.)-W, August 22 in Wytheville
WALLACE, Mrs. Anne-AA, December 6 in Richmond city, age 82
WALTON, Adis-W, November 15 in Gordonsville
WARE, Clarence-W, July 5 in Amherst Co., killed by lightning
WARREN, Milton-W, July 15 in Pungo, accidently shot and killed
WARREN, Nellie-W, December in Richmond city, age 34
WATSON, Rev. James Carson-W, June in Danville, age about 75, heart failure
WATTER, John H.-W, June 5 in Rappahannock Co., age about 70
WATTS, Bettie E.-W, December 22 in Dinwiddie Co.
WAYLAND, Martha Wailes-W, December 22 in Crozet, age 14
WEAVER, M. Scott-W, August 25 in Front Royal, age 57, cancer
WEISIGER, Lucy A.(nee Riddick)(Mrs. Judge S. S.)-W, June 19 in Petersburg
WELLS, Patsy(Mrs. Dr. S. C.)-W, March 5 in Salem
WHALING, Capt. John T.-W, August 21 in East Radford, age 75, cancer
WILBON, John Rice, December 8 at Memorial Hospital, Richmond city, age 32
WILEY, Dr. Oscar-W, August 25 in Salem, age 74, neuralgia of the heart
WILLIAMS, William-AA, August 11 in Norfolk, killed by a bicyclist
WILSON, Ellen M.-W, July 2 in Winchester, formerly of Baltimore, Maryland
WILSON, Joseph B.-W, April in Manchester, age 81
WINSTON, Col. William A.-W, June 5 in Louisa Co.
WITHERS, Mrs. L. A.-W, August 25 in Stafford Co.
WOODING, Clifton-W, July 3 in Fredericksburg, age 21
WYATT, Joseph Austin-W, April 2 at the Memorial Hospital in Richmond city
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