Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ABBOTT, William Beaty-W, March 1 in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., age 90
AILSWORTH, George G.-W, January 24 in Accomac Courthouse, age about 45. heart disease
ANCARRO, Mrs. Richard-W, January 21 in Bagby
ANTRIM, A. Blair-W, June 10 in Roanoke city, age 37, diabetes
ARCHER, Martin-AA, November 11 in Richmond city, age 66, gangrene
ARMENTROUT, Phoebe(Mrs.)-W, March 19 in Rockingham Co., age 80
ARTHUR, Minnie(nee Roop)(Mrs. Robert)-W, May 4 in Bedford Co.
ATKINSON, Allen Clayton-W, February 6 in Henrico Co., age 33
ATWELL, S. Bailey-W, November 24 in Westmoreland Co., age 53

BAKER, Rev. Daniel-W, April 15 in Frederick Co., age 85
BAKER, William C.-W, April 6 in near Rileyville, age 65, paralysis
BALL, Rebecca(nee Minson)(Mrs. Henley F.)-W, February 6 in Richmond city
BARKER, Eddie-W, January 6 in Richmond city
BAUSERMAN, Bettie(Mrs. William)-W, August 1 in Shenandoah Co., age 89
BAUSERMAN, Minnie(Mrs. James R.)-W, January 23 in Luray, Page Co.
BENNETT, E. W.-W, July 30 in Pittsylvania Co.,  age 67, heart failure
BIRKBY, Charles R.-W, March 21 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age 74, pneumonia
BLACKBURN, Carrie(Mrs. Joseph)-W, April 10 in Richmond city
BLACKENBAKER, Lizzie(Mrs.)-W, March  9 in Madison Co., age 39
BLACKFORD, Dr. Benjamin-W, December 13 in Staunton, age 71, pneumonia
BLAND, John F.-W, February 6 in Spotsylvania Co.
BOARD, Mrs. John(nee Connor)-W, December 30 in Floyd Co., pneumonia
BOISSEAU, Randolph Burnett-W, June 24, age 37
BOISSEAU, Rosa-W, August 15 in Petersburg
BOLTON, Mrs. A. H.-W, April 2 in Swansboro, age 30
BOOKER, James Prosser-W, April 9 in Richmond city
BOYD, Holmes, Jr.-W, April 1 in Winchester, age 36
BOYD, J. Frank-W, March 1 in Front Royal, Warren Co., age 58, Bright's disease
BRADFORD, Vance H.-W, March 8 in Staunton, age 58
BRADSHAW, Luther F.-W, March in Isle of Wight Co., age 64
BRADSHAW, W. Tony-W, February 27 in Suffolk, age 43
BRANNER, Michael-W, March 10 in Shenandoah Co.
BRANSFORD, Katherine B.(Mrs. John W.), December 18 in Lynchburg, age 76, paralysis
BRAUTIGAN, Julius-W, March in Richmond city, age 49
BRIGHTWELL, Josiah-W, January 25 in Cumberland County, age 88
BROOKS, George W.-W, December 11 in Ettrick, Chesterfield Co., age 80, pleurisy, formerly of Ohio
BROWN, Henry-AA, December 31 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., age 15, accidently shot & killed by his own gun
BRUCE, N. B.(Mrs.)-W, February 8 in Wytheville, age 83
BRUMFIELD, Vincent-W, Apri 1 in Pittsylvania Co., age 73
BRUMFIELD, Mrs. Vincent-W, March 30 in Pittsylvania Co., pneumonia
BUCKNER, Florence(nee Mills)(Mrs. James C.)-W, March 16 in Danville
BULL, Mattie J.(Mrs. Capt. R. L.)(nee Brown)-W, March in Whealton, Lancaster Co.
BUNCH, Samuel-W, April in Orange Co., age 50, pneumonia
BURKE, Mrs. Robert E.-W, January 6 in Staunton, age about 68 
BURNETT, Jimmie(Mrs. A. D.)-W, June 5, age 24, consumption
BURNS, Emily(Mrs.)-W, January 2 in Burnsville, age 74
BURNS, Mrs. William(nee Painter)-W, December 10, age 30, heart disease
BURRILL, George(Mrs.)-W, February near Luray in the Springfield District, age 46?
BUTLER, Barland G.-W, November 25 in Suffolk
BUTLER, Fleming L.-W, April 6 in Richmond city
BUTLER, Washington-W, February 2 in Culpeper Co., age 97
BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. C. W.-W, July 13 in Caroline Co., age 35

CAINE, Isaac N.-W, March 21 in Winchester, age 55, pneumonia
CALLAHAN, Thomas C.-W, November 23 in Whealton, Lancaster Co., age about 70
CARLTON, Laura-W, April 1 in Richmond city, buried in Caroline Co.
CARPER, Mary V.(nee Gibbons)-W, March 22 in Greenwood, Frederick Co., age 68
CARTER, Hester, December 19 in Richmond city
CASH, George S.-W, March 26 in Pulaski Co., railroad accident
CHALMERS, Mrs. Elizabeth(nee Lawson)-W, March 20 in News Ferry,
Halifax Co.
CHAMBERLIN, Grayson-W, March 18 in Loudoun Co., age 35, consumption
CHANDLER, Thomas T.-W, February 25 in Richmond city
CHILDRESS, Robert L.-W, July 20 in Richmond city, cerebral hemorrhage
CLEMMER, R. A.-W, April 6 in Staunton
CLORE, James O.(Mrs.), March in Madison Co.
CLOUD, Mary E.(Mrs.)-W, February 25 in Upperville, age 92, pneumonia
COFFMAN, Earl-W, April 13 in Edinburg, Shenandoah Co.
COLEMAN, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, July 13 in Brunswick Co.
COMPTON, Kate Louise(Mrs. Houston N.)-W, March 1 in Front Royal, Warren Co., age 42, Bright's disease
COOK, Mrs. J. E.(nee Payne)-W, September 11 in Orange Co.
COOK, M. Evalyn-W, December 13 near Front Royal, age about 52
COOKE, Lizzie, December 16 in Clarke Co.
COSBY, Nancy(Mrs.)-W, March in Chesterfield Co., age 85
COTTRELL, Henry Auburn O'Sheals-W, June 19 in Richmond city, age 62
COTTRELL, Robert S.-W, January 5 in Richmond city, age 59
CRABBE, Mrs. Edgar-W, December 10 in Northumberland Co., Bright's disease
CRAIG, Robert S.-W, March 19 in Staunton, age 76, pneumonia
CRENSHAW, J. Spottswood-W, February
CRITTENDEN, John L.-W, March 29 in Fauquier Co., age 83
CROPP, E. A.-W, March in Stafford Co., age 55, paralysis of the heart
CROSS, Armistead B.-W, June 15 in Petersburg
CUMMINGS, Gen. Arthur C.-W, March 19 in Abingdon, age 83
CURRY, W. J.-W, March 23 in Richmond city, age 83

DANCEY, Cyrus E.-W, May 13 in Winchester, age 34, pneumonia, buried in Detroit, Michigan
DANNER, Frank W.-W, January 7 in Richmond city
DAVIS, Erwin-W, May 11 in Drewry's Bluff, age 11, drowned in the James River
DAVIS, Hortense(Mrs.)-W, March 15, 1905 in Fredericksburg, formerly of Prince William Co., age 75, grip
DAVIS, John B.-W, March 16 in Page Co., age about 66, heart disease
DAVIS, Thomas J.-W, January 22 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co.
DAY, Seddie-W, March 30 at the Randolph-Macon Institute in Bedford City,
age 15
De HAVEN, George-W, March 1 in Frederick Co., age 55
DICKEY, George E.-W, March 25 in Richmond city, heart disease
DICKINSON, Mrs. M. H.(nee Robinson)-W, March 2 in Spotsylvania Co., heart disease
DISLEY, Robert Reddy, December 19 in Richmond city, age 2 years, 1 month
DOLAN, Michael T.-W, April 5, age 58
DOTEN, Mrs. Charles O.(nee Baldwin)-W, December 9 in Spotsylvania Co.
DOUTHAT, Warner C.-W, March 20 in Danville
DREWRY, Dr. Samuel D.-W, April 2 in Chesterfield Co., age about 73, buried in Richmond city
DRUMMOND, Aubrey A., December 18 in Amherst Co., rheumatism & heart trouble
DUNCAN, Paulina(Mrs.)-W, April 29 in Pittsylvania Co, age 82
DuVAL, F. Wilmer-W, September in Chesterfield Co.

EASTWOOD, Mathew D.-W, March 16 in Portsmouth
EDWARDS, Griffin Fauntleroy, May 14 in Portsmouth?, age 62
ELLINGTON, George J.-W, January 24 in Petersburg, age about 60, apoplexy, resident of Ettrick
ELLIS, Lawson-W, March 24 in Crosse's Mill pond, Suffolk, drowned, resident of Center Hill, N. C.
ELLIS, Virginia(nee Royall)-W, April 1 in Manchester, age 44
EVANS, John Benjamin, February 26 in Lynchburg, age 77

FILLER, Lydia(Mrs.), February 25 in near Lovettsville, age 74
FITCHETT, Regina(nee Green)-W, February 26 in Hampton, age 76
FINNEY, Duke S.-W, June 10 in Tasley, killed by a train
FINNEY, Capt. J. Thomas-W, February 5 in Accomac Co., rheumatic trouble
FITZHUGH, Henry S.-W, March 16 in King George Co., age 70
FLYNN, Martha Jane(Mrs. Robert)-W, March 15 in Danvile, age 65
FOUNTAIN, Capt. I. A.-W, May 11 in St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk city, pneumonia
FOWLKES, Martha Ann(Mrs.), February 26 in Petersburg, age 59
FRANKLIN, Annie Pugsley(nee Jackson), October 5 in Richmond city, age 27
FRANKLIN, Luck K.(nee Kuhlman)(Mrs. T. W.)-W, March 9 in Hamilton, Loudoun Co.
FRIES, Katherine J.-W, December 31 in Bethel Church, Frederick Co., dropsy

GAILLARD, Capt. Richard W.-W, February 8 in Alexandria, age 73
GALLAHAN, William-W, November 25 in Stafford Co., age 84
GAMMON, C. F.(male)-W, March 12 in Danville
GHENT, Alfred J.-W, December 10 in Tazewell Co., age about 65
GIBBS, A. M., March 20 in Orange Co., age 75
GLENN, Elizabeth Frances(Mrs.)-W, March 20 in Richmond city, age 93
GORDON, Margaret E., May 13 in Orange Co
GORDON, Mrs. Richard(nee Southward)-W, December 14 in Essex Co.
GOCHENOUR. John G.-W, February 5 in Augusta Co., age 63
GRANT, William-W, April 11 in Petersburg
GRAVATT, Thomas Ellis-W, February in in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 65, Bright's disease
GRAY, Lanier-W, May 1 in Roanoke city, age 34
GREEN, Jane F.(Mrs.)-W, April 9 in Richmond city
GRIZZLE, William F.-W, January  in Dickenson County, age about 70
GRUVER, Belle R.(Mrs. David)-W, April 30/May 1 in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., age 30, consumption

HALL, Patrick Henry-W, February 20 in Hanover Co.
HALLIGAN, James P.-W, June 10 in Petersburg, age about 44
HANCOCK, Nathan M.-W, May 27
HARDING, Mrs. V. B.-W, March 23 in Northumberland Co., age 79
HARLOW, Thomas G.-W, December in Louisa Co., age 70, paralysis
HAVERTY, Anna B.-W, April 4 in Old Point
HAWKINS, William T.-W, January 25 in Ettrick, Chesterfield County, age 47
HEALY, William-W, Richmond city, age 72
HERING, Dr. Edwin A.-W-February 25
HERRON, Rev. Samuel P.-W, March 18 in Frederick Co., age 81
HINTON, Capt. William E.-W, April 9 in Petersburg
HOBBS, Mrs. R. F.-W, September 15 in Petersburg
HOLLAND, Mary Magdalene(Mrs. Henry H.)-W, December 13 in Suffolk, age 52, suicide
HOLT, William A.-W, March in Charles City Co.
HOPKINS, Marshall-W, March in Orange Co., age 62, heart disease
HORAN, Eliza R.-W, May in Richmond city, age 85
HOUSE, Margaret M.(Mrs. William C.)(nee Strider)-W, March 3 in Winchester, age 91
HOWARD, Lucy(nee Nelson)-W, January  in York County, age 76 
HOWLAND, Rachel(nee Berry), October 4 in King George Co.
HUDDLESTON, Emma(Mrs. R. H.)-W, December 18 in Roanoke, age 45, pneumonia
HUDSPETH, William W.-W, November in Chesterfield Co., age 53
HUFFMAN, J. Frank-W, December in Page Co., age 77, paralysis
HUGHES, Pattie(Mrs.)-W, May 15 in Fluvanna Co.

IRONS, Mrs. B. S.-W, June 10 in Fredericksburg, age 29, consumption

JACKSON, Jonas-W, January 19 in Shenandoah Co.
JAMES, Eliza(Mrs. Capt. A.)-W, March in Lancaster Co., age 67
JEFFERSON, William-W, January 7 in Richmond city, age about 34
JENKINS, Frank-W, March 22 in Fredericksburg, age 20, pneumonia
JENKINS, Susan-W, March 3 in Warrenton
JOHNSON, Margaret Naomi-W, April 2 in Manchester
JOHNSTON, Joseph A., Jr.-W, October 5 in Henrico Co., age 8
JOLIFF, Josiah-W, January 26 in Norfolk city, age 86
JONES, Elizabeth A.(nee Jones)(Mrs. Paul T.)-W, October 2 in Nottoway Co., age 72
JONES, James C., February 20 in Richmond city
JONES, Sarah G.-AA, May 11 in Richmond city
JONES, William Mallory-W, January 7 in Richmond city
JORDAN, L. Frank-W, Spetember 16 in the Newport News Hospital, age 45
JORDAN, William-W, March 10 in Isle of Wight Co., age 38
JORDON, Nellie (nee Barnes)-W, February 26 in Richmond city
JOYNER, John W., May 13 in Amherst Co.

KAHLE, Matthew S.-W, September 15 in Lexington, age 65, paralysis, buried in Texas
KAUFFMAN, Mrs. Peter J.-W, March 16 in Page Co., age about 50, pneumonia
KEITH, William-W, March 6 in Tazewell Co., age about 75, cancer of the stomach
KELLEY, Ann(Mrs. Thomas)-W, March 31 in Richmond city, buried in Hanover Co.
KER, Heber-W, December 17 in Staunton
KIDD, Dr. B. F.-W, May 4 in Williamsburg, age 71, buried Caroline Co
KILGOUR, J. Mortimer-W, April 4 in Hillsboro, Loudoun Co., age 84
KIRBY, Mrs. Jane-W, August 3 in Richmond city, age 63, chronic nephritis
KIRBY, Melvin L.-W, March 20 in Richmond city, age 28, pulmonary tuberculosis
KNOWLES, Daniel-W, April 4 in Norfolk

LACY, W. N.(male)-W, September 15 in Richmond city, age 32, carcinoma
LADD, Mrs. Caroline C.-W, November 29 in Richmond city, age 75, gastritis
LAKE, Isaac N.-W, November 24, age 72
LAURENCE, Maj. Coanon-W, February in Auburn, Montgomery Co., heart trouble
LEE, Edward T.-W, May 11  at Lee Hall, Warwick Co., age 58, pneumonia
LEE, Elizabeth(Mrs. Charles H.)-W, April 3 in Leesburg, age 88
LEE, Lavinia(nee Gibbons)(Mrs. Rev. Robert R.)-W, November 23 in Richmond city, age 64
LEMOINE, John H.-W, January 25
LEWIS, W. T.-W, April 9 in Pittsylvania Co., age 54

MACON, Rose Swann(Mrs. Dr. J. C.)-W, January 24 in Chesterfield Co.
MAHONEY, Thomas(Mrs.), April 7 in Richmond city, age 50
MAIDEN, Wiley-W, April 5  at Emory & Henry College, pneumonia
MALLORY, Virginia(nee Randolph)(Mrs. James B.)-W, February 8 in Richmond city
MANSFIELD, James L.-W, March 19 in Williamsburg, age 85
MASON, E. T.-W, February 5 in Roanoke, pneumonia
MAY, Fannie G.(Mrs. A. L.)-W, March 21 in Roanoke city, buried in Petersburg
MAYHUGH, Anne E.(Mrs.)-W, May 13 in Gordonsville, age about 78
MAYNARD, Georgianna(Mrs. H. L.)-W, January 24 in Portsmouth, age 65
MAYO, David C., Sr.-W, September in Richmond city, age 69
McCABE, Judge James G.-W, December 12 in Leesburg, age 50, acute indigestion
McCUBBIN, Susan Amanda(Mrs.)-W, July 6 in Richmond city, age about 79-80
McDONALD, Ethel-W, March 17 in Winchester Memorial Hospital, age 16, typhoid
MEADORS, Richard J.-W, April in Henrico Co., age 2 months, 3 days
MEZINGO, Katherine(Mrs.)-W, April 21 in Fredericksburg, age 71, pneumonia, buried in Westmoreland Co.
MILLER, Jacob Preston-W, April 15 in Rockingham Co., pneumonia
MILLER, Mrs. John-W, December in Luray, age 70
MILLER, Mattias-W, December 11 in Opequon, Frederick Co., age 82
MILLER, Dr. Peter William-W, November 25 in Winchester, age 53, Bright's Disease
MINTER, Robert S.-W, April 29 in Bedford Co., age 70
MITCHELL, Eliza-AA, April 15 in Norton, Wise Co., killed by Neal Daniels(W)
MOORE, Leet S.-W, December 11 in Richmond city, age 65, formerly of Pennsylvania
MOORE, Nellie-W, February 3 in Dinwiddie Co., age 18
MOSS, Hon. J. S.-W, March 21 in Tazewell Co., pneumonia
MURKLAND, Sidney R.-W, January near Lynchburg, age 65, buried Farmville
MYERLY, Jesse-W, March 19 in Clarke Co., age 79, paralysis
MYERS, Della-W, February 7 in Virginia hospital, age 23

NELSON, Edward M.-W, April 30 in Bedford Co., age 50, paralysis
NEWCOME, William-W, March 20 in Frederick Co., age 83
NOLTENIUS, H.-W, September 15 in Petersburg, age about 65
NORFLEET, Virginia(Mrs.)-W, September 15 in Nansemond Co., age 78
NORRIS, Nellie-W, May 13 near Winchester, age 26, gastric fever, buried in Culpeper Co.
NOOT, Nora C.-W, November 23 in Winchester, age 46

O'ROURKE Daniel-W, May 14 in Staunton, age about 70, apoplexy
O'SHAY, John-W, March 21 in Orange Co., age 64, pneumonia
OZMORE, Jesse-W, February 6 in Manchester, age 2 years, 11 months

PALMORE, Emma Dunston-W, February 7 in Richmond city, age 36
PARIS, Pansy Lee-W, April 3 in Richmond city, age 18, buried in Roanoke
PARISH, Edith M.-W, April 15 in Gore, Frederick Co., age 17
PARKER, Ellen J.(Mrs. Dr. W. W.)-W, March 24
PARROTT, Luther M.-W, March in Wallace, Washington Co., age 79
PAXTON, William-AA, April 9 in Norfolk city, killed by a falling girder at railroad yard
PAXTON, William G.-W, March 1 in Staunton, age 54, heart disease
PAYNE, J. W.-W, March 16 in Roanoke, formerly of Bedford Co., age 72, pneumonia
PEERY, Charles M.-W, March 22 in Frederick Co., age 67, paralysis of the brain
PERRIN, James Vaden-W, April 2 in Painesville, Amelia Co., age 62
PERRY, W. M.-W, March 24 at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, age 54, typhoid fever, resident of Spotsylvania Co.
PETTIT, Col. W. B.-W, February in Fluvanna Co.
PLUMMER, S. A.-W, December 11 in Petersburg, age 35
POLAN, George-W, May 12, age 42, killed in mine
POLLARD, Sarah (nee Dickerson)(Mrs. J. Thaddeus)-W, January 6 in Richmond city
POTTS, Nannie(Mrs.)-W, November 14 in or near Blackstone
PRICE, Rev. P. B.-W, March 8 in Richmond city, age 80
PULLER, Thomas J.-W, April 3 in Richmond city
PURCELL, Georgia(Mrs. J. Perry)(nee Clayton)-W, December 11 in Frederick Co., age 30, after a year with consumption
PURCELL, Hannah(Mrs.)-W, November 24 near Oldhams, age 85
PUTNEY, Ellis W., W-May 13 in Fork Union, Cumberland Co., age about 75
PUTNEY, Stephen-W, November 23 in Richmond city, heart disease

RATCLIFF, James P. -W, December in Millboro, heart disease
REDD, Bessie-W, November 24 in Caroline Co., consumption
RHODES, George A. J.-W, April 6 in Mount Crawford
RHODES, J. M.-W, March in Buffalo Gap, Augusta Co.,age 85
RIDGEWAY, Samuel B.-W, April 11 in Frederick Co., age 75
RITTER, Carrie(Mrs.)-W, March 23 in Shenandoah, Page Co., age about 40
ROACH, Michael J.-W, April in Fulton
ROBERSON, Frank-W, April 4 in Richmond city, age 22
ROBINS, Mrs. James A.-W, February 7 in Mount Pleasant, King William Co., age 58, paralysis, buried in Winchester
RUSE, Ann E.(nee Tavenner)(Mrs. Richard W.)-W, January 20 in Loudoun Co., age 75

SAUNDERS, Martha-W, May 4 in Paeonian Springs, Loudoun Co., age about 50, killed by falling from runaway horse
SCHERER, Mary M.-W, August 4 in Richmond city, age 1 day, congestion of the lungs
SCHMITT, Bernadott-W, November 30 in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., age 74
SEAY, Maria(Mrs.)-W, January 9 in Amelia Co.
SELLMAN, Henry C.-W, November 22 in Leesburg, age 67, paralysis
SEMON, Katie(nee Isear)(Mrs. Martin)-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age 21
SHELBY, Thomp-W, March 1 in Bristol, age 83
SHELTON, Edwin, May 15 in Hanover Co.
SHELTON, Nathan F.-W, January 21 in Pittsylvania Co.
SILVESTER, Virginia(nee Hurst)(Mrs. Lindsey M.)-W, March 1 in Norfolk city, apoplexy, age 40    
SIVILIS, Ethelburt-W, April 6 in Norfolk, age 32, shot by Alexander Redd, Jr.
SLATER, Harriet B.(Mrs.)-W, July 14 in Petersburg. age 80
SLUSSER, Samuel H.-W, March 18 in Rockingham Co., age 63, consumption
SNEAD, William-W, February 26 in Crewe, Nottoway Co., buried in Louisa Co.
SNELLINGS, Edward-W, April 14 in Stafford Co., age 42
SNELLINGS, Sarah E.(Mrs. W. J.)-W, January 6 in Stafford Co., age 60, pneumonia
SONES, Ruth(Mrs.)-W, February 25 in Staunton, age 91
SPAID, James-W, April 16 in Winchester
STAKES, Lucy(Mrs.), May in Lancaster Co., age 68
STAPLES, Daniel DeJ.-W, March
STAPLES, Mrs. Elmo-W, February in King George Co.
STEPHENSON, Sarah E.(Mrs. James W.)(nee Fawcett)-W, March 23 in Clearbrook, age 86
STEVENS, Evelyn-W, July 13 in Stafford Co., enlargement of the brain
STOFFREGAN, Lewis-W, January 21 in Fredericksburg, age 40, consumption
STONE, James W.-W, November 24 in Franklin Co., typhoid fever
STRIBBLING, Ben-AA, March 25 in Staunton, suicide by gunshot
STROTHER, William-W, December 9, age 35, typhoid fever
SWIFT, Virginia(nee Day)-W, March 24 in Warrenton, heart failure

TAYLOR, O. Jasper-W, March 15 in Petersburg, typhoid pneumonia
TAYLOR, W. H.-W, April 30 in Pittsylvania Co., age about 60, grip
TEETS, James Arthur-W, March 20 in Frederick Co., age 33, pneumonia
TEMPLE, Dr. Benjamin Brooks-W, March
THACKER, Charles R., March 20 in Spotsylvania Co., age 29
THARP, Lena(nee Johnson)(Mrs. Jackson)-W, March 2 in Winchester, age 35
THOMAS, Robert W.-W, April 30 in Hamilton, Loudoun Co., age 74
TRAINHAM, Mary J.-W, April 9 in Richmond city, age 67
TRENARY, Mrs. J. B.-W, March 1 in Front Royal, Warren Co., age 65, dropsy
TURNER, James M.-W, May 6 in Newport News, age 68, heart trouble
TURNER, Robert-AA, March 24 in Abingdon, hung for murder of Lou Jefferson(AA)
TYLER, Mrs. C. H.-W, March 16 in Staunton, age 69, pneumonia

VANSANT, Mary(Mrs.)-W, February 26 in Mecklenburg Co., age 92
VARNER, Susan(Mrs. Reuben)-W, March 23 in Page Co., age about 78
VAUGHAN, Capt. George W., March 21 in Petersburg
VAUGHAN, Margaret Graham-W, April 8, age 19
VIRTS, Charles E.-W, March 3 in Loudoun Co., age 54

WALKE, D. M.-W, August 15 in Petersburg
WALLACE, Phoebe Ann(Mrs.)-W, March 6 near Lexington, age 78
WATKINS, Thomas W.-AA, April 2 in Richmond city, age 62
WATSON, Bettie(Mrs. Judge Egbert R.)-W, May 6 in Charlottesville, age 82
WEAVER, Samuel H.-W, March 8 in Augusta Co., age 51, pneumonia
WEISIGER, Benjamin Boisseau-W, March 24 in Manchester, age 69
WENDLINGER, Casper-W, March in Richmond city, age 87
WHITE, Capt. Mordecai E.-W, February 6 in Frederick Co., age 95
WHITEHURST, Elizabeth H.(Mrs. George E.)-W, August 31 in Norfolk city,
age 77
WIEGAND, Paul-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age 77
WIGHTMAN, William H.-W, July 14 in Edinburg, Shenandoah Co.
WILKERSON, William V.-W, April 19 in Lexington, Rockbridge Co.
WILLIAMS, Edward Leland-W, April 10 in UVA  Hospital, Charlottesville,
age 23
WILLIS, Albert G.-W, March in Rappahannock Co.
WILSON, Caroline(Mrs. Capt. Lafayette)-W, January-February in Middlesex Co., age 80
WILSON, James-W, April 17 in Floyd Co.
WILSON, Penelope-W, March  3 in Loudoun Co., age 83, from injuries due to a fall
WILTSHIRE, Peyton-W, April 30 in Orange Co., age 82
WINE, Stuart D.-W, June 9 in Rockbridge Co., age 34, heart disease
WINSTON, Maria Louisa(Mrs.), May 15 in Manchester?, age 74
WITTEN, Thomas A.-W, March 1 in Tazewell Co., age about 40
WOOD, Capt. John H.-W, April 15 in Norfolk city, buried Camden, N. J.
WOODS, Jackson-W, September 16 in Shenandoah Co., age 69, heart failure
WOOLLEY, Lucy M.(nee McCaw)(Mrs. Frank W.)-W, March 15 in Winchester, age 61, after an operation for cancer, buried Lexington, Ky.
WRAY, Jabetz Leftwich-W, March 8 in Lynchburg, age 90
WRIGHT, Maj. Claude W.-W, February 26 in Suffolk, age 54
WRIGHT, Richard H.-W, March 11 in Norfolk city, age 50, pneumonia
WRIGHT, Susan Katherine(Mrs. Joseph)-W, March 6 in Burktown, age 75
WYETH, Capt. John C.-W, November 30 in Front Royal, Warren Co.,
age about 65

YOUNG, Capt. Richard Alexander-W, January 25 in Petersburg, age 78
YOUNG, Prof. Charles E.-W, March 11 in Staunton, age 68, apoplexy
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