Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ACREE, William Edward-W, June 1 in Petersburg
ADAMS, James E.-W, December 17 in Danville, age about 58
ALLEN, Fannie(Mrs. Benjamin)-W, June 13 in Farmville
ALLEY, Robert M.-W, November 21 in Gate City, Scott Co., age 60, tuberculosis
AMOS, Emma, April 3, age 4 months
ANDERSON, Dr. Cam-W, December 5 in Gate City, Scott Co., age 48, from accidental severing of right arm
ANDERSON, Rev. J. M.-W, February in Irvington, Lancaster Co.
ANDREWS, William, April 2 in Gloucester Co., age about 70
ANTHONY, Hannah(Mrs. Joseph)-W, April in Norfolk city
ANTHONY, Junius T.-W, May 23 in Petersburg, age 54
ARCHER, William-W, July 7 in Richmond city, age 58
ASHLEY, William G.-W, March in Norfolk city
ATKINSON, Samuel D.-W, November 13 in Manchester, age 88

BALDERSON, Horidge-W, May 23 in Westmoreland Co.
BALTHIS, Charles E.-W, June 16 in Front Royal, age about 68, dropsy
BANKS, Isaac-W, August 6 in Carroll Co., age about 83
BARBER, Elizabeth(Mrs.), December 10 in Ringgold, Pittsylvania Co., age 85
BARKSDALE, A. W.-W, June 5 in Danville, age 58
BAXTER, Mrs. J. F.-W, December 17 in Suffolk, age 33
BEADLE, Frank G.-W, October 15 in Petersburg
BEAMER, Augustus A.-W, December 17 in Salem, Roanoke Co., age 65
BENSON, Nellie Roberts(Mrs. Gustavus)-W, May 24 in Richmond city, age 34
BERGER, Charles L.-W, May 18 in Richmond city, age 18 months, 1 week
BLACKWELL, D. T.-W, July 1 in Salem, Roanoke Co., age 45, typhoid fever
BLAIN, Rev. Daniel, October 5 in Covesville, Albemarle Co.
BLANTON, Linda(Mrs. L. P.)-W, May 23 in Ashland, Hanover Co.
BLOXTON, Mary(Mrs.)-W, May 17 in Stafford Co., age 84, pneumonia
BOISSEAU, Fannie E. (nee Parham)(Mrs. John FitzPatrick)-W, May 19 in Richmond city, age 64
BOISSEAU, Martha E.(Mrs.)-W, January 31 in Roanoke
BONNEY, William A.-W, April 15 in Norfolk city
BOOHER, R. E.-W, August 24, 1906 in Bristol, of Lovedale, Tennessee
BOWEN, Lucy Jacqueline(nee Gavatt)(Mrs. Hon. Rees T.)-W, October 7 in Port Royal, age about 59
BOWERS, William Henry-W, July 2 in Richmond city, age 6 months, 7 days
BOWLES, Mrs. Drury W.-W, August
BOWLES, Sarah F.(Mrs. Nathaniel R.)-W, June 30 in Charlottesville, age 78
BOYD, Maggie M.-W, June 21 in Petersburg
BRANNAN, Irene Elizabeth-W, May 18 in Richmond city
BRANSON, A. B.(male)-W, December 22 in Mendota, Washington Co., paralysis
BROADDUS, Rosa A.-W, May 17 in Caroline Co.?, age 74
BRUCE, Alexander-W, October 5 in Halifax Co., age about 74
BULLOCK, Caroline Winston(Mrs.), December 6 in Louisa Co., age 87
BUSHFIELD, Harry L.-W, May 27 in Dinwiddie Co., age 45
BUSHNELL, A. C.-W, July 24 in Portsmouth, age 62
BUTTS, Charlotte(nee Campbell)(Mrs. Junius H.)-W, June 11 in Petersburg,
age 68

CAMPBELL, Lowery-W, November 8 in Washington Co.
CARR, Elizabeth Lamanni(Mrs.)-W, July 2 in Richmond city
CARRELL, Louisa(nee Epps), April 2 in Manchester, age 89
CASTLEMAN, Frank N.-W, June 30 in Berryville, Clarke Co., age 51
CHILDRESS, W. H.(male)-W, September 27 in Richmond city, age 50, heart failure
CLEET, J. A.-W, August 24 in Bristol, of Ruthton, Tennessee
CLINGENPEEL, O. Teaford-W, June 20 in Portsmouth, typhoid fever, buried in Roanoke
COLDWELL, Charles Plummer-W, November 6 in Petersburg, age 71
COLLINS, Hattie M.(Mrs. Capt. J. Frank)-W,  June 13 in Norfolk, age 76
COLLY, Susie-W, July 8 in Manchester city
COOK, J. Frank-W, June 30 in Alexandria, age about 49
COOTES, Dr. John G.-W, December 15 in Norfolk city, age about 82, buried in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.
CORBIN, J. P.-W, June 24 in Roanoke, age 65, of Pennsylvania
CORNICK, Dr. William F.-W, July 26 in Norfolk city, age about 69
COULBORN, Henrietta(Mrs.)-W, June 4 in Irvington, Lancaster Co.
CROWDER, A. Fannie-W, January 27 in Nottoway Co., age 8
CROWDER, Margaret Virginia(Mrs. Samuel D.)-W, August 24 in Danville, age 77
CROWDER, Capt. Thomas J.-W, March 27 in Staunton, age 57, apoplexy
CUTLER, Willam, March 23 in Petersburg

DAFFAN, Luther-W, March in Culpeper Co.
DAFFAN, Mollie-W, March 22 in Culpeper Co., age 73, pneumonia
DANCE, Joseph Edward-W, August 2 in Chesterfield Co., age 64
DAVIS, Maggie(Mrs. John W.), August 21 in Danville, Va., age 32
DEAN, May E., December 2 in Winchester,age 20
DEARBORN, Peyton B.-W, July 1 in Alexandria, age about 28, heat prostration
DICKINSON, James Morton-W, August 10 in Fredericksburg, age 18
DICKERSON, Vinton M.-W, October 4 in King George Co., age 66
DOBIE, A. T.-W, June 30
DRINKARD, Mary-W, August 8
DUKE, Capt. William A.-W, March 21 in Norfolk city
DUNHAM, George-W, March 26 in Abingdon, Washington Co., age 45
DYSON, William-W, April 10 in Portsmouth, age 82

EANES, Georgie(Mrs. Peter)-W, May 19 in Petersburg
EDDINS, G. L., November in Greene Co., age 60, paralysis 
EGGLESTON, Nelia, April 2 in Farmville, age 28
ELLER, Mary(Mrs.)-W, December 16 in Roanoke city, age 93
EMERICK, G. D., April 5 in Highland Springs

FAIRCLOTH, Gracie Anna Helen-W, June 12 in Richmond city, age 7 months
FARRELL, Andrew-W, December 21 in Saltville, paralysis
FAULCONER, Rose(Mrs.)-W, May 20 in Richmond city
FIREY, Rev. S. M.-W, November in Roanoke, age 71
FISHER, John Goode-W, July 3 in Richmond city
FISHER, Lilly Glanville-W, December 8 in Petersburg
FLANAGAN, William-W, November 27, age 35
FORBES, Col. W. W.-W, June 30 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., age about 89
FREEMAN, Ellen(Mrs.)-W, May 23 in Richmond city, age about 69
FRY, Charles O.-W, June 25 in Bristol, age 45, an abcess
FUNK, Ann Elizabeth-W, August 8 in Winchester, age 67

GARRISON, George W.-W, April in Norfolk city
GIBSON, Kate(Mrs. Mike)-W, October 20 near Radford
GIBSON, Lydia(Mrs. John H.)(nee Smith)-W, June 4 in Clarke Co., age 65
GLENN, John W., December 3 in Richmond city, age 65
GOULD, Stephen J.-W, December 3 in Chesterfield Co., age 49
GRAHAM, Thomas Williamson-W, July 1 in Lexington, Rockbridge Co., age 16, appendicitis
GRANGER, William E., Jr.-W, December 15 in Richmond city, age about 38

HACKETT, G. Bedford, Jr.-W, November 13 in Newport News, suicide by gunshot
HALEY, Dr. J. G.-W, June 29 in Louisa County, resident of West Virginia
HALL, Emma(nee Carter)(Mrs.)-W, June 30 in Charlottesville
HALL, James McFarland(Mrs.)(nee Baker)-W, November 15 in Stuart's Draft, age 46, paralysis
HALL, Julius B.-W, December in Richmond Co.,age 70
HARRELL, Ruth, December 2 in Bristol, age 12, after appendectomy
HARRIS, Charles D., December 2 in Richmond city, age 79
HARRIS, Sarah-AA, June 18 in Richmond city, age 35
HARRIS, Sarah-AA, September 14 in Richmond city, age 3 months, acute Bronchio-pneumonia & rickets
HARRISON, Samuel Goode-W, March 23 in Jarratt, Sussex Co.
HART, Joseph-W, December 23 in Radford, child, killed by electric car after leaving schoool
HART, Mason-W, December in Urbanna, age 45
HARVELL, India B.(Mrs. John P.)-W, March 22 in Petersburg
HARVELL, Oscar Wade-W, June 2, age 16, killed by a  train
HAWKINS, Charles Nelson-W, June 30 in Patrick Springs, acute indigestion
HAYES, Mary Virginia-W, May in Richmond city, age 7
HEADEN, Capt. John W.-W, October 22 in Roanoke, age 66
HENRY, Indiana Virginia(nee Kilby)(Mrs. Capt. Edward M.)-W, May 25 in Norfolk city
HEWITT, George W., December 3 in Staunton, age 69, pneumonia
HINTON, Orlando G.-W, June 14 in Petersurg, age 38, tetanus
HOLDEN, Dr. Randall-W, February 3 in Petersburg, age 76
HOLT, Edward-AA, April 15 in Norfolk city, age 3, killed by electric car
HORNER, W.A.(Mrs.), November 17 in Burkeville, age 73, congestion of the lungs
HUGHES, Mollie(Mrs.), November in Richmond city, age 47
HUNTER, George M.(Mrs.), November 29 in Louisa Co.
HURT, Mattie(nee Brightwell), April 3 in Richmond city, of Bremo
HUTTO, David-AA, December 2 in Richmond city, age 41, acute pneumonia
HUTZLER, Clarence-W, April 15 in Richmond city, age 27, cerebral hemorrhage

JAMES, Dr. Ezekial-W, December 16 in Bristol, age 66, asthma
JARRATT, J. B., December 9 in Sussex Co.
JEFFRESS, A. N.(male)-W, August 23 in Danville, age 53
JENKINS, Dollie A.(Mrs. R. A.)-W, May 23 in Page Co.
JENKINS, Sarah E., April 5 in Richmond city
JOHNSON, Caroline F.(Mrs. John T.)-W, August 10 in Alexandria, age 79
JOHNSON, Garland, April 3 in Manchester, infant
JOHNSON, Sarah R.(nee Estes)(Mrs. J. P. A.)-W, June 30 in Louisa, age about 74
JOHNSTON, Joseph A., Jr., October 5 in Henrico Co
JONES, Ada Virginia (nee Vaughan)-W, December 2 in Petersburg, age 56
JONES, Alexander-W, December 3 in the Soldier's Home, Richmond city, age 87
JONES, William T.-W, April n Norfolk city
JORDAN, George-W, December 5 in Bedford City, age 27
JOYNER, Pocohontas Jane-W, December 17 in Petersburg

KELL, Mary(nee Harrison)(Mrs. Isaac)-W, June 30 in Alexandria
KELLY, Louisa(Mrs. S. D.)(nee Evans)-W, October 23 in Big Stone Gap, age 69
KILLIAN, Capt. C. N.-W, March 23 in Richmond city, of Salem, Va.
KING, Julia(Mrs.), November 17 in Richmond city, age 72
KIRBY, Thomas L.-W, June 15 in Front Royal, age about 61, heart trouble
KNIGHT, Virginia E. (nee Cottrell)(Mrs. James A.)-W, October 5 in Richmond city

LATANE, Dr. Thomas-W, August 10 in King & Queen Co., age 81
LATHEM, Virginia-W, November  in Washington Co., age 8, diptheria
LAWRENCE, Charles Milton-W, April 10 in Norfolk city, age about 28
LEAVELL, Fannie G.(nee Leavell)(Mrs. William T.)-W, May 25 in Fredericksburg
LEE, Wan-Ch, November 14 in Roanoke, age 44
LESLIE, Nannie B.(Mrs. E. M.)-W, December 17 in Roanoke, age 32, buried in Bristol
LESTER, Ruby, April 3 in Southampton Co., age 14, of Portsmouth
LIGHT, Rosa-W, June 29 in Light, Frederick Co., age 25
LIPSCOMB, Mattie(Mrs. John)-W, June 24 in Louisa County, age 45
LIVESAY, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, August 10 in Petersburg, age 45
LOGAN, Mrs. J. B.(nee Worley)-W, November in Washington Co., age 26, paralysis of the heart
LONDON, Rebecca(Mrs.)-W, November 17 in Roanoke, age 46, pneumonia
LONG, Edwin Haines-W, March 24 in Chesterfield  Co.
LUCY, Samuel B.-W, October 5 in Richmond city

MAGEE, Mrs. W. E.(nee Leonard)-W, December 16 in Prince George Co., age 69
MALLORY, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, June/July in Edge Hill, Henrico Co., age 86
MANN, Nellie E.-W, May 29 in Petersburg, age 34
MARKS, Junius E.-W, April 10 in Prince George Co.
MARSH, William, December 10 in Campbell Co., age 89
MARTIN, Virginia Ann(Mrs.)-W, August 3 in Portsmouth, age 81
MASSIE, James Oscar-W, June 30 in Louisa
McARTHUR, Robert-W, November 13 in Newport News
McDANIEL, Sallie Jane(Mrs. James)-W, October 31 in Washington Co., age 76
McDONALD, Kate(Mrs.)-W, June 30 in Cuckoo, Louisa Co.
McKENNEY, Lizzie May(Mrs. William E.)-W, May 25 in Richmond city
McQUAIDE, John P.-W, August 9 in Richmond city, age 22
MENEFEE, D. B.-W, June 25 in Limeton, Warren County, train wreck
MERCER, Charles C.-W, July 27 in Norfolk city, age about 51
MICKLE, Willie-W, May 18 in Boydton, Mecklenburg Co., pneumonia
MILLER, Daniel(Mrs.), December in Greene Co.
MILLNER, Sallie Ann-W, December in Danville, age 62
MILTON, Theodore D.-W, July 31 in Loudoun Co., age 58, paralysis
MINOR, Elizabeth(nee Tiller), December 11 in Richmond city
MOORE, James E.-W, March 17 in Prince George Co., age 80
MORRIS, A. F., December 3 in Richmond city
MOSELEY, Henry Winston-W, April 12 in Norfolk city, age 2 years, 11 months
MUSSELMAN, Joseph, April 1 near Toluco

NELMS, Margret(Mrs. Frank)(nee Greiner)-W, December 20 in Rural Retreat
NICHOLS, Mrs. Howard(nee Dodson)-W, March 26 in Page Co., age about 25
NORDOFF, Anna Christine-W, March in Norfolk city, infant

O'DONNELL, Daniel-W, June 12 in Richmond city
O'GRADY, William J.-W, August 9 in Richmond city
O'KENNON, Peter-W, June 11 in Matoaca, Chesterfield Co., age 62
O'NEILL, Sallie, April 5 in Norfolk city, age 54
OWEN, Albert-W, April 11 in Dinwiddie Co., age 68

PAGE, Edwin T.-W, April in Buckingham Co., age 75
PALMER, Lee-W, August 10 in Richmond city
PATTERSON, Mrs. J. B.-W, October 22 in Big Stone Gap, age 66
PAVEY, Mary-W, June 14 in Caroline Co., consumption
PAYNE, Mrs. George W.-W, May 19 in Manchester, age 47
PAYNE, Thomas F.-W, June 12 in Petersburg, age 73
PEED, William Eldridge-W, January 17 in Prince George Co.
PERDUE, E. L.-W, October 21 in Roanoke, age 33, typhoid fever
PETZOLD, Frederick H.-W, January 23 in Petersburg, age 67
POARCH, Emmett A.-W, March 22 in Richmond city, of Petersburg, age 63
PORTER, Lewis-AA, November 20 in Wytheville, skull crushed in accident at furnace company

RAINEY, Adeline(Mrs.)-W, October 8 in Brunswick Co., resident of Petersburg
RHODES, John Henry-W, October 21 in Salem, age 71, heart disease
RIBBLE, Mrs. Dr. W. H.(nee Goodwin)-W, December 28 in Wytheville
RILEY, Lester W.-W, August 1 in Clarke Co., age 88
ROBERTS, Frank(Mrs.)-W, May 24 in Petersburg
ROBERTS, Horace-AA, November 1 in Richmond city, age 1 month
ROBINSON, Edward-W, July 2 in Richmond city
ROCK, Edna-W, May 23 in Warsaw, age 23
ROGERS, Eva Mae-W, July 25 in Portsmouth, age 24, typhoid fever
ROGERS, Raymond-W, July in Portsmouth, age 19, typhoid fever
ROLLER, Frances(nee Allebaugh)(Mrs. Peter S.)-W, October 25 in Harrisonburg,
age about 84
ROND, Mary E.(Mrs. Charles A.)-W, June 16 in Portsmouth
ROSE, Benjamin Franklin-W, July 20 in Petersburg
ROSENSTOCK, Anthony-W, December 17 in Petersburg, age 73
ROSS, Otis-AA, October 30 Scott Co.?, shot and killed by Wes Wilkie
RUDD, Emily C.(nee Netherland)(Mrs. James H.)-W, May 19 in Richmond city
RUDDICK, Eliza Jane(Mrs. Robert)-W, April 20 in Norfolk city, age about 75
RUSSELL, Baker E.-W, November 11 in Frederick Co., age 20, consumption

SADDLER, Edward-W, December 7 in Amelia Co., age 86
SANFORD, John L.-W, June 4 in Northumberland Co.
SAUERS, Charles Corman, March 21 in Norfolk city, age 12 years, 10 months**
SCHWAB, Anton-W, June 13 in Warrenton, age 72
SCOTT, John W.-W, October 18 in Washington Co., age 37, tuberculosis
SEABROOK, Rev. J. McL.-W, April 2 in Charlottesville, age 65, meningitis
SHACKFORD, Dr. William H.-W, October 4 in Roanoke, bd. Richmond city
SHANKS, Cliff-W, December in Petersburg, of Crewe
SHELTON, Richard, December 9 in Fredericksburg, age 70?
SHEPHERD, Rev. T. B.-W, May 18 in Warren Co., age 70
SIMMONS, Henry-W, October 19 in Petersburg, age 71
SIMMONS, William-W, November 19 in near Abingdon
SIMPSON, George W.-W, April in Norfolk city
SMITH, Charles T.-W, October 20 in Alexandria
SMITH, Elizabeth(Mrs.), April in Mathews Co.
SMITH, Mrs. James-W, June 15 in Caroline Co., age 60
SNOWDEN, Powell-W, May 24 in Fairfax co.
SOMMERS, Howard-W, June 12 at the Home for the Sick in Petersburg, age 17
SOWERS, Katharine J.(nee Kyle)(Mrs. Daniel H.)-W, March 27 in Berryville, Clarke Co.,
age 77
SPRADLIN, Elias, April 1 in Franklin Co., age 57
SPRATLEY, Adelaide(nee Beckwith)(Mrs. Frank)-W, June 21 in Norfolk city, age 30
STEVENSON, Rebecca Perri-W, November 14 in Charles City Co., age 81
STOCKDELL, Kate Wayne(Mrs.), December 2 in Richmond city
SUMMERS, Nannie(nee Preston)(Mrs. Col. John C.)-W, June 13 in Abingdon, Washington Co.

TANNOR, Elizabeth Reid-W, April 28 in Williamsburg
TATE, Ellen(Mrs.)-W, December 19 in Greendale, age 86
TAYLOR, John N.-W, May 14, age 57
THOMAS, Cable-W, November 21 in Bedford, age 33, peritonitis
THOMAS, John-W, December near Mace's Springs, burned
THOMAS, Joseph-W, December 9 in Petersburg, age 75
THOMPSON, George C.-W, April 14 in Norfolk city
TIBBETTS, Melvin O.-W, May 24 in Richmond city
TINSLEY, Leroy-W, November 20 in Abingdon, age 18, uremia
TITMUS, Richard C.-W, December 6 in Petersburg, age 74
TOWNES, Dena Lee-W, September 23 in Petersburg, age 19
TRAYLOR, Addison-W, December 7 in Petersburg, age 90
TUCKER, Fannie(Mrs.)-W, March 15 in Blackstone
TUCKER, Hugh Bosher, December 2 at Drake's Branch, Charlotte Co.
TYLER, Sallie Belle(nee Via), November 28 in Louisa Co.

VAUGHAN, Benjamin Boisseau, Jr.-W, May 23 in Petersburg, age 61
VAUGHAN, Josie(nee Tucker)(Mrs. H. L.)-W, March 3 in Amelia Co.
VAUGHAN, Martha Dunn (nee Stevenson)-W, November 5, age 56
VAUGHAN, Minnie F.-W, March 28 in Matoaca, Chesterfield Co.

WALKER, Thurman-W, June 30 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., age 17
WALLER, Elizabeth-W, June 13 in Garrisonville, Stafford Co., age 65, paralysis
WALTHALL, Epsie-W, July 1 in Prince Edward Co., typhoid fever
WATTS, W. H.-W, June 24 in Staunton, age 83
WEISMANN, Mrs. Susan-W, May 18 in Richmond city, age about 75
WELLS, John B.-W, February 5 in Chesterfield Co., age 70
WEST, Joe-W, October 5 in Petersburg
WHITEHEAD, Lucy Lockett(Mrs. J. W., Jr.)-W, March 26 in Chatham, Pittsylvania Co., age 28, pneumonia
WHITEHURST, John T.-W, July 26 in Princess Anne Co., age about 55
WHITMORE, John-W, November 19 in Petersburg, crushed to death in tobacco factory machinery
WILEY, Isaac-AA, February in Powhatan Co.
WILKERSON, Grace-W, May 20 in Blackstone, buried in Lunenburg Co.
WILLARD, Dr. James-W, July 30  in Lovettsville, age 90
WILLIAMS, William-W, June 14 in Stafford Co., age 65, heart trouble
WILSON, Cornelia-W, May in Richmond city, resident of Farmville, age 16
WILT, John-W, May 21 in Winchester
WISSLER, Chrisley-W, December 17 in Bristol, age 23, paralysis, resident of Ivanhoe, Va
WOODIN, Priscilla F.(Mrs. Alvin D.)-W, July 24 in Norfolk city, age 39
WYATT, Robert Lee-W, May 18 in Richmond city

YOUNG, Charles E.-W, June 27 in Dinwiddie Co.
YOUNG, George-W, June 29 in Stafford Co., age 56, stomach cancer
YOUNG, Thad-W, December 20 in Burkeville
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