Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
AKERS, William Robert-W, July 20 in Richmond city, infant son of William & Mary Akers
ALPHIN, Mary Jane(nee Armstrong)(Mrs. Thomas)-W, July in Rockbridge Co., age 69
APPERSON, Richard Weisiger-W, January 31 in Hanover Co., age 27
ARCHER, Samuel Virginius-W, January 22 in Richmond city, age 68
ASHER, M. J.(Mrs. Alexander)(nee Ellis)-W, November 22 in Manchester, age about 82, paralysis

BAILEY, Caroline N.(Mrs. John)-W, July 20 in Richmond city, age about 82
BARTON, Dr. Mary-W, June 19 in Alexandria, age about 55
BASKERVILLE, George S., May 6 in Dublin, Pulaski County, age 52
BEAL, John W.-W, February in Farmville, pneumonia
BELL, Mary Ann(Mrs. George)-W, January 3 in Richmond city
BETTY, Blanche Redwood-W, January 5 in Richmond city
BISHOP, Charles W.-W, June 19 in Charlotte Co.
BOSCHEN, Catherine M.(nee Reinhardt)(Mrs. William H.)-W, June 19 in Richmond city, age 24
BOULWARE, Maggie-AA, May 11 in Richmond city
BROACH, Crystal-W, July 21 in Richmond city, age about 16
BROWN, Willis, April 30 in Richmond city
BURFORD, Annie Eliza(nee Goddin)(Mrs. A. L.)-W, January 1 in Richmond, heart trouble
BURGER, Bettie Howell(Mrs. William)-W, July at Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge Co., age 71, resident of Bath Co.

CABELL, Clara Hawes(nee Coleman)(Mrs. Frederick M.)-February 8, age 77
CABELL, Sallie Faulcon-W, January 30 in Alexandria
CHESTERMAN, Roscoe Dabney-W, June 24 in Richmond city, age 52
CLARK, James-W, July 2 in Richmond city, age 19, congestion of the brain
COCKE, Dr. Charles L.-W, May 4 in Roanoke, age 81
COLLINS, James R.-W, July 5 in Bowling Green, Caroline Co.
COOK, Charles F.-W, June in Richmond city, infant son of C. F. & A. L. Cook
CORR, Sarah J.-January 20, age 61
COWAN, Blossom(nee Moore)(Mrs. Dr. Robert H.)-W, September 2 in Radford, buried Richmond city
CRAFTON, Rosa(Mrs. F. W.)-January 8
CREIGHTON, Dr. W. F.-W, May 2 in Alexandria, age about 60
CUDLIPP, Summerville(Mrs. George)-W, January 1 in Richmond city, age 76

DAVIS, Anne-AA, December 2 in Pittsylvania Co. on way to Danville
DAVIS, George W.-W, January 1 in Alexandria, age 60
DAVIS, J. N.(Mrs.), May 3 in Woodstock, age about 50, consumption
DELARUE, Irma Odele-W, July 5 in Ashland, Hanover Co., age 14
DENTON, Carl-W, November 30 in Bristol, age 8, pneumonia
DIXON, Nancy(nee Lackey)(Mrs. Andrew)-W, July in Rockbridge Co., age 70

ENOS, Mary E.(Mrs.)-W, May 10 in Richmond city, age 74
ERICKSON, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, July 6, age 76
ESSEX, Victoria(Mrs.)(nee Pritchard)-W, August in Linden, Warren Co., age 61, a resident of Fauquier Co. where she was buried
EVANS, Walker, September 24, age 81

FENNER, Thomas-W, September 3 in Bristol, railrod accident
FLEENOR, Margaret-W, November in Washington Co., age 67

GATHRIGHT, Mary Elizabeth-W, May 25 at Old Dominion Hospital
GIBSON, Mary-W, July 21 in Clarke Co., age about 25, meningitis
GILBERT, Eddie C.-W, May 2 in the Virginia Hospital, age 27, appendicitis
GODSEY, Mrs. Jeter-W, July 21 in Richmond city, age 53, typhoid fever
GOODE, Belle M.(Mrs. E. Chambers)(nee Morton)-W, January 22 in Mecklenburg Co., age about 38

HAMLET, Gracin Woodard-W, June 22 in Richmond city, age 4 months & 20 days, son of L. W. & Ella Hamlet
HANCOCK, Richard T.-W, February 1 in Roanoke, heart failure induced by pneumonia
HANCOCK, Sarah(Mrs. Hiram)-W, February 2 in Chesterfield Co.
HARMON, Charles B.-W, June 18 in Richmond city
HEBERLE, Harriet A.(Mrs.)-W, February 1 in Richmond city, age 69, pneumonia
HECHLER, G. W.(male)-W, June 15 in Henrico Co., age about 57
HENDRICKS, John-W, November 30
HILL, Benjamin F.-W, June 24 in North Emporia
HOPKINS, Maggie Rice-W, June 16 in Richmond city, age 3
HORNER, Martha(Mrs.)-W, December 3 in Chesterfield Co.
HOWARD, Mary D.(nee Overton)(Mrs. Edward C.)-W, May 25 in Hanover Co.

INGE, Minnie Belle(Mrs.)-W, September 5 in Lynchburg, age 35, typhoid

JOHNSTON, Robert-W, October 14 in Harrisonburg, age 28
JONES, Joseph W., May in Bristol, age 72, pneumonia
JONES, Sallie(Mrs. Henry Robinson)-W, January 7 in Richmond city
JOYNER, Maude N.-W, July 16 in Southampton Co., age 25

KAY, Mattie A.(Mrs. John J.)-W, January 31 in Richmond city
KELLEY, Oscar Hunter-W, May 11 in Richmond city, age about 21
KERSE, Ann(Mrs. Timothy)-W, January 31 in Richmond city
KERSEY, William M.-W, January 3 in Richmond city, bronchial trouble
KING, Col. I. N.-W, May 3 in Front Royal, age 78, heart disease

LAWSON John, Jr.-W, January 1 in Smithfield
LAWSON, John W.-W, June 19 at the Soldiers' Home, Richmond city, age 74
LEECH, Mary F.-W, January 31 at Collier's Creek, age 6, fractured skull in fall
LEIGH, George H.(Mrs.), May 6 in Roanoke
LEWIS, Benjamin-W, February 1 near Clifton Station, killed in wagon accident
LEWIS, Marietta L.(Mrs. Robert E.)-W, August 17 in Richmond city
LEWIS, Capt. William W.-W, June in Culpeper Co., age 93

MADDUX, H. "CAB"-W, June 24 in Richmond city, heart trouble
McCANDLISH, Lucy(Mrs.)(nee Stanley)-W, July 6 in Fredericksburg, age 35
McCORMICK, Thomas-W, July 9 in Frankford, Clarke Co., age 53, typhoid fever
McGAVOCK, Sarah-W, February 2 in Wytheville, age about 50, stomach complications
McMAHON, Daniel H.-W, May 25 in Richmond, age about 32
McNAMARA, John H.-W, December 4 in Mancheser, age 3 years, 10 months
MEDLICOTT, James B.-W, May 11 at the Soldiers' Home, Richmond city
MEREDITH, H. C.(male)-W, June 16 in Montgomery Co., age 70
METTERT, Walter H.-W, May 11 in Richmond city, age 34
MOLYNEUX, Mayne-W, August 17 in Front Royal, age 25, a resident of New York
MOODY, Asher A.-W, February 18 in Lancaster, age 73
MOORE, Edward D.-W, February in Richmond city, age 9 months, nineteen days

O'KEEFE, John, September 3 in Richmond city
ORNDORFF, Minerva-W, June 18 in Woodstock, Shenandoah Co.
OWENS, Sallie Belle-W, July 14 in Richmond city, age 5 months & 6 days, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh Owens

PETERS, Dr. H. D.-W, May 1 in Martinsville, age 84
PHIPPS, Mrs. Jackson-W, August in Dickenson Co., age 65
PICKRELL, Matilda(nee McCaw)(Mrs. Z. W.)-W, May 25 in Richmond city
POWERS, William-W, June 16 in Richmond city, age about 79

QUARLES, CarolineW.(nee Field)(Mrs. Rev. Dr. James A.)-W, June 24 in Lexington, age 64, buried in Louisville, Ky.

RANELS, T. N.-W, February 1 in Roanoke, age 39
REED, Susan B.(nee Reed)(Mrs. David H.)-W, June 24 in Richmond city, age 86
REYNOLDS, Mrs. William(nee Dew)-W, July in Penola, Caroline Co., age 20
RICHARDSON, Willie-W, June in Richmond city, age 7 months
RIDDICK, Florence M.(Mrs. John G.)-W, May 10 in Richmond city
ROGERS, Winfield-W, February 1 in Richmond city
RYE, Bettie C.(Mrs. Richard)-W, June 23 in Richmond city, age about 54

SAUM, Catherine, May 5 in Woodstock, age 78
SCHERER, Lena(Mrs. William)-W, May 25 in Richmond
SCOTT, Sallie Lewis(nee Dickinson)(Mrs. Dr. James C.)-W, January 7
SHACKLEFORD, John Marion-W, June 22 in Chesterfield Co., age 37, typhoid fever
SHEELER, Capt. J. W.-W, May in Clifton Forge
SHIPPERSON, Joseph, May 2, age 54
SIMMONS, Thomas, May in Dickenson County, killed in railroad accident
SLEDD, Abbie Maria-W, January 2 in Richmond city
SNOWDEN, Dr. Harold-W, May 4 in Alexandria
SNYDER, Jacob-W, January 6 in Richmond city
SPAIN, F. A.(Mrs.), May 4 in Manchester, age 72
STOKES, Rebecca Y.(nee Carter)(Mrs. Edward H.)-W, August 16 in Nottoway Co., age 60
STOVER, Joseph F.-W, June 23 in Page Co., age 77
STRAUSE, Stanley B.-W, May 11 in Richmond city
SUTHERLAND, Henry Wise-W, July 21 in Richmond city, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Irving Sutherland

THOMPSON, Eva K.(Mrs. Herbert D.)-W, June 18 in Richmond city
TINSLEY, Seaton G.-W, January 1 in Richmond city, age 64, heart disease
TOMPKINS, Ellen(Mrs. Col. C. O.)-W, June 18 in Richmond city, age 83
TREAT, Susan E.(Mrs. U. S. Marshal Morgan)-W, January 3 at the Virginia Hospital, ge 43
TUDOR, Christian-W, January 7 in Richmond city, age 32
TURNER, Samuel D.-W, December 4 in Highland Springs, age abot 70
TUTWILER, Edmonia Preston(Mrs.)-W, January 30 in Lexington

WALDROP, Thomas F.-W, February 1 in Hanover Co.
WALKE, Anna Eugenia(Mrs. Charles)(nee Vaden)-W, January 7 in Manchester
WARWICK, Byrd, Jr.-W, January 6, age 21
WHEELER, Caroline C.(Mr. Wilson M.)(nee Duke)-W, August 17 in Bedford Co., age 82
WHITEHEAD, Col. Thomas-W, July 4 in Amherst Co., age 76
WILLIAMS, Sarah H.-W, December 2 in Richmond city, age 59
WILSON, Robert-W, June 16 in Suffolk, died alone on a boat
WINGO, Addie-W, November  in Manchester, age 20
WRIGHT, Donia M.(Mrs. Robert M.)(nee Cook)-W, February 9 in South Hill, Mecklenburg Co., age 49
WRIGHT, John, May in Clifton Forge, age 63
WRIGHT, Sadie(Mrs. C. M.)(nee Milstead)-W, October 12 in Bedford City
WRIGHT, Stanley-W, July 22 in Hanover Co., age  months & 11 days, son of P. H. Wright
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