Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
AHERN, Mollie(Mrs. John A.)-W, July 4 in Richmond city, age 69
ALEXANDER, Sanford P.-W, October 2 in the Virginia hospital, Richmond city, age 48
ALGER, Porter R., December 11 in Elizabeth City Co.*
ALLEN, Donald-W, April 14 in Staunton
ALLEN, Edmund T.-W, March 15 in Proffitt, paralysis
ALLEN, John-W, May in Richmond city, buried in Amelia Co.
ALLEN, Maria L.(Mrs. Joseph H.)-W, June 28 in Henrico Co.
ANDERSON, Joseph W.-W, April 13 in Heathsville, age about 71
ANGLE, Sarah D.(Mrs. B. M.)-W, November 18 in Richmond city
ARBOGAST, Amanda(nee Hausel)(Mrs. John W.)-W, June 22 in Buena Vista
ARMETROUT, William A.-W, November 5 in Rockingham Co., pneumonia
ARCHER, Mary G.(Mrs.), February 18 in Culpeper Co., age 80
ARCHER, Ruby Celeste-AA, June 20 in Richmond city, age 1
ATKINSON, Dr. Benjamin-W, November 18 in Staunton

BACON, John R.-W, October 2 in Williamsburg
BAHEN, Frances-W, November 14 in Richmond city, infant
BAKER, Floyd-W, December 2 near Strasburg, age 11, blood poisoning
BAKER, Lewis-W, March in Richmond city
BAKER, Octavia L.(Mrs. A.)-W, January 3 in Suffolk city, age 64
BAKER, Pauline E.(Mrs. George J.)-W, October 12 in Newport News
BANNARD, A. L., September 10 in Washington Co.*
BARNES, William T., August 28 in Northampton Co.*
BARR, John P., June 26 in King William Co.
BARRAUD, Daniel Cary-W, June 28 in Richmond city, age 61
BASS, A. M.(Mrs J. E.)-W, May 7 in West Clifton, age 87
BATES, Charlotte(Mrs.)-W, June 24 in Roanoke, age 95
BAYLOR, Lillian-W, July 15 in Chilhowie, age 16
BAYLOR, Robert G., January 2 in Petersburg, age 61
BEER, George, September 25 in Richmond city*
BENDALL, William, November 26 in Richmond city*
BENNINGTON, Annie Estelle(Mrs. Jerre A.)(nee Noell)-W, December 5 in Lynchburg, age 36
BERKELEY, Mary Epes-W, May in Amelia Co., paralysis
BETHEL, Ralph-W, June 24 near Charlottesville, age 11
BISHOP, John W., March 15 in Petersburg
BISHOP, William Frost(Mrs.), July  in Petersburg
BLAND, John-AA, April 17 in Richmond city, age 65, uremic poisoning*
BLANKENSHIP, Linwood V., July 10 in Petersburg, age 27
BLUE, Lindsay-W, June 24 near Charlottesville, age 14, struck by lightning
BOGGS, Octavia(nee Campbell)(Mrs. Rev. Charles H.)-W, February 16 in Highland Park
BOLLING, R. C.-AA, April 2 in Richmond city, pneumonia
BOLLING, Thomas, July 1 in Amelia Co., age 61
BOTELER, Albert Leroy-W, October 2, age 14
BOTTOMS, Mabel Lee-W, May in Manchester city
BOWERS, Emily E.(Mrs. W. S.)-W, July 15 in Richmond city, buried in Caroline Co.
BOWMAN, Rebecca(Mrs. Allen)-W, May 6, age 67
BRACEY, Herbert A.-W, May 4 in Norfolk, buried in Berryville
BRADLEY, Harry-W, December 17 in Whaleyville, Suffolk Co. age 42, illness from resulting from bad tooth
BRANCH, Annie E., March 22 in Richmond city, age 80
BRANCH, Martha L.(Mrs. James R.)(nee Patterson)-W, April 23 in Richmond city, age 77
BRANUM, Thomas-W, March 31, age 90
BRINN, Terence-AA, February 18 in Danville, age 10, from gunshot wound received 5 weeks before
BROGAN, Annie-W, January 14 in Wallace, buried in Bristol
BROWN, Frank-W, June 23 in Fredericksburg, age 71, acute indigestion
BROWN, Sarah(Mrs. Millard F.)-W, November 4 in Daysville, Loudoun Co., age 60
BUCHANAN, Robert D., December 20 in Petersburg, age 25
BURRUSS, John R.-W, April 30
BURTON, Susie M.(nee Childress)(Mrs. W. Floyd)-W, July 2 in Chester, Chesterfield Co., age about 27
BURTON, Thomas G.-W, April
BUTTS, Pauline E.(Mrs.), March 14 in Southampton Co.
BYRON, Peyton-W, April 25 in Pittsylvania Co., apoplexy

CAMERON, Louise Egerton(Mrs.), January 4 in Louisa
CANNADY, Charles Graham-W, December 17 in Roanoke, heart trouble
CARPER, William J.-W, February 18 in Lynchburg, age 63
CARRINGTON, Mrs. Jane-W, July 2 in Wytheville
CARTER, Udora N.(nee Allen)(Mrs. Hill A.)-W, June 25 in Henrico Co.
CARTHORN, Emma-W, April 29 in Spotsylvania Co., age 21, lockjaw
CASTLEMAN, Ann R.-W, March
CHAPMAN, Benjamin-W, January 3, age 45
CEW, Susan(Mrs. Stuart)-W, January 28 in Monterey, age 65
CLARKE, Ellen Scott(Mrs. Capt.Maxwell T.)-W, January 3 in Richmond city
COKLEY, John W.-W, November 17 in Stafford Co., age 69
COALTER, Martin Drewry-W, October 3 in the Memorial Hospital, Richmond city, resident of New Kent Co.
COFFIELD, Fred, September 16 in Portsmouth, age 5
COGBILL, Lucelia Randolph-W, February 19, age 7
COINER, Maria Carrington(Mrs. Capt. C. Benton)-W, March 17 in Fisherville, pneumonia
COLFELT, Margaret(Mrs. John)-W, November 18 in Frederick Co., age 73, pneumonia
COLEMAN, Lindsay-W, November 29 in Orange Co.
COLLINS, Mrs. M. F.-W, July 2 near Finneywood, age about 77
COMER, Charles, March 9 in City Point, age 67
COOK, William A.-W, October 2 in Norfolk city, age 40
COTTRELL, Willard Monmouth, Jr.-W, December 3 in Richmond city, age 9
COURTNEY, Spencer-W, May 3 in Fredericksburg, age about 35, suicide by gunshot
COVEY, Mattie(nee Vaden), December 13 in Danville, age 33
COX, Jefferson-W, November 6 in Fredericksburg, age 82
CRAFTON, Thomas Henry-W, March 22 in Crewe, Nottoway Co.
CRICHTON, William, September 24 in Richmond city, age 58
CROCKER, Adona B.(Mrs. Benjamin D.)-W, December 17 in Suffolk, age 39
CROY, Andrew-W, February 17 in Blacksburg, age 51
CRUMP, Frances-W, August 20 at the Retreat for the Sick, Richmond city, age 2
CUTCHIN, Asenath(Mrs. Henry)-W, February in Isle of Wight Co., age 66

DAVIS, Mary Ethel-W, February 16 in Protestant Hospital, Norfolk city, age 19, peritonitis
DAVIS, F. Eugene(Mrs.), November 18 in Roanoke, age 70
DAVIS, William H.-W, February 14 in Norfolk city
DISNEY, Coleman Reddy-W, July 2 in Richmond cit, age 2
DONABY, Jeremiah-W, November 5 in Richmond city
DORSEY, Russell-W, July, age 31
DOWNING, William, December 2
DOYLE, Pattie H.(Mrs.), February 21 in Dinwiddie Co., age 72
DRIVER, Mary A.(Mrs. Elliott J.)-W,  April in Richmond city
DRUMWRIGHT, John H.-W, November 4 in Boydton, Mecklenburg Co.

ELLIOTT, Malla Eleanor-W, January 18, age 12, tuberculosis meningitis
ENSLOW, Harrison Bliss-W, August 20 in Richmond city, age 9
EVANS, Alexander-AA, July near Atlers, killed by a train

FARLEY, WIlliam P.-W, February 17 in Amelia Co., age about 83
FARMER, E. H.(male)-W, May 4 in Danville, age 73
FARRAR, Ella(nee Scott)(Mrs. Judge F. R.)-W, September 14 in Amelia Co
FINES, Elijah-W, February 16 in Stafford Co., age 69, paralysis
FITZHUGH, Juliet(Mrs. Capt. Henry)-W, November 5 in Fredericksburg, age 58
FOSTER, Capt. Charles B.-W, December 13 in Memorial Hospital, Winchester, age 70
FOSTER, Rebecca Jane(nee Moore)(Mrs. Ambrose)-W, May 3 in Lynchburg

GAINES, Elizabeth W.(Mrs. David H.)-W, October 11 in Richmond city
GANNAWAY, Marmaduke-W, February 17 in Buckingham Co.
GEROW, Sarah Louise, January 4 in Petersburg, age 13
GRAY, Charles Reid-W, August 20 in Richmond city, age 15
GREEN, Annie E.(Mrs. William S.)-W, August 20 in Manchester, age about 43
GREEN, Lucius, March 3 in Petersburg, age 82
GREYER, Barbara Ann-W, March 30 in Rockingham Co., age 64
GREGG, Frances(nee Pacini)-W, July 4 in Richmond city
GREGORY, Thomas E.-W, March 22 in Danville, age about 60
GRIFFIN, Jack-AA, May 26 in Amelia Co., age 78 
GRIGG, George W., June 21 in Richmond city

HALL, Frank-W, November, age about 80
HAMILTON, Mary(Mrs. Jacob P.)(nee Wilson)-W, October 5 in Augusta Co., age 50, paralysis
HARLOW, John P.-W, August 20 in Richmond city, age about 87
HARRELL, Margaret, October 1 in Suffolk, age 17, tuberculosis 
HARRELL, Walter-W, August 19 in Nansemond Co., age 55
HARRIS, Charles-AA, April 2 in Petersburg, heart trouble
HARRIS, John A.-W, May 3 in Fredericksburg, heart failure
HARRIS, Sallie T.(Mrs. Charles T.)-W, April 2 in Richmond city, age 79
HATCHER, Walter H., August 7 in Bedford City, age 26
HAWKINS, Benjamin L., January 26 in Petersburg, age 66
HENRY, Joseph Ralph-W, July 15 in Richmond city
HERBERT, Ira F., December 14 in Richmond city, age 30
HERNDON, Mary S.-W, July 5 in Richmond city, age 93
HOARD, Louisa H.(Mrs.)-W, March  in Orange Co., age 84
HOGWOOD, Jessie P., January 9 in Petersburg, age 47
HOLLY, John H., August 1 in Norfolk city, age 43
HOLT, Ella Jane-W, April 14 in Lynchburg
HOLT, Xenophon-W, July 4 in Portsmouth, age 87
HOLZAPFER, August L.-W, April 14, age about 47
HOWE, Rebecca J.(nee Hancher)(Mrs. Rev. John)-W, November 6 in Winchester, age 63
HUDSON, John J.-W, November in Norfolk city, age 71
HUDSON, Reuben O.-W, March 23 in Culpeper
HUGHES, Richard E.-W, April 3 in Richmond city, paralysis
HUSTON, Peggie Lewis-W, January 2 in Harrisonburg, age 51, pneumonia

JACKSON, Elizabeth(Mrs.), December 5 in Petersburg, age 23
JACOBS, Mrs. W. J.-W, July 5 in Fredericksburg
JOHNSON, Emma(nee Spindle)(Mrs. A. J.)-W, April 16 in Spotsylvania Co.
JOHNSON, Jack-W, May 27 in Amelia Co.
JOHNSON, James A.-AA, March 6 in Richmond city, paralysis
JOHNSON, Robert-AA, April 3 in Richmond city, heart failure
JOHNSTON, Jane(nee Denham)(Mrs. James)-W, November 18 in Richmond city, age about 78
JONES, Walter Nelson, Jr.-W, March 18 in Petersburg, age 32
JORDAN, Robert A.-W, April 13 at the Soldier's Home in Richmond city, age 83
JOYNER, Evelyn(Mrs. B. W.)-W, November 15 in Richmond city, age 73

KAIN, Annie-W, March 23 in Staunton hospital, pneumonia, buried in Winchester
KATES, Joseph W.-W, January
KEISTER, Yerby-W, February 18 in Blacksburg, age 31, convulsions
KENT, William W.-W, October in Bremo Bluff
KIERSEY, Thomas H., January 1 in Petersburg, age 66
KILGOUR, Charlotte-W, February in Loudoun Co., age 42, pneumonia
KIRBY, Mary E.-W, July 21 in Richmond city, age 7 days, spasm, heat
KOHLER, Dorothy(Mrs. J. F.)-W, July 3, age 68
KOSS, Henry C.-W, November 15 in Chestnut Hill, age 49

LAFORCE, G. B.-W, September 27 in Russell Co.
LANGLEY, John E.-W, January 3 in Richmon city, buried in North Carolina
LEATHERS, William P.-W, October 29 in Spotsylvania Co., age 54
LEDBETTER, Frank M., March 20 in Petersburg, age 20
LEE, James O.-W, October in Stafford Co., age 61
LEIGH, Helen(nee Coleman)(Mrs. Benjamin Watkins)-W, May 4 in Williamsburg, age 77
LEIGH, Junius E.-W, July 15 in Richmond city
LEVY, Ezekiel J.-W, April
LIMERICK, Thomas-W, June 23 in Stafford Co., consumption
LUCAS, Ann E.(nee McClelland)(Mrs. Daniel)-W, March 22 in Raphine, Rockbridge Co.
LUNSFORD, Carrie, March 1 in Petersburg
LUNSFORD, Lucy(nee Nicholson), November 26 in Petersburg, age 79
LUPTON, Dr. John S.-W, November 6 in Winchester, age 80
LUPTON, Roy R.-W, March 17 near Winchester, age 34, pneumonia

MAIA, Mary Jane(nee Jenkins)(Mrs. M. C.)-W, July 2 in Richmond city, age about 65
MAUPIN, Thomas L.-W, June 30 in East Rockingham, age 52
MAY, Adams W.-W, January 3 in Mount Crawford, age 73, consumption
MAYS, Wiliam H.-W, July 4 in Petersburg
McADAMS, Sarah Read-W, June 24 in Richmond city, infant
McGEE, W. H.(male)-W, January 22 in Bristol, buried in Abingdon, Washington Co.
McPHERSON, Donald D.-W, September 30 in Norfolk city
MEREDITH, Catherine-W, February 17 in Roanoke, age 8, pneumonia
MERRITT, Helen D., November 21 in Chesterfield Co.
MILLER, B.(Mrs.), December 2 in Newport News, age 69
MINNICK, Belle(nee Millon)-W, August 20 in Winchester,  age 30, consumption
MINTER, Joseph-W, February in King George Co., age 55
MOODY, Elizabeth(Mrs. Archer A.)(nee Leland)-W, October 5
MOORE, Olivia A.(Mrs. J. H.)-W, February 16 in Lynchburg, age 52, Bright's Disease
MURDEN, William F., December 16 in Norfolk city, age 82
MURPHY, Nellie Virginia(Mrs. T. J.)(Nee Riley)-W, January 29 in Roanoke city, age 20
MURPHY, Polly(nee Farris)(Mrs. Elisha C.)-W, April 16 in Alexandria
MURRAY, William Samuel-W, June 29 in Richmond city, age 67
MYERS, David-W, August 19 in Frederick Co., age 66

NABE, Jacob-W, February in Roanoke
NANNY, Joseph Shepherd, January 28, age 16
NEWTON, Willoughby-W, December 17 in Bristol
NOBLIN, Louise(nee Siviter)(Mrs. J. R.)-W, June 26 in Halifax Co., age 24
NUGENT, Ellen N.(Mrs.), July 8 in Ettrick, age 56 

O'BANNON, S. T., December 10 in Culpeper Co., age 28
OBENSHAIN, Mrs. D. C.-W, March 21 in Haden, age 74
O'NEILL, Alice-W, January 3 in Richmond city, age 9
OTEY, Martha A.-W, October in Richmond city, age about 86

PATTERSON, Samuel Newton-W, October 5 in Newport News, age 67, buried in Augusta Co.
PAYNE, George W.-W, December 20 in Suffolk
PAYNE, Capt. William Wirt-W June 29 in Harrisonburg
PEGRAM, Mary G.(Mrs. George E.)-W, October 6 in Richmond city, age about 83
PEPPER, Louis E.-W, January 23 in Roanoke, age 37
PERDUE, Annie E.(Mrs. W. T.)-W, May 3
PERKINSON, W. H.(Mrs.), October 19 in Dinwiddie Co., age 95
PERVINE, infant of H. C.-W, January 23 in Bristol
PETERSON, Jacob-W, March 31 near Radford, age 81
PICARDAT, Mary Leigh, September 24 in Dinwiddie Co., age 16
PILSON, Mary-W, April 1 in Augusta Co., age 71, paralysis
PIPPIN, King-W, January in Wise Co., age 20, auto accident, buried in Mendota, Washington Co.
PITTS, Elizabeth S.(Mrs. Thomas C.)-W, March 19 in Onancock, Accomack Co., age 74, pneumonia
PLEASANTS, Benjamin F.-W, March 27 in Montpelier
POLLARD, William-W, November 17, age 32
PORTER, Mary Frances-W, December in Westmoreland Co.
PREDDY, James F.-W, March 16 near Gordonsville, age 89
PRITCHETT, Anne E.(Mrs. Parmerus B.)-W, April 10 in Spotsylvania Co., age about 72
PRYOR, Nannie S.(Mrs. John)-W, July 11 in Richmond city, age 73
PUGH, F. Ellis, November 30 in Brunswick Co., age 54
PUGH, Philip Williams-W, July 1 in Rockingham Co., age 70
PURSELL, Edna L., October 5 in Dendron, age 16
PURVIS, George E.-W, April 3 in Pulaski, age 72. heart failure

RAEFORD, Alexander C.-W, August 20 in Nansemond Co., age 79
RANSOME, William Porter-W, June 25 in Burkeville, age 35
RECTOR, Jane(Mrs. Joseph)-W, April 16 in Stafford Co.
REES, James Landy, December 18 in Petersburg
RIDGWAY, Rhoda-W, July 5 in Lynchburg, age 98
RILEY, Ellen G.(Mrs. Thomas)-W, January 21 in Norfolk cty, age 34, buried in Johnson City, Tennessee
ROGERS, infant of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Rogers-W, July 1 in Gordonsville
ROUZLE, Imogen(Mrs. Dr. E. J.)-W, November 17 in Spotsylvania Co.,
age 70, paralysis
ROYALL, Capt. William-W, March in Powhatan Co.
RUSH, John C.-W, January 19 in Bristol, age 53
RUSSELL, Eizabeth(nee Atkins)(Mrs. J. M.)-W, January 12 in Marion, Smyth Co., age 38, sudden stroke of apoplexy

SCALES, Nat-AA, June 23, shot & killed by Tom Archer
SCHLOSSER, John J.-W, May 31 in Richmond city, age 57, heart failure
SCHMIDT, Charles-W, July 15 in Memorial Hospital, Richmond city, age 66
SCHUTTE, Richard L.-W, July 14 in Richmond city, age 57
SCOTT, William H., December 13 in Petersburg, age 80
SELDEN, Dr. Charles-W, April in Hampton
SELDEN, Hannah M.(Mrs.), December 13 in Richmond city
SHEARER, John-W, January 11 in Abingdon, Washington Co., age 81
SHIELDS, John-W, April in Welch
SKINNER, Lee Staton-W, July 5 in Richmond city, infant
SMITH, Rev. B. F.-W, March  17 in Charlottesville, age 51, pneumonia
SMITH, Gen. John Holmes-W, November 14 in Lynchburg, age 70
SMITH, Muriel E.-W, February 18 at Memorial Hospital, Richmond city, age about 20
SMITH, Rosalie-W, April 30 in Richmond city
SMITH, Samuel-W, November 18 in Alexandria
SMOOT, Henry, December 28 in Alexandria, age 57?
SNEAD, Robert-W, June 24 near Charlottesville, age 11
SPRADLIN, Thomas Green-W, December 17 in Lynchburg
STEIGLEDER, Margaret(Mrs. N. J.)-W, April 30 in Richmond city
STEPHENSON, Julia  Morris(Mrs. James B.)-W, April 28 in Richmond city
STEPHENSON, Dr. Roscoe H.-W, January 2 in Franklin, age 42
STONE, William D.-W, October in Rocky Mount
SWAN, Indiana(Mrs.)-W, December 7 at the Almshouse, Richmond city  

TAYLOR, John Penn-W, April 30 in Chesterfield Co.
TAYLOR, William H.-W, April 17 in Winchester
THOMPSON, Arthur M.-W, October 29 in Spotsylvania Co., age 50
TREMER, W. J.(male)-W, April 2 in Richmond city
TRICE, E. L.(Mrs.)-W, December 28 in Mineral
TURNER, Anne Harrison-W, July 5 in Richmond city, age 8 months

VAUGHAN, Addie-AA, July 1 in Richmond city, age 2 months, malnutrition and diarrhea
VAUGHAN, Adel Martha-AA, February 9 in Richmond city, age 5 days, traumatism from accidental fall
VAUGHAN, Andrew Jackson-AA, April 15 in Richmond city, senility, cardiac trouble
VAUGHAN, Shelton T., December 13 in Petersburg, age 50
VAUGHAN, William H.-W, April 13 in Glouscester Co.
VIAR, Robert, January 25 in Petersburg, age 75

WAFLE, J. T.(male)-W, March 19 in Richmond Co., age 63, pneumonia
WALKER, Nannie(Mrs.)-W, July 18 in Amelia Co.
WALKER, Thomas N.-W, May 4 in Richmond city, age 65, paralysis
WALTHALL, Mrs. Greenwood-W, December in Amelia Co., age 65
WALTHALL, Mary C.(Mrs.), September 10 in Richmond city
WARREN, Eddie(Mrs.)-W, October 1 in Norfolk city, age about 39
WELLS, Joel, December 4 in Petersburg
WELLS, William E., March 12 in Norfolk, age 74
WERNER, John-W, February 18 in Richmond city, age about 64
WESLEY, Catherine(Mrs.), December 14 in Richmond city
WESLEY, John, Jr.-W, January 3 in Richmond city
WHITE, Ernest Floyd-W, December 18 at St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk city, age 32
WHITE, J. E.(male)-W, March 22 in Carrsville
WILKINS, Charles H.-W, August 19 in Norfolk city, age 28
WILKINS, Mary Rebecca-W, October 1 in Richmond city, age about 74
WILLIAMS, John-W, December 17 in Strasburg Junction, Shenandoah Co., age 72
WILLIAMS, Prof. Thomas J.-W, May 6 in Augusta Co.
WINDIE, Fannie-W, December 16 in Marlboro, age 54, of Lebanon Church
WISE, Madison-W, January 3 in Rockingham Co., age 75, heart disease
WOOD, Judge Martin B.-W, November 18 in Bristol, age 63
WYNN, Robert E.-W, April 3 in Tappahannock
WYNNE, Mary(nee Sebrell)(Mrs. Robert)-W, March 22 in Courtland, age about 37

YORK, Mary(Mrs.)-W, January
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