Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
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ABBOTT, Bettie M.(Mrs.)-W, June
ADAMS, Ashby-W, July 1 in Staunton, age 46*(newspaper also source)
AHERN, Annie Clay, August 30 in Manchester
ALLBRITTON, WIlliam E., September 27 in Portsmouth*
ALLEN, Margaret-AA, December 19 in Newport News*
ALLEY, T. J.?-W, September 10 in Bristol*
ALSTON, Mary E., May 9 in Norfolk County*

BAGBY, George R.-W, January 2 in Richmond cit, age 80, cerebral hemorrhage
BARNES, Mastin-W, July 5 in Charlotte Co., age 93
BASSETT, Edward-AA, February 21 in Richmond city
BAYLISS, Sadie C.-W, May 8 in Richmond city, age 47, pulmonary tuberculosis
BENNETT, Virginia Lee(nee Sangster)(Mrs. Rev. Dr. W. W. Bennett)-W, April 2 in Blackstone, buried Hanover Co.
BLANKENSHIP, Dora(Mrs. W. L.)-W, July 6 in Manchester city, age 56
BOISSEAU, Lavinia E.(Mrs. Thomas H.)(nee Stell)-W, August 30 in Petersburg, age 70
BRADFORD, James K.-W, June 8 near Harrisonburg
BRANCH, Minnie-W, March 15 in Richmond city, age 13
BRIGGS, Elizabeth(Mrs. James)-W, March 23 in Richmond city, age about 60
BRITTON, G. M.-W, January 8 in Berryville, Clarke Co., age 70, pneumonia
BRUMBACK, Nellie(nee Smith)(Mrs. Dr. Hunter)-W, March 30 in Tom's Brook, age 23, tuberculosis
BUFORD, Judge Francis E.-W, March 15 in Sherwood, Brunswick Co.
BURNLEY, Mildred J.(Mrs. James H.)(nee Bowcock)-W, February 16 in Rivanna, age 78, pneumonia
BUTLER, Emma Murray-W, December
BYRNE, James C.-W, November 8 in Elizabeth City Co.*

CALDWELL, Edward V.-W, July in Elizabeth City Co.*
CALHOUNE, Nellie A.-W, March 2 in Richmond city*
CAMPBELL, Mary Louise-W, May 8 in Richmond city*
CARPENTER, Samuel S., October 19 in Covington, age 68
CARR, Thomas M.-W, July 28 in Manchester city
CARY, Alma-AA, September 8 in Richmond city*
CARY, Mrs. Arthur-AA, January 13 in Westmoreland Co., burned in fire in her home
CHANCE, Ida-AA, May 14 in Norfolk Co.*
CHANDLER, Lewis E.-W, July 14 in Norfolk city*
CHANDLER, Walter E.-W, April 28 in Rockbridge Co.*
CHERRY, Mrs. Caroline F.-W, October 9 in Norfolk
CHILDRESS, Charles-W, November 30 in Elizabeth City Co.*
CHILDRESS, William M.-W, May 8 in Richmond city, age 8, menningitis
CHILDS, George M.-W, April 17 in Russell Co.*
CHILDS, John-W, May 19 in Elizabeth City Co.*
CHILTON, Ella(Mrs. R. H., Sr.)-W, January 7 in Ottoman, Lancaster Co., age 64, debility
CHISHOLM, Horace C.-W, January 14 in Richmond city
CHRISTIAN, Arthelius-AA, March 22 in Richmond city*
CHRISTIAN, Edmund Turner-W, March 22 in Louisa Co., age about 70
CHURCHILL, John W.-W, August 30 in York Co., age 77
COAN, John O.-W, March 15 in Ridgeway, age 77
COBB, James E.-W, February 15 in Hanover Co., age 50
COBHAM, John S.-W, April 6 in Spotsylvania Co., consumption
COLEMAN, Mrs. S. C.-W, March 14 in Martinsville, age about 84
COOPER, Joseph H., July 23 in Norfolk city
CORNWELL, James-W, January 20 at Greenway, Fairfax Co., age 70
COSTELLO, Catherine Sienna(nee Muldowney)(Mrs. J. D.)-W, June 12 in Richmond city
CRITTENDEN, Pearl(nee Roane)(Mrs. H. Temple)-W, October 10 in Norfolk, age 28
CROUCH, John H.-W, July 8 in Richmond city, age 45
CROWDER, Charles-W, June 26 in Amelia Co., age 59
CULLINGWORTH, Thomas Moore-W, June in Richmond city

DAVIS, Mrs. Martha Ellen-W, August in Alexandria, age 83
DAVIS, Mary H.(Mrs. P. C.)-W, July 5 in Manchester, age 48
DORSEY, Nellie R.(Mrs. John A.)(nee McCarty)-W, January 9 in Winchester, age 29, tuberculosis
DOSWELL, Thomas-W, June 28 in Staunton, buried Hanover Co.
DUNAVANT, Mollie(Mrs. Jacob)-W, January 7 in Spotsylvania Co., age 3, paralysis
DURRETT, Eleanor S.(Mrs. Maj. William Wirt)-W, June in Spotsylvania Co., age 84

EWAN, B. H.(male)-W, March 20 in Newport News, resident of York Co.

FARLEY, M. Elvira(Mrs. George E.)-W, June 12 in Amelia Co.
FERGUSON, Nannie Attrena-W, October 1 in Norfolk city, age 12
FINES, Rosa(Mrs. William)-W, January 10 in King George Co., age 50
FISCHER, William Edward, Jr.-W, November 10 in Norfolk city
FRANCK, Louis Earnest, Sr.-W, June 12 in Richmond city, age 71
FRICK, John D.-W, January 8 in Waynesboro, age 88, apoplexy

GAINES, William-W, January 9 in Warrenton, age 52, heart failure and congestive chill
GARST, Henry C.-W, February 15 in Salem, age 77, stroke of paralysis
GRANT, Mary M.(Mrs. Leroy J.)-W, June 8 in Richmond city
GUY, J. La Luce(Mrs. Elias E.)-W, November 12 in Norfolk city, age 60

HAGUE, Herman-W, July 5 in Manchester, infant
HANKY, Ignatius John-W, June 16 in Richmond city, age about 76
HARBOTTLE, John-W, January 7 in Charlottesville, age about 67, apoplexy
HARRIS, Samuel-AA, May 6 in Richmond city, age 36
HARRISON, Caroline(nee Lambert)(Mrs. William M.)-W, July 2 in Charles City Co., age 93
HARVEY, Catherine H.(Mrs.), August in Westmoreland Co.
HAWKINS, Albert Lee-W, March 21 near Blacksburg
HICKS, Samuel D.-W, August 24 in Norfolk city
HILL, Annie(nee Hicks)(Mrs.)-AA, May 3 in Richmond city, age 27
HINE, Emily Grey(Mrs. Frank)-W, January 6 in Cape Charles, Northampton Co.
HIX, Francis M.(Mrs.)-W, March 23 in Roanoke city, age 72, resident of Richmond city
HOLLMAN, Phoebe-AA, November 21 in Richmond city, age 48, carcinoma of the stomach
HOLMES, Lola F.-W, November in Norfolk city
HUSTED, Charles T.-W, January 8 in Alexandria, age 36, buried in New Jersey

IREDELL, Capt. Cadwalader Jones-W, March 15 in Norfolk city, age 69
IRWIN, Julia(Mrs. Marcus)(nee Buck)-W, January 20 in Front Royal, Warren Co., age 63, liver trouble

JACKSON, James-AA, June in Fairfax Co., age about 20, killed in a quarry cavein
JACKSON, Winston-AA, June 5 in Richmond city, 2 1/2 months
JENKINS, Lewis-AA, May 7 in Richmond city, age 40
JEWETT, John W.-W, July 28 in Midlothian, age 65
JOHNSON, James-AA, March 19 in Richmond city, age 32, lobar pneumonia
JOHNSON, Nancy-AA, April 4 in Richmond city, age about 84
JONES, Ophelia(Mrs. James C.)-W, August 23

KIBLER, Lewis C.-W, January 19 in Kimball, Page Co.
KINKAID, N. J.(nee Hull)(Mrs. Peter H.)-W, March 22 in Highland Co.
KURTZ, Caroline(Mrs. John Jacob)-W, January 14 in Stafford Co., age 69, pneumonia

LEE, Sarah Edith(Mrs. J. Frank)-W, December 22 in Fairfax Co., age 74

MALLORY, William R.-W, July 6 in Richmond city, buried in Petersburg
MARSHALL, Johnson, November in Manchester
MAYO, Margaretta Ellen(nee Wise)(Mrs. William C.)-W, March 23 in Richmond city, age 64, stroke of paralysis effects, youngest daughter of Henry A. Wise
McCANDLISH, Stephen T.-W, February 16 in Petersburg Hospital, age 49, pneumonia
McNAMEE, Etta Beulah(nee Woody)(Mrs.)-W, May 6 in Richmond city, age 44
MILLER, William-W, January 7 in Shenandoah Co., age 65
MINOR, Joseph-AA, May 5 in Richmond city, age 36, pulmonary hemorrhage
MITCHELL, Angeline E.(nee Lechler)(Mrs.)-W, May 4 in Richmond city, age 78
MONTGOMERY, B. B.(Mrs. Robert Hall)-W, March 14 in Fredericksburg, age 57
MOODY, Bettie N.(Mrs. Thomas R.)-W, July 1 in Richmond city
MOORE, William-W, May 3 in Richmond city, age 32
MOORMAN, Achilles, August 28 in Campbell Co.

NASH, A. Rowland-W, November 11 in Virginia Beach, age 40
NEAL, Richard Baxter, August 27 in Pittsylvania County
NEWCOMBE, Mary Alice(Mrs. Irwin)(nee Arnold)-W, January 14 in Frederick Co., age 42, apoplexy

O'KEEFE, John D.-W, March 15 in Richmond city
O'NEIL, David F.-W, June 12 at Memorial Hospital in Richmond city, age 3
ORANGE, Truly-W, February 14 in Amelia Co.
O'TOOLE, John-W, April 9 in Richmond city, age about 24
OWENS, James H.-W, January 19 at Ridgeway, Henry Co., age 66, formerly of Iowa

PARLETT, Henry J.-W, January 14 in Nain, Frederick Co., age 78
POYTHRESS, G. Leroy-W, March 15 in Lynchburg
PRINTZ, Clarence-W, January 6 in Luray, Page Co., age about 20, consumption

RAGSDALE, Martha William Taylor (nee Dabney)-W, May 23
RHODES, Marshall-W, July 7 in Middletown, Frederick Co., age 83
RICHARDSON, Beverly C.-W, March 15 in Ringgold, Pittsylvania C., age 40, died from injuires from a fall
RICHARDSON, T. O., August 30 in Lynch Station, age 33, killed  by a train engine
RICHMOND, Meriweather Lewis-W, January 11 in Danville, age 41
RIDDICK, Charles Carroll-W, March 31 in Richmond city, age about 26
ROBERTS, James Graham-W, March 26 in Richmond city, age 52, asthenia followed by cancer of the jaw
ROLAND, Willis T.-W, June 17 in Spotsylvania Co., age 42, of Ohio 

SAMUEL, A. L.-W, January 10 in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 78
SCRUGGS, Samuel T.-W, May 8 in Richmond city, age 29
SHACKELFORD, Mary Elizabeth(Mrs. Benjamin)-W, January 14 in Fredericksburg, age 88
SHACKELFORD, Zachariah Lee-W, October 1 in Norfolk city, age 62
SHACKLEFORD, Adelaide Robinson(Ms. E. P.)-W, April 13 in Petersburg, age 40
SHERMAN, Josephine(nee Markham)(Mrs. John)-W, August 30 in Hampton, age 38
SHORT, Robert A.-W, May 7 in Richmond city, age 70
SLUSSER, John Harvey-W, June 8 near Blacksburg, age 69
SMITH, Eugene, Jr.-W, March 14 in Christiansburg, Montgomery Co., pneumonia
SMITH, John A.-W, December in Loudoun Co, age about 60, heart trouble
SMITH, Joseph-W, June 24 in Manassas, heart failure, resident of Pennsylvania
SOUTHALL, Dr. Joseph W.-W, August 2 in Amelia Co., age 77
SPRINT, Thomas H.-W, January 8 in Winchester, age 52, Bright's Disease
STICKLEY, W. D.-W, February 16 in Strasburg
SYDNOR, Mamie(Mrs. Richard)-W, January 9 in Haynesville, Richmond Co., age 30

TABB, Calvin H.-W, October 8 in Norfolk
TAYLOR, Frances Constance(Mrs. Charles S.)-W, March 31 in Richmond city, age about 71
TAYLOR, William M.-W, January 13 in Cape Charles, Northampton Co., age 60, heart trouble
TEMPLEMAN, William-W, July 7 in St. Vincent's Hospital, Norfolk city, resident of Gloucester Co., buried in Gloucester Co.
TINSLEY, Alice-W, February 12 in Amelia Co., age 4, pneumonia
TINSLEY, Samuel Powhatan, Jr.-W, February 6 in Amelia Co., age 21,  pneumonia
TINSLEY, Samuel Powhatan, Sr.-W, February 16 in Amelia Co., pneumonia
TOBIN, Sallie(Mrs.)-W, February 16 in Page Co., age 96

URQUHART, Whitmel Hill, October 20 in Richmond city, age 53

WADDILL, William-W, March 14 in Charles City Co., age about 88
WALL, Clara(Mrs. Langdon)-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age about 49
WELLS, W. H.-W, March 14 in Lynchburg, a resident of Norton, Wise Co.
WHITE, Joseph A.-W, November 11 , age 72
WISE, Martha-W, August 24 in Woolsey, age about 70
WISE, Russell-W, August 19 in Culpeper, killed by a cave in on a gravel bank
WOODHOUSE, Fannie A.-W, November in Princess Anne Co., age 9
WRIGHT, Lucinda(Mrs. David L.)-W, November 10 in Fentress, Norfolk Co.

ZOLL, James-W, June 16
* means the death info is from old transportation death permit indexes
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