Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ABBOTT, Harry Lyman-W, March 4 in Portsmouth*
ADAMS, Fred Oslen, July in Richmond city, age 3 months
ADAMS, Henry O.-W, March 13 in Bedford Co. 
ADAMS, Samuel H.-W, July 22 in Norfolk Co.*
ADEY, Arlie-W, July 21 in Elizabeth City Co.*
AHERN, Charles J.-W, November 19 in Roanoke*
AKERS, Charles L.-W, January 16 in Richmond city, age about 83, buried in Lynchburg*
ALLEN, Mary Augusta-W, April 21 in Norfolk city*
ALLEN, Ruby-AA, October 12 in Richmond city*
ALMOND, Charles Henry-W, February 12 in Lynchburg, age 69
ALMOND, L. T.(Mrs.)-W, May 25 in Richmond city*
AMBOLD, C. M.(infant of)-W, March 24 in Petersburg*
ANDERSON, A. A.(male)-W, February in Caroline Co., age 66
ARCHER, Mary-W, January 31 in Richmond city, age 62
ARCHER, William C.-W, May 21 in Richmond city, age 35
ATKINSON, Emma(Mrs. Dr. Benjamin M.)(nee May)-W, March 8 in Staunton, age 79
ATKINSON, James E.-W, May 24 in Richmond city, age 73
ATKISSON, Ella P.-W, August 17 in Powhatan Co.*
AUSTIN, A. E.-W, September 13 in Allegheny Co.*
AVERY, John W.-W, September 19 in Richmond city*
AYERS, Mary E.-W, October 15 in Danville*

BACON, James T.-W, March 5 in Albemarle Co., age 84
BAGENT, Mrs. Daniel-W, June 13 in Loudoun Co.
BAILEY, John E.-W, August 7 in Alexandria city*
BAINE, Shirley-W, December 7 in James City Co.*
BAKER, Louis-AA, August 25 in Dinwiddie Co.*
BALLARD, Oscar-AA, May 17 in Princess Anne Co.*
BALLOW, Wallace-W, February 3 in Allegheny Co.*
BANKS, Mary E.-AA, January 17 in Newport News*
BARKER, C. T.(infant of)-W, February 15 in Scott Co.*
BARKER, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, June 30 in Richmond city, age 61
BARKSDALE, Joseph-AA, July 15 in Dinwiddie Co.*
BARNETT, Mrs. B. L.-W, March 23 in Richmond city*
BARNES, Nettie-AA, February 18 in Norfolk city*
BARRETT, Evelyn Dawson-W, January 10 in Richmond city, infant daughter of M. R. & Florence Barrett
BASS, Edgar Penn-W, April 5 in Danville, age 19
BEAMER, E. T.(infant of) June 10 in Botetourt Co.*
BEASLEY, Allie, May 26 in Richmond city*
BECKER, Helen Marie, June 9 in Norfolk city*
BECKWELL, Dr.? G. O., August in Danville*
BELL, Lelia Frances, October 8 in Lynchburg*
BELL, Rosa, October 22 in Charlottesville*
BELLAM, Edith Lucile-W, June 9 in Henrico Co.
BENNETT, Emily J.(Mrs. W. M.)-W, October 11 in Portsmouth, age 71
BENNETT, Jessie Bruce, August 11 in Norfolk city*
BENNETT, Missouri E.(Mrs. Valentine)-W, May 27 in Lynchburg
BENNETT, Vivienne, May 14? in Newport News*
BENTLEY, Belle, December 15 in Dinwiddie Co.*
BERNARD, Anthony-W, January 11 in Richmond city, age 87
BERREY, Mary G.(Mrs. Robert B.)-W, June 19 in Fredericksburg, age 65
BETTS, Mary Miller(Mrs. Gustavus)-W, October 10 near Heathsville
BIBB, John Edward-November 4 in Lynchburg, age 58
BILLINGSLEY, Mrs. Louis-W, March 11 in King George Co.
BOISSEAU, Clara Pechin-W, June
BOSSIEUX, Virginius-W, April 28 in Richmond city, age 74, gout
BONDURANT, Dr. Alexander J.-W, March 7 in Lynchburg, age 74, appendicitis, resident of Buckingham Co.
BORING, Rev. John-W, August 5 in Emory, age 82, buried Chattanooga, Tennessee
BOSS, Arabella L.(Mrs. Robert G.)-W, August 15 in Petersburg, age 67
BOSSERMAN, William-W, October in Augusta Co., age 84
BOWE, Angieff(Mrs.)-W, June 8 in Richmond city
BOWERS, Malinda(Mrs.)-W, June in Timberville, Rockingham Co., age 78
BOWERS, W. K.-W, July 9 in Roanoke, age 83
BOWLING, Lawrence-W, February in Spotsylvania Co., age 72, dropsy
BOYNTON, Lydia M.(Mrs. Gus A.)-W, November at the Retreat for the Sick, Richmond city
BRADLEY, Albert Lee, Jr.-W, June 30 in Richmond city, age 6
BRAGONLER, D. H.-W, June 20 in Winchester, age 68
BRAYLES, Perry-W, March 21 in Page Co., age 94
BROADDUS, William Coleman-W, August 22 in Barton Heights, age 5
BROOKS, Ethel M., December 5 in Campbell Co., age 19, heart disease
BROOKS, Mamie(nee Smith)(Mrs. W. A.)-W, February 7 in Staunton
BROOKS, Police  Sgt. Robert J.-W, July 23 in Richmond city, age 62
BROWN, Bettie(Mrs. J. S.)(nee McGhee)-W, March 5 in Louisa Co.
BROWN, Gilbert Mason-W, January 10 in Charlottesville, kidney trouble
BROWN, Lucy A.(Mrs. Rev. James D.)-W, March 6 in Parratt
BROWN, Mary E.(Mrs. John T. )-W, March 4 in Brian
BRUCE, Jamison-W, February 3 in East Point, age 15, heart disease
BRUESH, Peter-W, August 2 in Salem, Roanoke Co.
BRUNNER, Kime(Mrs. Samuel)-W, August 2 in Bristol, age 64, cancer of the stomach 
BRYANT, Thomas-W, May 11 near Howland's Chapel in Northumberland Co., age about 70, pneumonia
BRYDON, Elizabeth-W, January 11 in Danville, age about 67
BUCK, Grace(Mrs. Charlie)-W, February 27 in Danville, age 21, died of burns received on February 19
BUFORD, Frank-W, June 17 in Richmond city, age 35, heart trouble, resident of Brunswick Co.
BULLOCK, James Calvin-W, November 11 in Richmond city, age about 61
BURGESS, Joseph G.-W, February 12 in Pittsylvania Co., age 65
BURNETT, Missouri Ellen(Mrs. Valentine)-W, May 27 in Lynchburg, age 67, formerly of Bedford Co.
BURROUGHS, Thomas F.-W, March 12 in Alexandria, age 73
BUTLER, Capt. G. C., March 12 in Bristol

CABELL, Walter L.-AA, February 18 in Dinwiddie Co.*
CAHN, Nathan-W, April 4 in Richmond city, age 52, heart disease
CAIN, Lou M.-W, January 11, age 72
CAIRNES, Sarah A.-W, July 21 in Henrico Co.*
CALDWELL, L. W.(male)-W, February 27 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co.
CALLAHAN, Mary E.-W, May 5 in Portsmouth*
CAMPBELL, James Matt-W, December 12 in Richmond city, age about 58
CAMPBELL, Dr. L. F.-W, April 19 in Norfolk city*
CARR, Eliza W.-W, February 8 in Alexandria, age 36, from burns
CARTER, Mary E.(Mrs.)-AA, June 27 in Richmond city, age 33
CARTER, Ruffin-W, March in Caroline Co., age 81
CARTER, Walter H.-W, June 8, age 57
CHAMBLISS, Rebecca Elizabeth(Mrs. J. L.)-W, March 20 in Danville, age 70
CHAPMAN, James A.-W, February 9 in Madison Co., age 63, resident of Albemarle Co.
CHEW, J. Blake-W, April 28 in Prince William Co., age 60, typhoid fever
CHILDRESS, Rosa B.-W, August 14 in Richmond city, age 54, exhaustion
CHILDRESS, W. S.(Mrs.)-W, November 18 in Richmond city, age 57
CLARKE, Clara Virginia(Mrs. Ryland F.)-W, June
CLEMMER, Nannie J.(Mrs. W. B.)-W, February 7 in Roanoke, formerly of Augusta Co.
CODD, Rosa(nee Bunting)(Mrs. Lewis W.)-W, September 16 in Portsmouth, age 42
COFFEE, Carrington-W, October 11 in Lynchburg, died of a gunshot wound
COLBERT, Newton M.-W, August 6 in Bristol, age 37
COLEMAN, Edna E.(Mrs.)-W, February 14 in Petersburg
COLEMAN, Fannie T.(Mrs. George T.)-W, February 3 in Danville, age about 45, formerly of North Carolina
COLEY, H. Skipworth-W, August in Charlottesville, buried in Richmond city
COMMINGS, Jack-W, December at the Memorial hospital, Richmond city
CONTI, Mrs. Annie-W, June 3 in Richmond city, age 64
CORSON, Eliza(Mrs. Job)-W, May 8 in Alexandria, age about 75
COTTRELL, Rebecca(Mrs. Samuel Smith, Jr.)(nee Baker)-W, February 23
COX, Donald Elwood, June 9 in Richmond city
CRAUN, Lizzie(Mrs. John)-W, March in Mt. Crawford
CREIGHTON, John-W, May 28 in Richmond city
CRIGER, Alex-W, August 13 in Wise Co., killed in sawmill boiler explosion
CROBARGER, Carl-W, September 8 in Charlottesville, age 23, typhoid fever
CROGHAN, Ella(Mrs. Daniel)-W, March 12 in Staunton

DABNEY, Mary Emma-W, January 18 in Richmond city, age 8
DADISMAN, Sarah(Mrs. Rev. Wesley)-W, June 16 in Shenandoah district, age 74
DANIELS, Louis Harvey-W, February 6 in Petersburg, of Chesterfield County, accidentally shot while hunting
DAVIDSON, Mary(Mrs.)-W, July 12 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., age 77, paralysis
DAVIS, Corinne(Mrs. William)(nee Browning)-W, March 5 in Charlottesville, age 36, resident of Nelson Co.
DAVIS, Forrest D., June 8 in Richmond city
DAVIS, John Walter-W, December 2 at the Memorial hospital, Richmond city resident of Meherrin, age 48
DAVIS, Maria(Mrs.)(nee Haines)-W, March 6 in Charlottesville, age 70
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth(Mrs. R. T.)-W, March 12 in Richmond city
DAWSON, Ella C.-W, March 7 in Richmond city
DEAVER, Albert M., December near Midway, age 38
DENNIS, John E.-W, June 28 in Culpeper Co., age 33, tuberculosis
DILLARD, Margaret-W, February 12 in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 50, blood poisoning
DINAN, Thomas E. "Ted"-W, December 1 in Richmond city, age about 6
DODD, Eliza Frances-W, June 19 in Norfolk city, age 87
DOGGETT, James M.-W, December 1 in Spotsylvania Co., age 90
DOUGHTY, O. D.-W, March 4 in Chincoteague, age 60, pneumonia
DOUGLAS, Luther-W, June 16 near Heathsville
DOVEL, Joseph-W, March 7 in Lindsay
DOWELL, Kenneth-W, March 5 in Albemarle Co., age 23, typhoid fever
DRAPER, John S.-W, March 2 in Proffit, Albemarle Co., age about 83
DUNGAN, W. T.-W, August 2 in Mendota, Washington Co., age 61, heart failure
DUVAL, Allenia M.-W, December 12 in Richmond city, age about 68

EDWARDS, George W., December 7 in Culpeper, age 70, pneumonia
EDWARDS, Sarah-W, April 7 in King George Co., age 75, heart disease, formerly of Fredericksburg
ELLIOTT, Thomas Garrison-W, May 8 in Painter, Accomack Co., age 73, paralysis
EMRICK, Margaret Alice-W, December 12 in Richmond city, age 4 years & 4 months
ENGLISH, Lula Bell(nee Puller)(Mrs. R. Tyler)-W, August in Richmond city
EPPS, Elen Purcell-W, July 1
ESTES, F. Marion-W, April 7 in Charlottesville, age 64, apoplexy
EVANS, Mrs. Thomas B.-W, March 5 in Cape Charles, age 52, cancer

FANTONE, Josephine Bailey(Mrs. William F.)-W, December 12 in Richmond city
FARMER, Natalie Crews(nee Rodden)(Mrs. Otto L.)-W, January 11 in Halifax Co.
FENNELL, Edward K.-W, March in Richmond city, age 45
FERGUSON, Linden L.-W, February 8 in Alexandria, age 25
FIELD, John S.-W, March 13 in Mecklenburg Co.
FITZHUGH, Francis C.-W, May 12 in Charlottesville, age 75, heart disease, formerly of Orange Co.
FLANARY, Creed F.-W, April 14 in Wise Co., age 65, muscular rheumatism
FORD, Infant son of R. L.-W, June 2 in Richmond city
FORSBERG, Col. August-W, July 15 in Lynchburg, age 79
FOSTER, Mary Frances-W, December 2 in Richmond city
FREEMAN, Clara(nee Taylor)(Mrs. John B.)-W, December 31 in Stony Creek, age 80
FROMAN, Lewis-W, May 28 in Richmond city, age 42

GALLAHAN, Henry-W, December 1 in Stafford Co., age 83
GARLAND, Mrs. S. M.-W, September 7 in Charlottesville, age 87
GARLON, Mary Florence(Mrs. Spottswood)(nee Hoover)-W, June in Winchester, age 72
GARDNER, Winifred Fleming-W, March 6 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co.
GARRISON, J. B.-W, January in Stafford Co., age 80
GARRISON, James S.-W, July 11 in Garrisonville, Stafford Co., age 90
GATES, William A.-W, January 18 in Richmond city, age 60
GIBBS, Evalina(Mrs. A. L.)-W, September in Orange Co., age 82
GIBSON, Charles A.-W, July 14 in Richmond city
GILMAN, Martha(Mrs. George)-W, February 13 in Chesterfield Co.
GLEASON, Frederick D.-W, July 5 in Hampton, age 41
GLEMMING, Sallie Lee(Mrs. J. L.)-W, September 16 in Rosemont, Norfolk Co., age 23
GLENN, Dainee F.-W, Mach 2 in Richmond city
GODSEY, Nettie(Mrs.)-W, April 5 in Chesterfield Co.
GONZALEZ, Maria Perfecta-H, June 30 in Richmond city, age 53
GOULDMAN, Mrs. Albert-W, February 12 in Caroline Co., age 75
GRAVES, J. B.-November 4 in Madison Co.
GREEN, Joanna(Mrs.)-W, February 6 in Chesterfield Co.
GREENE, John S.-W, August 9 in Alexandria
GREEVER, Mary(Mrs. John D.)-W, June 19 in Burke's Garden, Tazewell Co., age 70
GREGORY, Thomas-AA, June 28 in Richmond city, age about 43
GROVE, Eleanora Josephine(nee McCauley)(Mrs. C. F.)-W, February 28 in Winchester, age 56
GROVE, Emma Frances(nee Muse)(Mrs. D. E.)-W, February 28 in Vauclose, Frederick Co., age 36

HALEY, Eva(Mrs. D. E.)-W, February 27 in Schoolfield, Pittsylvania Co.
HANBURY, Miles A.-W, March 8 in Norfolk, age 18
HANCOCK, Edwin A.-W, May 28 in Lynchburg, age 53, stroke of apoplexy
HANGER, G. O.-W, August 13 in Wise Co., killed in sawmill boiler explosion
HANKINS, George Alexander-W, June 29 in Richmond city, age 62, cancer
HARDING, Mrs. Luther A.(nee Warring)-W, September 7 in Northumberland Co., age about 30
HARRIS, Samuel William-AA, June 13 in Richmond city, age 1 month
HARRISON, Edward-AA, April 8 in Newport News*
HARRISON, Helen B.-W, October 18 in Henrico Co.*
HARTZELL, Isabel S.-W, August 19 in Newport News*
HAWKES, Dr. I. J.-W, September 8 in Richmond city, age 80
HAYNES, Elner-W, June 18 in Bristol, tuberculosis
HAYNIE, Mrs. J. W.-W, March 5 in Lancaster, pneumonia
HEATWOLE, Elizabeth(nee Grove)(Mrs. Rev. Daniel S.)-W, December1 in Dale Enterprise, Rockingham Co., age 79
HENDERSON, Jennie(Mrs. John)-W, March 1 in Alexandria, age 50
HENSHAW, Luther-W, August 13 in Wise Co., killed in sawmill boiler explosion
HERNDON, Edward A.-W, March 16 in Lynchburg, fell from a horse
HIDY, Harriet E.(Mrs. J. R.)-W, in Charlottesville, buried in Craigsville, Augusta Co.
HILTZHIMER, Mrs. T. M.-W, December 12 in Richmond city
HINTON, Henry C.-W, March 1 in Suffolk, age 62
HOCKADAY, Elizabeth Thomas(nee Gregory)(Mrs. John Ratcliffe)-W, June 27 in Richmond city
HODGES, Edward F.-W, September 6 in Halifax Co., Bright's disease
HOGAN, Rev. A.-W, March 5 near Floyd Courthouse, age 83
HOLMES, Roy(Mrs.), March in Spotsylvania Co.
HOLT, Col. Joseph-W, February 13 in Yellow Sulphur Springs, age 82
HOLT, William Wallace-W, December 27 in Manassas, age 34, diabetes
HOOPER, L. N.(male)-W, February 28 in Mountain Hill, Pittsylvania Co., age 60, pneumonia
HUCKSTEP, Susan(Mrs.)-W, April 29 in Charlottesville, age 37, buried Earlysville, Albemarle Co.
HUDSON, M. W.-W, March 6, age about 63, heart  trouble
HUGHES, Capt. James M.-W, May 8 in Albemarle Co., age 70
HULCE, E. P.-W, July 12 in Richmond city, age 68, heart failure
HUNTER, Rev. Charles H.-AA, March 2 in Portsmouth, age 68
HUTCHINSON, Milton Benjamin-W, February 10 in Loudoun Co., age 40, pneumonia

JACOBS, Mrs. S. B.-W, December 2 in Richmond city
JAMES, John H.-W, June 13 in Essex Co., age 80
JENNINGS, Alexander-W, December 6 in Richmond city, cancer of liver & stomach
JENNINGS, Dr. George B.-W, August in Ruckersville, Greene Co., age about 73
JERRELL, Mary(Mrs. John B.)(nee Scott)-W, February 9 in Spotsylvania Co., age 65, stomach cancer 
JOHNSON, John R.-W, January 11 in Richmond city
JOHNSON, Thaddeus H.-W, March 3 in Orange Co., age 62, heart disease
JONES, Bettie(Mrs.)-W, June 20 in Stafford Co., age 51
JONES, Capt. John P.-W, January 17 in Charlottesville, age 71
JONES, Mary Elizabeth(nee Peoples)(Mrs. Samuel Goodyear)-W, August 14 in Petersburg
JONES, Mayor William M.-W, August 13 in Petersburg, age 63
JOYNER, Beulah(nee Clayton)(Mrs. Houston C.)-W, December 2 in Amherst County, age about 37

KEFAUVER, David E.-W, June 20 in Roanoke Co., age 70
KELLAM, John P. C.-W, March 21 in Cape Charles, age 73, Bright's disease
KELLER, Clarence L.-W, June in Woodstock, age 30
KELLY, Lucas B.-W, December 2 at the Memorial hospital, Richmond city, age about 5
KERNS, Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, June 17 near Bloomery, age 106
KIRBY, Cornelia (Mrs. Joseph L.)(nee Gibbs)-W, June 29 in Staunton, age 72
KIRBY, Eliza Howle(Mrs. James C.)-W, May 28 in Richmond city, age about 43
KOONTZ, Harrison-W, August 2 in Page Co., age about 73

LAING, John B.-W, November 10 in Linville, Rockingham County, age 42, typhoid fever
LANE, Effie-AA, November 9 in Richmond city, age 25
LEE, Lucy E.-W, March 2 in Richmond city, age 16
LEE, William Henry-W, June 28 in Norfolk city, age 7
LEMOINE, John E.-W, July 23 in Petersburg, age 62, heart trouble
LEWIS, Edward Thomas-W, March 16 in Kentuck, Madison Co., age 63
LEWIS, Hattie Bladen(nee Wilcoxon)(Mrs. Mars)-W, March 25 in Manassas, age about 52
LIGON, Delia(Mrs. Daniel)-W, December 12 in Richmond city, age 74
LIPSCOMB, Wilton S.-W, December 11 in King William Co., age about 69
LITTLETON, Rev. Oscar-W, July 31 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., age 80
LOVING, Pattie H.(nee Lanford)(Mrs. R. S.)-W, March 6 in Charlottesville, age 66, resident of Louisa Co.
LOWMAN, (Mrs. David)-W, May in Rockbridge Co., age 83
LOWRY, Enoch-W, March 1 in Stafford Co., age 81
LOWRY, Mrs. Enoch-W, February 11 in Stafford Co., age 78

MADDOX, John A.-W, September 10 in Charlottesville, age 35, typhoid fever
MAHANES, Henry G.-W, March 5 in Bumpass
MANNING, Robert Emmett-November 5 in Richmond city, age 26
MARGOLIUS, Louis-W, February 11 in Norfolk city, age 72
MARSHALL, J. H. (Mrs.), March 12 in Caroline Co.
MARSHALL, Mrs. Martha H.-W, February 2 in Danville, age 67, formerly of Ringgold
MARSHALL, R. Adolphus-W, February 7 in Suffolk, age 57
MARTIN, Samuel M.-W, February 11 in Salem, Roanoke Co., age 66, formerly of Floyd Co.
MAUPIN, Julia-W, June 13 in Charlottesville, age 25
McCLINTIC, Mrs. William S.(nee Montgomery)-W, October 8 in Flowing Spring, age 61
McCORMAICK, Alma Augusta(Mrs.)(nee Goddin)-W, June in Richmond city, age 20
McCOY, Charles T.-W, March 2 in Vrginia Beach, age 61
McCROWE, Arthur B., June 9 in Richmond city
McCUE, Ellen Stuart(Mrs.)-W, January 11 in Fisherville, Augusta Co., age about 90
McILHANY, Dr. Hugh L.-W, October in Charlottesville
McKENNA, James-W, February 11 in Lynchburg, age 75, native of Ireland
MILLER, Margaret Ann(Mrs.), June 9 in Richmond city
MILLS, Matilda F.(Mrs. W. J.)-W, February 28 in Danville, age 79
MIMS, Ethel Virginia-W, March 12, age 1 year, 8 months
MITCHELL, Mrs. Clarence(nee Armstrong)-W, August in Spotsylvania Co., consumption
MITCHELL, Mary Elsie-W, July 1 in Richmond city, buried in King William Co.
MONROE, Benjamin Franklin-W,  February 28 in Frederick Co., died of exposure to the cold, age 70
MONTGOMERY, Andrew S.-November 4 in Lexington, age 63
MOORE, John Henry-W, June 20 in Lynchburg, age 55, apoplexy
MOORE, Lazarus, June 7 in Ettrick, Chesterfield Co.
MORLEY, Belle(nee Bussell)(Mrs. W. L.)-W, July 12 in Bristol, age 49
MULLEN, Annie (Mrs. John)-W, June 26 in Loudoun Co., age 75
MUNFORD, Emma(Mrs. General T. T.)-W, September 17 in Lynchburg, age 77
MURRAY, Mrs. Andrew-W, June 19 at the Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, age 55, paralysis
MYERS, Mrs. Jonas-W, March 20 in Hawkinstown, Shenandoah Co., age 97

NALLS, James W.-W, April 14 in Alexandria, age 82
NEAL, Judge J. W.-W, August 2 in Roanoke city,  age 77
NELMS, Beulah Lee(Mrs. C. W.)-W, February 28 in Suffolk, age 24, tuberculosis
NELMS, Sarah(Mrs.)-W, February 8 in Suffolk, age 64
NELSON, Alexander Lockhart-W, August 31 in Lexington, Rockbridge Co.
NELSON, Dr. Frank W.-W, March near Forest, heart disease
NEWLAND, L. R.-W, September in Roanoke, buried Edinburg, Shenandoah Co.
NEWTON, Channing Moore-W, December 12 in Roanoke city
NOLTING, Harrison-W, January 17 in Richmond city
NORFLEET, Julia Anne-W, September 17 in Suffolk city
NORFLEET, Sarah Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, June 9 in Suffolk, age 77

O'DONNELL, Daniel-W, April 14 in Harrisonburg, age 68, buggy accident
OLMSTEAD, Gertrude L.(nee Mould)(Mrs. George R.)-W, January 10 in Memorial Hospital, Richmond city, age about 20, buried in Wisconsin
ORNDORFF, James M.-W, February 3 in Winchester, age 33, consumption
OVERMIRE, Charity(Mrs. George)-W, November 10 in James City County, age 64, buried in Ohio

PARKER, Mary E.(Mrs. Joseph A.)-W, June 14 in Petersburg, age 72
PARRISH, Rev. Madison E.-W, June 10 in Portsmouth, age 48, pneumonia
PARTINGTON, William E.-W, May 27 in Richmond city, age about 68
PAYLOR, William-W, June 3 in Danville,age about 80
PELLETT, Annie P.-W, January 10 in Richmond city
PENCE, John W.-W, February 2 in Goods Mill, age 58, tuberculosis
PENN, William L.-W, June 10 in Roanoke, age 76, apoplexy
PERDUE, Emma(Mrs. James Robert)-W, April 1 in Manchester city
PHILIPS, Rosa-W, July 31 in South Gordonsville, Orange Co.
PILCHER, T. C.(Mrs.), December in Fauquier Co., age 61
POFF, Bertha, December in Blacksburg, age 21
PORTLOCK, Judge William N.-W, June 17 Portlock Station near Portsmouth, age 58
POWELL, Hugh Lee -W, February 7 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co., age 70, paralysis
POWELL, Dr. Robert S.-W, July 11 in Woodview, Brunswick Co., age 77
PURKS, Benjamin Alexander-W, June 2 in Richmond city, age 83

RANSON, Helen F.(nee Carlton), March 14 at the "Mount Vernon", Richmond city
RAYFIELD, Mrs. Lettie-W, March 1 in Cherlton, age 75
REED, James B.-W, February 27 in Fredericksburg, age 70, heart trouble, resident of Westmoreland Co.
RENSHAW, Robert Henry-W, August 17 at University Hospital in Charlottesville, age 78
RICHARDS, Margaret Elizabeth(Mrs.)-W, August 17 in Suffolk, age 62
RICHARDSON, C. Howerton-W, February 8 in Richmond city, age 31
RICHARDSON, Lucie-W, June 3 in Richmond city
RINKER, Emma-W, September 6 in Rockingham Co., age 50, heart disease
RIXEY, Irene-W, April 28 in Richmond city, age 63, resident of Caroline Co.
ROBERTSON, Jacquelin Marshall-W, June 10 in Charlottesville, age 46, pneumonia
ROBERTSON, Nany(Mrs.)-W, February 11 in Roanoke Co., age 73
ROBERTSON, Judge William Gordon-W, March 16 in Roanoke, age 54
ROBINSON, L. M.-W, September 9 in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 63
ROGERS, Rudolph-W, February 26 in Somerset Beach, King George Co., age 60, heart trouble
ROSE, W. M.(male)-W, February 13 in Petersburg, age 27
ROSZEL, Anna Maria(Mrs. Stephen George)(nee Mayer)-W, April in Winchester, age 69
ROTHGEB, Walter M.-W, June 20 in Luray, age about 52
RUTHERFORD, Albert C.-W, June 9 near Winchester, age 52
RYAN, Jeremiah J.-W, March 1 in Alexandria, age 40, pneumonia

SALE, Ella(Mrs. Robert C.)-W, March 15 in Orange Co.
SAMPSON, L. A.-W, July in Madison Co.
SANGSTER, George F.-W, March 15 in Richmond city, age 53
SAUNDERS, Elizabeth E.(nee Glinn)(Mrs. T. D.)-W, March 12 in Williamsburg
SCHANCK, W. E.(male)-W, February 11 in Roanoke city, age 60
SCOTT, Edwina-W, June 8 near Somerset
SELLERS, Dr. J. S.-W, September 2 in Augusta Co., age 42, abscess of the brain
SELLERS, Jerome-W, February 27 in Churchville, Augusta Co., age 85
SHACKELFORD, Collins-W, August in Culpeper Co., age 55
SHACKELFORD, Walker C.-W, August 5 in Charlottesville, age 62, buried Culpeper Co.
SHANKS, Judith Elizabeth(Mrs. James E.)(nee Peterson)-W, February 13 in Petersburg
SHEEHY, Winfred(Mrs. John)(nee Sullivan)-W, March 8 in Harrisonburg, age 71, cancer 
SIGRIST, Benjamin-W, February in Lynchburg, age 30, native of Cleveland, Ohio
SIMMONS, James P.-W, July 8 at Rorer Mines, Roanoke Co., age 52
SISK, Sudie(nee Allger)(Mrs. Perry W.)-W, August 1 in Charlottesville, resident of Page Co.
SKINKER, Jane(Mrs.)-W, February 12 in Caroline Co., age 82
SMITH, Robert Henderson-W, February 6 in Chesterfield Co., age 30, pneumonia
SMITH, Mrs. William C.-W, April 28 in Spotsylvania Co.
SMITH, Capt. William T.-W, February 7 in Christianburg, age 70
SNAPP, Edward F.-W, March 21 in Winchester, age 54, Bright's disease
SOUERS, John Ashby-W, September in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.
SPILLER, Dr. James Shadwick-W, March 12 in King William Co.
STENGEL, John J.-November 4 in Amelia Co.
STOFFEL, Edward C.-W, March 7 in Bristol, age 79
STRICKLER, Isaac-W, August 12 in Leaksville, Page Co., age 84
SULLIVAN, Mrs. E. S.-W, August 12 in Stafford Co., age 61
SULLIVAN, Euliss-W, April 4 in Rockbridge Co., age 63
SULLIVAN, Mary C.(Mrs. Michael A.)-W, March 7 in Richmond city

TAVENNER, Mrs. Margaret Ellis(nee Thomas)-W, March 7 in Campobella Heights, age 72, buried in Leesburg
TAYLOR, Fenelon-W, June 26 in Loudoun Co., age 81
TEMPLE, Peter C.-W, February 9 in Chesterfield Co., age 66
THOMAS, Rev. Jacob-W, August in Spring Creek, age 87
THOMAS, W. P.-W, October in Fredericksburg, age 50
THOMPSON, Eliza-W, February 14 in Culpeper Co., age 80
THOMPSON, Nannie T.(Mrs. William Allan)(nee Branch)-W, February 13 in Petersburg, pneumonia
THOMPSON, Susan B.(Mrs. Nimrock)-W, February 11 in Pittsylvania Co., age 87
TINSLEY, James W., December 31 in Roanoke, age 71
TOMPKINS, Elizabeth(nee Clarke)(Mrs. William)-W, March 7 in Charlottesville, buried in Nelson Co.
TURNBULL, J. H.-W, July 9
TURNER, Beverly B.(male)-W, February 14 in Fauquier Co., age 69
TURPIN, Mary Garland(Mrs. Dr. Thomas Jefferson)-W, January 16 in Manchester city, age 67
TYLER, Harry C.-W, March 1 in Alexandria, age 25

UNRUH, Frank-W, March 5 in Westmoreland Co.

VAUGHAN, John Archer-W, June 3 in Richmond city, age 58, tuberculosis of the lungs

WALCOTT, Mrs. Frank-W, August in Colonial Beach, Westmoreland Co., heart disease
WALKER, Elizabeth(nee Dabney)(Mrs. Dr. Thomas L.)-W, February 7 in Rocky Mount, formerly of Lynchburg, age 59
WALLACE, Capt. John G.-W, July 4 at Wallaceton, Norfolk Co.
WATKINS, Virginia Carter(nee Temple)(Mrs. H. Carrington)-W, April 2 in Richmond city
WATKINS, Walter Abbott, June 8 in Richmond city
WEBB, B. M.-W, March 15 in Norton, Wise Co., age 50, heart trouble
WEBBER, Susan F.-W, December 19 in Salem, age 82
WEISIGER, Dr. Emmett Washington-W, March 13 in Manchester
WELLS, George Washington-W, March 6  in Pittsylvania Co., age 63, pneumonia
WHITE, Fannie-W, April 28 in Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 76
WHITE, Ira E.-W, March 4 in Caroline Co., age 79
WHITLOCK, Sarah F.(Mrs.)-W, September in Fisherville, Augusta Co., age 74, tuberculosis
WILKES, S. M.-W, May 9 in Staunton, age about 58, had rheumatism for a long time
WILKINSON, William Mack-W, August 23 in Johnston-Willis Sanatorium, Richmond city, age 21, peritonitis, buried in Chesterfield Co.
WILL, Mrs. Philip-W, March  in Mount Olive, Northumberland Co., age 83
WILLGOSS, William H.-W, December 2 at the Soldier's Home, Richmond city, age 90, buried in Staunton, Va.
WILLIAM, Mary Temple(Mrs.), December 7 in Richmond city
WILLIAMS, Henry S.-W, January 11, age about 78
WILLIAMS, John C.-W, December 12 in Richmond city, age about 79
WILLIAMS, Lewis T.-W, August 16 on Spotsylvania Co., age 52, consumption
WILLIS, Isaac-W, March 6 in Orange Co., age 74
WILSON, Henry Evans Davis-W, June in Norfolk city, heart failure
WILSON, Mamie P.(Mrs. Walter J.)-W, March 3 in Norfolk city, age 32
WINDHAM, Sarah J.(Mrs. Charles)-W, June 28 near Huguenot Springs
WINSTON, Fannie Arnott-W, January 9 in Hanover Co.
WOLVERTON, John-W, March in Shenandoah Co.
WOODLEY, Lucinda(Mrs.)-W, April 10 in Suffolk, age 65, buried in North Carolina
WOODRUFF, Mamie-W, June 9 in Roanoke, age 19, typhoid fever
WORLEY, Susan(Mrs. Charles)-W, May 12 near Bristol
WRIGHT, Mary J.(Mrs.)-W, March in Danville, age about 90
WRIGHT, W. Andrew-W, July in Orange Co., age 66

YATES, John M.-W, January in St. Luke's Hospital, Richmond city, age 20, died from spinal paralysis as the result of a bad fall, buried at his home in Summit, Stafford Co.
YONCE, Addie(nee Emmert)(Mrs. John)-W, March 14 in Bristol, age 38, heart failure
YOUNGER, Thomas L.-November 4 in Lynchburg, age 65

ZEHORN, Herman-W, February 12 in Lynchburg, age 21
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* means the death info is from old transportation death permit indexes
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