Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
ABBOTT, Peter Brightwell, July 3 in Lynchburg*
ABERNATHY, William Sidney, June 22 in Petersburg*
ABERNATTRY, Charles David, May 19 in Petersburg*
ABIE, Annie, April 13 in Alexandria city*
ADAMS, Betsy, February 27 in Dinwiddie Co.*
ADAMS, Clinton-W, June in Scott Co., age 35, thrown from a mule
ADDINGTON, Andrew, March 25 in Richmond city*
ADDLEMAN, Nannie, May 5 in Richmond city*
ADKINS, Georgia, June 13 in Dinwiddie Co.*
AFFLECK, Martha Keckler(Mrs.)-W, January 31 near Winchester, age 84, acute indigestion
AGEE, Gertrude B., March 7 in Nelson Co.*
AKARA, Alice, December 17 in Lynchburg*
AKERS, Alice, December 17 in Lynchburg*
ALCORN, Moses(infant of), August 19 in Roanoke Co.*
ALCORN, Sadie, August 9 in Roanoke Co.*
ALDERSON, Cary, September in Albemarle Co.*
ALEXANDER, James Harvey, September 30 in Tazewell Co.*
ALEXANDER, John A.-W, April 16 in Alexandria, age 46
ALLEN, James Green-W, July 25 in Danville, age about 79
ALLEN, John-W, January 24 in Richmond city, age 71
ALLEN, Lemuel Fred, July 23 in Newport News*
ALLEN, Pinkie, June 28 in Northampton Co.
ALLEN, Randolph, April 14 in Clifton Forge*
ALLEN, William Henry, July 14 in Elizabeth City Co.*
ALLEY, Mary Elizabeth-W, January 24 in Richmond city
ALLPORT, Julian P.-W, February 16 in Richmond city*
ANDERSON, Alfred-AA, January 12 in Richmond city*
ANDERSON, W. J., July 1 in Richmond city, age 72
ANGLE, Marie F.-W, April 16 in Lynchburg, age 76, pneumonia
ARCHER, Andrew, November 1 in Wise County*
ARCHER, Carrie, May 6  in Richmond city*
ARMSTRONG, David Edward, January 5 in Roanoke, age 29
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth(Mrs. Alexander)-W, April 16 in Richmond city,
age 75
ARNOLD, Robert W.-W, February 13 in Winchester, apoplexy, resident of Alexandria
ASHBURN, John-W, January 29 in Heathsville, Northumberland Co., pneumonia
AST, William H.-W, March 17 in Staunton, age 38, pneumonia

BAKER, Mrs. Christian S.(nee Baylor)-W, May 7 in Staunton, age about 65
BAKER, Richard H.-W, February 1 in Norfolk city
BALLARD, Lillie J., January 5 in Richmond city
BANKS, Dessie-W, January 30 in Gladesboro, age 16
BANTON, Becker-W, February, heart failure
BARHAM, William J.-W, April 19 in Richmond city
BARKSDALE, Clara-W, January 31 in South Boston, age 50
BEALE, Robert C.-W, April 25 in Fredericksburg
BEASLEY, Virginia, May 3 in James City Co.*
BEATON, M. A.(Mrs.), February 23 in Richmond city*
BEATTIE, Henry Clay, Jr.-W, November in the Virginia State Penitentiary, age 27, legal electroction
BEATTIE, Louise(nee Owen)(Mrs. Henry Clay, Jr.)-W, July in Chesterfield Co., age 20, shot & killed by her husband
BEAVO, William F., June 10 in Richmond city*
BEEDIN, E. E., November 22 in Fredericksburg*
BEGLEY, Edgar, March 4 in Wise Co.*
BELL, George W., November 18 in Westmoreland Co.*
BELTON, Mary(Mrs.)-W, January 1 in Richmond city, age 64
BENNETT, David Leroy, October 31 in Staunton*
BLACKWELL, Benjamin-AA, December 20 in Southampton Co.
BLANKENSHIP, Sarah E.-W, April 22 in Richmond city, age 70, apoplexy & gallstones*
BLANKENSHIP, WIlliam S.-W, April 22 in Richmond city, age 58, thrombosis of cerebral arteries*
BLANTON, J. J.-W, February in Newport News, age 70, formerly of Manchester
BLANTON, Mayor William-W, April 16 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co.,
age 50
BLUNT, Thomas H.-W, February 5 in Richmond city, age 63
BOBSON, Sam Lee-W, December 28 in Richmond city, age 37, bronchial pneumonia*
BOHRER, Lemuel H.-W, March 26 in Staunton, age 59
BOISSEAU, Elinor Epes(Mrs. James W.)(nee Brown)-W, August 2, age 62
BOISSEAU, Susanna A. Goodwyn(Mrs. Andrew J.)-W, May 13 in Petersburg, age 83
BONNELL, Thomas-W, January 27 in Middleburg, age about 67, paralysis
BOOTH, Mrs. A. M. B.-W, February 25 in Petersburg, age 97
BOWEN, Mary(Mrs.), January 1 in Richmond city
BOWLES, J. W.-W, January 23 in Marion, age 69
BOWMAN, Allen-W, January 28 at Toms Brook, age 75, pneumonia
BOWMAN, Mary D.-W, February 1 in Fredericksburg, age 73
BOWRY, Sidney W.-W, January 2 in Richmond city, age 45
BRANCH, Caleb-W, January 21 in Amelia Co., age about 27
BRANCH, Carter W.-W, April 3 in Richmond city, age 53, pneumonia
BRANCH, David L., July 3 in Hanover Co., age 77
BROOKS, Ann, June in Turbeville, age 75
BURDETT, Infant(male), January 1in Richmond city
BURGER, William H., Sr.-W, April 17 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co.,
age 81
BUSIC, Francis(Mrs. Isaac), December 5 in Independence, age 94
BUTLER, Susan(Mrs. L. C.)-W, June 21 in Roanoke, age 81

CAMPBELL, Elizabeth M.(Mrs.)-W, January 2 in Highland Park, age 62
CARPENTER, Rufus, April 14 in Madison Co.
CARR, James-W, December 31 in Hampton, age 83
CARTER, Hiram D.-W, January 24 in South Boston, Halifax Co., age 84
CARTER, Thomas-W, February 5 in Lynchburg, age 72
CASH, William T.-W, February  in Midway
CASSELL, Mary A.(Mrs.), January 5 in Wythe County, age 70
CAVEDO, Edward Joseph-W, January 4 in Richmond city, age 24
CHANDLER, Nelly M.-W, July 26 in Danville, age 15, tuberculosis
CHAPMAN, Mrs. George(nee Barden)-W, April 30, age about 30
CHILDRESS, Eliza-W, November 21 in Richmond city*
CHRISTIAN, J. E., January 1 in Richmond city, age 52
CHRISTIAN, Rachel-AA, April 6 in Richmond city*
CHRISTY, Cecil-W, April 23 in Montgomery Co.*
CHURCHILL, Samuel-AA, January 17 in Norfolk*
CLARK, Charlotte-W, February 16 in Norfolk Co.*
CLARKE, Kinsley N.-W, October 27 in Newport News*
CLAY, Christophine M.-W, April 7 in Norfolk city*
CLAYTER, Bessie B.-W, November 7 in Newport News*
CLEATON, Francis Hicks-W, January 24 in Richmond city, age 79
CLICK, Rev. J. W.-W, February 5, age 57
COALTER, H. St. John-W, March 26 in New Kent Co.
COLE, Grace-W, February 6 in Dinwiddie Co.
COLEMAN, W. G.-W, January 31 in Lynchburg, paralysis
COLLINS, Elizabeth(Mrs. George)-W, April in Hunting Ridge
COMER, Fitzhugh-W, February 2 in Naked Creek, suicide by gunshot
COSBY, Chelsey-W, January 28 in Richmond city, age 17
COUSINS, Edward L.-W, February 17 in Mannboro, Amelia Co.,
shot and killed
CRANK, George L.-W, August 25 in Albemarle Co.
CRAWLEY, Rev. Charles D., January 30 in Courtland, paralysis
CRICKENBERGER, Annie(Mrs. Dr. W. P.)-W, February 24 in New Market,
age 50
CRIDLIN, Sallie Gray(Mrs. George C.)-W, January 30 in Richmond city
CROCKETT, Ida(nee Verser)(Mrs. Thomas J.)-W, January 30 in Richmond city, buried in Grafton, Va.
CROWDER, Charles Womack-W, April 18 in Richmond city, age 53
CURTIS, Elizabeth Willis(nee White)-W, September 22 in Richmond city,
age 55

DAVIS, Capt. Abdel A.-W, July 25 in Alexandria, age 57
DAVIS, Mildred A. (nee Smith)-W, January 23 in Staunton, age 85
DAVISON, Esther Allen-W, March 26 in Richmond city
DAVISON, Roland E.-W, February in Richmond city, age 10 months
DIXON, Louise Elizabeth-W, January 27 in Richmond city, age 6
DOGGETT, Judith Ann(Mrs.)-W, January 28 in Lancaster Co., pneumonia
DREVER, Elizabeth Lindsay, July 3 in Richmond city, age 87
DUNCAN, Mary A.(Mrs.), January 3 in Richmond city
DUGDALE, George H., June in Roanoke?
DUNN, Isaac B.-W, January 2 in Washington Co., age 54, typhoid

EAVER, Thomas, January 4 in Norfolk city, age 79
EDDENS, S. A.(Mrs. James W.)-W, January 4 in Richmond city, age 83
EDWARDS, Margaret E.(nee Garrett), December 6 in West Point, Va., age 71
EHEART, Sarah E.(Mrs.)-W, December in Albemarle Co., age 78, formerly married to John M. Tate
ELLIOTT, Sarah C.(Mrs. Thomas J.)-W, January in Chesterfield co., age about 87
ELLIS, Lucy(Mrs. Jacob)-W, January 3 in Falmouth, age 22
ELLYSON, Richard-W, October in Richmond city, age 67
EPES, Rev. Dr. Theodore-W, February in Blackstone, Nottoway Co.
EPPS, W. Thomas-W, April 18, age 76, pneumonia
ERAMBERT, Charles H.-W, January 28 in Farmville, age 79

FARINHOLT, Eugene-W, April 3 in Richmond city, age 69, paralysis
FARRER, Mrs. J. K.-W, January 25 in Red Hill, age 71
FAUNTLEROY, Thomas-W, February 25 in Campbell Co., age 72, paralysis
FELDNER, Thomas-W, April 16 at Pine Camp
FISHER, Edward L.-W, September 20 in Richmond city, resident of Lynchburg
FORKNER, Rev. James D.-W, February 25 in Hanover Co.
FORWARD, Sarah Emily(nee Toone)(Mrs. Edward)-W, July 26 in Newport News
FRANKLAND, William E., September 21 at University Hospital, Charlottesville, age 19
FRANKLIN, Lafayette-W, April 16 in Stafford Co., age 82
FRENEY, Ann(Mrs. Thomas)-W, October in Spotsylvania Co., age 76

GARVIN, Julian F., July 1 in Madison Heights, age 28
GIBBONEY, Mary Bell(Mrs.)-W, January 22 in Richmond city
GLENN, Emily(Mrs.)-W, May 1 in Chambersville, Frederick Co., age 105
GLENN, Roberta-W, April 19 in Richmond city
GOAD, Eliza S.(nee Pate)(Mrs. J. M.)-W, April 22 in Bedford City, age 67
GOOCH, Mrs. Mary-W, September, age 70
GRAVES, James Henry, December 30 in Richmond city, age 53
GRAY, James J., January 2 in Nansemond Co.
GREEN, George W.-W, March in Greene Co., age 70
GRESHAM, Mrs. R. H.(nee Stagg)-W, January 25 in Richmond city, age 65
GROFF, John DeG.-W, April 19 in Richmond city
GROVE, I. N.(nee Landes)-W, January 24 in Harrisonburg, age 57

HAMILTON, Henry H.-W, October in Augusta Co., age 81
HARDY, William, January 2 in Leesburg, Loudoun Co.
HARLESS, Amanda M.(Mrs. S. T.)-W, February 19 in Roanoke, age 59, apoplexy
HARPER, Susie(Mrs. John)-W, February 5 in Richmond city
HARRIS, Alfred W.-W, March in Hanover Co., killed in an accident
HARRIS, W. O.(Mrs.), December 5? in Pittsylvania County
HARRISON, Dr. James A.-W, January
HARRISON, John William-W, July in Neston, age about 22
HATCHER, Edward-W, July 2 At the Solider's Home in  Richmond city,
age 65
HATCHER, George W.-W, October 13 in Richmond city
HATCHER, Martha Ann (nee Friend)-W, March 21
HATCHER, Richard Gregory-W, April 21 in Chesterfield Co., age 84
HATCHETT, Martha(Mrs.)-W, January 20 in Richmond city
HAWKINS, Mary-W, January 9 in Bedford Co., age 9, shot and killed accidently by her brother
HAYNES, Susan(Mrs. Robert Y.)-W, January  in Freeling, age about 93
HEADLEY, Samuel-W, August in Heathsville
HELFERT, Thomas S.-W, February 5 in Richmond city, age 23
HESS, Seddie(Mrs.)-W, in Big Stone Gap
HIX, William Daniel-W, April 21 in Hixburg, age 76
HOBSON, Moses Richard-W, December 7 in Richmond city, age 81
HOLT, O'Dell P.(Mrs. Harry O.)-W, April 16 in Lynchburg, buried in Vicksburg, Mississippi
HOMES, Albert T., March 15
HOWDYSHELL, Kenny A.-W, March in Stokesville, age 28, killed by train
HUDGINS, B. P.(male)-W, March 10 in Amelia Co.
HUDSON, H. V., September 22 in Luray, age 58
HUFFARD, Emma-W, December 31 possibly in Luray, buried in Wytheville
HURT, Samuel F.-W, May 7 in Abingdon, age 78

IVINS, John Lloyd, January 4 in Anandale, Fairfax Co., age 42

JACKSON, James-W, February 19 in the Appomattox River, drowned
JEFFRIES, Richard H.-W, March 17 near Biscoe, age about 78
JOHNSON, Rosa-AA, June in Amelia Co., age 14, pneumonia
JONES, Catherine(Mrs. Wesley), December 27 in Henry Co., believed to be shot and killed by her son, Benton
JONES, J. R.(Mrs.), December 8 at Kellam Hospital, Richmond city
JORDAN, E. T.-W, April 16 in Suffolk, age 64, paralysis
JORDAN, Flossie-W, April 18 in Halifax Co., age 17

KAMPFER, Julia(Mrs.)-W, October 3 in Richmond city, age 66
KELLY, Mollie(Mrs.)-W, January 29, age 33, died from burns
KERRICK, J. William-W, August 24 in Staunton, buried in Washington, D. C.
KIRBY, Noelwa Cannadine-W, March 9 in Richmond city, age 68, intestinal obstuction
KIRBY, Ralph-W, September 9 in Richmond city, age 6 months
KIRBY, Sallie((Mrs. Gordon)(nee Sydnor)-W, May 6 in Halifax Co., age 41
KITE, J. B.-W, January 29 in Liberty Mills, Orange Co., age 54
KNOWLES, Thomas-W, September 22 in Richmond city, age 83

LACY, Mrs. W. J.-W, June 12 in Richmond city, age 64, edema of the lungs and acute nephritis
LEE, Benjamin-W, July 24 in Fredericksburg, age 65, of Spotsylvania Co.
LINDAMOOD, Emma(Mrs. P. E.)(nee Tisinger)-W, January 23 near Strasburg, age 54
LOCKMAN, Eudore(nee Jefferson), January 1 in Charlottesville, age 63
LORRAINE, Maude Helen(nee Lorraine)(Mrs. Capt. Beauregard)-W, March 27 in Richmond city
LUCAS, Andrew J.-W, January 23 in Granite, age 4 years, 6 months
LUCAS, H. P., Decemer 30 in Norfolk city, age 47
LUTTRELL, Alfred, January 4 in Bristol, age 74

MAHONE, Otelia Butler(Mrs. Gen. William)-W, February 20 in Petersburg
MASON, Eliza Booth(Mrs. Edward)(nee Cooke)-W, January 25 in Hickory, Gloucester Co., pneumonia
MATTHEWS, C. Turner-W, April 17 in Richmond city
MAXEY, Mollie H.(Mrs.)-W, December in Nottoway Co., age 47
MAYHUGH, Virginia Lee-W, April 18 in Gordonsville
MAYO, James-W, September 17 in Hunting Creek, Bedford County
McCANN, Henry L.-W, April 21 in Richmond city, age 66
McCULLOUGH, John H.-W, February 5 in Henrico Co., age about 54
McGHEE, Mrs. C. W.-W, February 24 in Louisa Co., age  37
McGHEE, Florence S.(Mrs.), January 1 in Fredericksburg, age 42, acute bronchitis
McKENNIE, J. Cummings, January 1 in Charlottesville, age 62
McLAIN, Lizzie-W, January 25 in Richmond city
McLANE, Iva V.-W, January 24 in Richmond city, age 24
McLEE, George W.-W, January 24 in Richmond city?, age 67
McNAMEE, George W.-W, January 24 in Richmond city
McNUTT, Virginia(Mrs. Robert)-W, June in Middlebrook, Augusta Co.,age 78
McSPARRAN, Joseph Leroy-W, February 5 in Richmond city
MEADOR, James H.-W, January in Richmond city, age 61
MELLON, Thomas Jefferson-W, January 31 near Bremo, age 86
MEREDITH, William L.-W, January 2 in Staunton, age about 80
MINOR, John T.-W, February 1 in King George Co., age 73
MOON, Mary Barclay(nee Massie)(Mrs. Robert)-W, Janaury 28 in Albemarle Co., age 88
MOONEY, Thomas Jefferson-W, June 20 in Charlottesville, age 75
MORING, Richard H.-W, March 10 in Danville, buried in Beck, Va. , age about 76
MOSMILLER, Fredericka(Mrs.)-W, January , age about 70
MURRAY, Edward K., December 30 in Richmond city, age 61, apoplexy

NEBLETT, Sallie Orgain(nee Blackwell)(Mrs. Dr. Sterling)-W, January 19 in Hollyvale, age about 72
NEIGHBORS, Alec T.-W, April 18 in Lynchburg, age 30
NEWTON, Margaret(nee Watson)(Mrs. Channing M.)-W, July 25 in
Pulaski Co.
NOTTINGHAM, Marie, January 4 in Eastville?, age 32, tuberculosis

O'DWYER, John-W, April 15 in Portsmouth, formerly of Richmond city

PADGETT, William A.-W, April 18 in Alexandria, age 19
PAGE, Emma(nee Ford)(Mrs. A. Houston)-W, January 1 in Richmond city, age 29
PAGE, Mary Lou-AA, February in Cartersville
PARKER, Helen E.-W, September 22 in Richmond city, age 10, typhoid fever
PARKER, Rowena(Mrs. W. E.)-W, September 24 in Bedford, age 45
PARKINSON, H. H.-W, January 24 in Hampton, age 63
PEMBERTON, Robert-W, January 1 in Richmond city
PERRY, Tazewell Earl-W, January 1 in Richmond city, age 6 years, 7 months
PETTEY,George W.-W, April 15 in Alexandria, age 70, heart failure
PETTWAY, Emmett Lloyd-W, January 23 in Richmond city, age 28
PFAFF, Elizabeth-W, March 12 in Newport News*
PHILLIP, Julia Katherine-W, in Norfolk, run over by wagon
PLEASANT, George-W, March 23 near Chase City
POINDEXTER, Maj. Jefferson D.-W, September in Pittsylvania Co.
POWELL, Fannie E.(Mrs.)-W, January 24 in Richmond city, age 69
PRESTON, Kate(nee Greenway), January 2 in Abingdon, age 85
PRICE, A. J.-W, April 17 in Worsham, Prince Edward Co.
PRICE, John H.(Mrs.), December

RENNICK, C. H.(Mrs.), January 1 in Roanoke, age 57
RICKS, Richard A., January 4 in Richmond city, age 79
RIDDELL, Berthe-W, April 2 in Richmond city, age 32
RILEY, Louisa(nee Gibson)(Mrs. Dr. John C.)-W, January 30 in Winchester,
age 78, heart disease
ROBERTS, Dr. James Mathews-W, March 11 in Richmond city, age 55, apoplexy
ROBERTS, Junius-AA, April 2 in Richmond city, age 25
ROBERTS, Marguerita-AA, November 21 in Richmond city, age 3 months, congenital syphilis
ROBERTS, Mattie-AA, December 3 in Richmond city, age 41, apoplexy
ROBERTSON, Capt. John Q.-W, January 28 in Northumberland Co., age 84
ROBINS, Albert Hamilton-W, March 11 in Richmond city, age 3
ROBINS, James T.-W, October 2 in Hampton, age 30, typhoid fever, resident of Gloucester Co.
ROWE, Frank LaForrester-W, April in Richmond city, age 24

SAMUELS, Bernard-W, March 26 in Richmond city
SCHELETER, Henry-W, January in Richmond city, age about 83
SCHRIVER, Hampden Zane-W, December 31 in Ginter Park, age 78,
buried West Va.
SENSENEY, Mrs. Mary-W, March in Prince William Co., age 69
SHAFFER, Turner A., September 22 in Woodstock, age 48, typhoid
SHAW, Richard Edward-W, Jnuary 31 in Charlottesville, age 55
SHEPHERD, "Aunt" Nancy-M, March in Suffolk, age 112
SHURM, John H.-W, March 2 in Richmond city, age 75
SKINNER, John F.-W, August 25 at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, typhoid fever
SMITH, Amanda(nee Woodford)(Mrs. Owen)-W, April 16 in Rockingham Co., age 35, erysipelas
SMITH, F. E., January 1 in Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, age 23
SMITH, Hester A.(Mrs. James H.)-W, January in Staunton, age 74
SMITH, Laban J.-W, October in Norfolk
SMOOT, John H.-W, April 14 in Amherst Co., age 74
SMOOT, Lelia-W, October 1 in Amherst Co.
SNEAD, Ann-W, May 22 in Kara, age 91
STAFFORD, Mrs. Zipha Reeves, September 21 in Essex Co., age 55, after a long paralysis
STEPHENS, Mrs. Annie G.-W, April 25 in Middleton, age 63
STOKES, Clinton B.-W, April 3 in Richmond city
STUART, Albert, January 2 in Alexandria, age 89

TALIAFERRO, James M., December in Amherst Co., age 43, buried Lynchburg
TALIAFERRO, William H.-W, April 2 in Portsmouth
TATTERSON, E.-W, February 25 in Norfolk, age 52
TAYLOR, Capt. George Watt-W, January 28 in Richmond city
TAYLOR, Mrs. Harriett V.(nee Winfree)-W, October 16 in Richmond city
TERELL, J. J.-W, January 31 in Henrico Co., age 52
THOMAS, Robert A.-W, January 9 in Petersburg, age 65, resident of Blackstone
THOMPSON, Zan-W, March 11 in Rockbridge Co.
THORNTON, James Riddle-W, July 27 at Hampden-Sydney, age about 58
TRAYLOR, Harvey Sylvanus-W, March 12 in Richmond city, age 8 months, pertussis
TRAYLOR, John H.-W, August 8 in Richmond city, age 72, endocarditis
TRAYLOR, Robert J.-W, January 22 in Richmond city
TREIBER, F. B.-W, August 26 in Charlottesville
TRENARY, Marshall H.-W, April 25 in Boyce, Clarke Co., age 61
TURNER, Cora-W, February 2 in Naked Creek, age 20, shot & killed by her fiancee
TYLER, Thomas M.-W, April 16 in Allendale, Louisa Co., age about 71
TYREE, Mary L.(Mrs.)-W, April 18 in Richmond city

VAN PELT, James H., September 21 in Staunton, age 88
VAUGHAN, Earnest-W, March 27 in Richmond city, age 24
VIAR, William A., January 3 in Richmond city

WADDELL, James W.-W, September 11 in Fauquier Co., age 68
WAGNER, Rebecca(Mrs. William)-W, April  in Wincester, age 72, native of Pennsylvania
WALDEN, W. Mason-W, January 29 in Richmond city, age 53
WALTERS, Myrtle B., December 29 at the retreat for the Sick in Richmond city, age 18
WALTON, W. E.-W, March 26 in Richmond city, age 51
WARREN, May E.(Mrs. William B.)-W, May 7 in Spotsylvania Co., age 56, heart disease
WATKINS, Elizabeth Cabell-W, July 2 in her home on Petersburg Turnpike, age 1 year, 8 months
WATSON, Jennie(Mrs.)-W, January 30 in Winchester, age 63
WATTS, Mrs. S. F.(nee Amburn)-W, January 30 in Wythe Co.
WEBB, Dunnie-W, February 25 in Lancaster Co., age 50, Bright's Disease
WEISIGER, Martha J.(Mrs. David W.)-W, July 25 in Richmond city
WEITZEL, Greer Baughman-W, April 19 in Richmond city
WELLFORD, Dr. J. S., January 2 in Richmond city, age 86
WHELTON, James T.-W, February in Richmond city, age 23
WEST, Maud-W, February 13 in Roanoke, age 18, killed by shotgun
WHITE, Fannie A.(Mrs.)-W, December 29 in Albemarle Co.
WHITE, Sarah(Mrs.)-W, January 25 in Fredericksburg, age 79, paralysis
WHITEHEAD, Newett-AA, January 10 in Holland, Suffolk Co., age 34, shot and killed by his wife
WILKINSON, Blair Freeman-W, February 1 in Richmond city, age 2 years
WILKERSON, Capt. C. H.-W, September 21
WILLIAMSON, Mrs. Emma J.-W, April 16 in Richmond city
WINFREE, Patrick Boisseau-W, October 17 in Chesterfield Co., age 67
WINGO, Charles E.-W, March 20
WOOD, Samuel B., January 1 in Hampton
WOOLDRIDGE, H. M., December 7 in Chesterfield Co., age 34
WRIGHT, Clyde-W, January 22 near Bowling Green, Caroline Co., age 21
WRIGHT, Goodwin-AA, January in Petersburg, killed by train
WRIGHT, Nannie M.(Mrs. Samuel)-W, September 11 in Lynchburg, age 80

YOUNG, Sarah J.(Mrs. James)-W, January 22 in Richmond city

ZIMMER, Christian-W, March 18 in Richmond city, age 86
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M stands for mulatto
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