Virginia Deaths 1897-1912
January 1 - June 13th, 1912
ABBOTT, James T.-W, April 10 in Richmond city
ADAMS, Henry, May 7 in Clifton Forge*
ADDINGTON, Eliza J., February 20 in Wise County*
AGUSTO, Angelo P., February 15 in Elizabeth City County*
AKERS, Joseph H.-W, February 16 in Lynchburg, age 31
ALEXANDER, Capt. John F.-W, April 22 in Albemarle Co.
ALGER, Andrew J.-W, March 29 in Page Co., age 78
ALGERS, J. F., February 16 in Henrico County*
ALLEN, Eliza H.-W, January 16 in Richmond city
ALLEN, Hattie-AA, February 14 in Richmond city*
ALLEN, Jackson-AA, March 27 in Richmond city*
ALLEN, Ruth-AA, April 23 in Richmond city*
ALLEY, J. J.-W, May 19 in James City County*
ALLS, B.(infant of)-W, February 2 in Botetourt*
ALLS, Earl? Thomas-W, January 8 in Roanoke County*
ALSTON, Charity-AA, March 12 in Norfolk County*
ALVIS, Nora C.-W, May 4 in Richmond city*
ANDREWS, Lucy A.(Mrs. John H.)-W, February 21 in Richmond city, age about 72
ARCHER, Peter Jefferson, Jr.-W, January 18 in Richmond city, age 11 days
ARMSTRONG, John M.-W, April in Highland Co., age 82
ASH, Ann S.(Mrs. James)-W, February 20 in Alexandria
ATKISSON, Hattie Ann(nee Berry)(Mrs. J. N.)-W, March 17 in Highland Springs, Henrico Co., age about 53

BAGBY, Charles-AA, April 8 in Richmond city, age 28
BAILEY, R. E. L.(male)-W, March 4 in Roanoke, age 47, paralysis
BALL, George Washington-W, January, age 84
BANKS, Annie E.-AA, May 18 in Richmond city*
BANKS, Victoria-AA, April 16 in Richmond city*
BANNISTER, Aaron-AA, March 10 in Newport News*
BARLOW, Lula-W, February 25 in Williamsburg
BARNER, George W.-W, March 29 in Dinwiddie Co., age 53, apoplexy
BARNES, Mary C.(nee Zimmerman)-W, January 2 in Bristol, age 71
BEARDSLEY, Henry-W, May 26 in Richmond city*
BECK, Annie M.-W, May 22 in Norfolk*
BERGER, Maie Rosalie(Mrs. A. F.)-W, March 8 in Richmond city, age 61
BERREY, J. J.-W, March 30 in Fredericksburg, age 70
BERRY, Myrtle(nee Crosby)(Mrs. Jasper)-W, January 
BETTS, Percy-AA, May 26 in Roanoke*
BEVERLEY, William-AA, February 25 in Dinwiddie County*
BIGELOW, Catherine Ann-W, January 20 in Norfolk city*
BIRNEY, Isabella E.-W, March 10 in Newport News*
BITTNER, Harvey-W, February 16 at Shenandoah Junction, age 25, killed in railroad accident
BLACK, Mrs. B. F.-W, April 17 in Clifton Forge*
BLACK, Harrison M.-W, March 7 in Roanoke*
BLACK, James Alex-W, April in Roanoke*
BLACKWELL, Charles W., January 6 in Lynchburg*
BLACKWELL, Nathaniel, April 20 in Richmond city*
BLAND, Annie Lee(Mrs. Nelson)-W, February 11 near Ettrick, age 29
BLOSE, William P.-W, April 5 in Rockingham Co., age 77
BOSWELL, J. M., March 14 in Covington, Alleghany Co.
BOLLING, Thomas, Jr.-W, April 15 in Richmond city
BRECKENRIDGE, Robert N.-W, January 14 in Winchester, age 85
BROTHERS, William Henry-W, March 2 in Suffolk Co., age 71
BRYAN, W. T.(male)-W, April 23 in Richmond city
BURTON, Beverley C.(male), January 2 in Spotsylvania Co., age 59, tuberculosis

CALLAHAN, Hilary M.(male)-W, March 6 in Lynchburg, age 74
CAMPBELL, Robert L.-W, March in Page Co., age about 50, blood poisoning
CARPENTER, John W.-W, March in Millwood, age about 70
CARTER, James-AA, March in Tappahannock, drowned
CARY, George L.-W, April 10 in Richmond city
CHEATWOOD, J. J.(male)-W, March 7 in Richmond city, age about 84
CHILDRESS, Sarah E.(Mrs. George E.)-W, February in Stafford Co., age 93
CHILDREY, Helen Margaret R.(Mrs. Roy)-W, February 13 in Richmond city, age 65
CLARK, N. C.(Male)-W, February in Martinsville, Henry Co., age 67
CLAY, Gertrude(Mrs. John W.)(nee Butler), January 3 in Gladys
COLES, Malvin R.-AA, June 13 in Ricmond city
COLLINS, Rev. James E.-W, March in Roanoke
COSBY, Wesley C.-W, March 5 in Richmond city, age 59
COUGHLIN, Martha Theresa, January 5 at the Memorial hospital, Richmond  city
CRADDOCK, Daniel F.-W, May 4 in Richmond city, age 75
CROCKETT, Dolly(nee Vaughan)(Mrs. W. R.)-W, April 2  
CURTIS, William H.-W, March
CUSSONS, Capt. John, January 4 in Glen Allen

DABNEY, Lucy Davis-W, February 13 in Charlottesville, age 8
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth(Mrs. J. P.)-W, February 15 in Bowling Green, Caroline County, age 43, acute indigestion
DAVIS, Susie(nee Carr)(Mrs. Samuel H.)-W, April 19 in Roanoke
DAVIS, Rev. Wilbur F.-W, February in Westmoreland Co., age 73
DEITRICK, Dr. T. M.-W, January 3 in Henrico Co., age 72
DEL GRANDE, Nicholas-W, January in Suffolk, age 29, buried in Petersburg
DINWIDDIE, Fletcher M.(Mrs. W. M.)-W, February 24 in Bedford Co., age 73
DUELL, Littleton J.-W, February 12 in Petersburg, age 83
DUNSTAN, Thomas W., April 22 in Richmond city
DURRETTE, Thomas-W, March in Greene Co., age 50

EBERLEY, John-W, March in Strasburg, age 85
EDWARDS, William G.-W, March 6 in Leesburg, Loudoun County,
age 83
ELLETT, Cornelius-W, May 19 in Richmond city, age 82
EPES, Horace-W, January 14 in Newport News, age 62
EPPS, Warwick F.-W, January 16 in Richmond city
EVANS, Judge Andrew Brown-W, April 21 in Edgewood, Middlesex Co., age 81
EVERETT, Loretta Louise-W, January 7 in Richmond city, age 8
EVERS, Mary(Mrs. Samuel)-W, March, age 49

FAIRBANK,Bessie(Mrs. Grayson L.)(nee Mathews), January 2 in Richmond city
FERRELL, Abraham-W, February in Augusta Co., age 74
FIELD, Stephen Franklin-W, March 4 in Alexandria, age 48
FINCH, Mrs. John W.(nee Smith)-W, May 10 in Richmond city 
FORD, Charles L.-W, April 7 in Richmond city, age 44
FRIEND, Ira(nee Venable)(Mrs. Alfred, Sr.)-W, March 2 in Petersburg

GARBER, Maj. Asher W.-W, April 21 in Richmond city, age 78
GIBBS, Alice(nee Brown), January 2 in Richmond city
GILMAN, Robert Edward-W, March 5 in Richmond city, age 21 days
GLASS, Meta(Mrs. Major R. H.)-W, January 8 in Lynchburg
GLAZEBROOK, Robert Louis-W, April 22 at the Soldier's Home, Richmond city
GRAHAM, Luin Garnett(Mrs.), April 21 in Lexington
GREEN, Anne S.(Mrs. Maj. J. W.)-W, February 10 in Culpeper Co.
GRISCO, Daniel-W, January in Harrisonburg, spasms

HALE, Mrs. Augustus-W, March 16 in Richmond Co., age 60
HALL, Joseph J.-W, March 7 in Richmond ciy, age about 72
HAMILTON, Dr. George Stanton-W, March 3 in Lakota, age about 82
HAMILTON, Samuel Porter-W, March in Staunton, age 72
HARLOW, Charles Emmett-W, February 16 in Richmond city,
age about 34
HARRIS, Lizzie J.(nee Eastburn)(Mrs. Thomas A.)-W, May 9 in Spotsylvania Co., age 61
HARRISON, Ellen-AA, March 29 in Petersburg
HARRISON, Jacob Cowan-W, March 14 in Fairfax Co., age 79, buried in Harrisonburg, Va.
HARRISON, Mary M.(Mrs. John T.)-W, March 15 in Alexandria
HATCHER, Daniel C., January 4 in Fauquier Co., age 78
HAYDON, Bessie S.(Mrs.), April 21 in Fredericksburg
HEAD, Annie E.(Mrs Willis M.)-W, April 10 in Richmond city
HERRING, Curtis Payne(Mrs.)-W, February 15 in Clement, age 59
HILLEARY, William M., April in Staunton, age 9
HOBBS, David B.-W, April 14 in Emporia, pneumonia
HOLMAN, Benjamin-W, March in Norfolk
HORSLEY, Florence M.(Mrs. John D.)(nee Massie)-W, March 4 in Lynchburg, age 66
HORSELEY, Charles A.-W, in Roanoke, pneumonia, buried in
Franklin Co.
HUME, John Thomas-W, January 16 in Hampton, age 48, buied in Arlington Cemetery

JACKSON, Albert, January 1 in Richmond city, age 30
JAMES, Cora(nee Robinette)(Mrs. E. W.)-W, February in Crewe, Nottoway Co.
JARRATT, Norman E.-AA, March in Petersburg
JENKINS, Charles H.-W, May 2 in Henrico Co., age 71
JOHNSON, James Earley-W, March in Houston, age 88
JOHNSON, John Henry-W, March 29 in Petersburg, age 49
JOHNSON, Sallie E.(Mrs. John P.), January 2 in Richmond city, buried in King William Co.
JOHNSON, W. L.(male)-W, February in Houston, age 48
JOHNSON, William Guy-W, March 3 in Louisa, age 18, pneumonia
JUDKINS, Martha(Mrs.)-W, March 13 in Surry Co., age about 87

KANE, John J.-W, March 4 in Richmond city
KASS, Eugene-W, April 23 in Richmond city
KINNIER, John H., January in Lynchburg, age 72
KIRBY, Jane Elizabeth-AA, February 16 in Richmond city, age 33, carcinoma of the breast
KOSS, Maggie J.-W, March in Richmond city

LAMBERT, Fleetwood-W, February in Dickenson Co., age 24, typhoid fever
LANE, Mary-W, March 8 in Richmond city
LEWIS, Fleming-W, May 4 in Northumberland Co., age 60
LIEB, M. F.-W, March 23 in Heathsville, Northumberland Co.,age 81
LIPSCOMB, Elizabeth A.(Mrs.), January 2 in Highland Springs

MANDER, Henry-W, January 12 in Richmond city, age 68
MANSINI, Frank E.-W, April 1 on the Chesapeake & Ohio railway
MARSHALL, Robert L.-W, February 16 in Chincoteague, age 45
MARTIN, Godfrey-W, March 31 in Norfolk, crushed by a delivery wagon 
MARTIN, J. W., January 3 in Carroll Co.
MARTIN, Dr. Rawley, April in Lynchburg?
MAUPIN, Mildred Ellen(nee Maupin)(Mrs. Napoleon)-W, February 20 in Charlottesville, age 67, pneumonia
MAYS, Annie-W, January in Lynchburg, age 7, bronchitis
McCRAW, Maggie(Mrs. J. W.)(nee Wilson), January 1 in Campbell Co.
McGILVARY, George C.-W, January 7 in Staunton, pneumonia
MERRYMAN, Ella, January 3 in Lynchburg, age 60
MEYERS, Jonathan, January 2 in Leesburg, age 67, heart disease
MITCHELL, Julian D.-W, April 15 in Glouscester Co., apoplexy
MOON, N. T., January in Lynchburg, age 53
MURRAY, Gertrude, January 2 in Richmond city, age 17
MURRAY, Mary A. J.-W, January 16 in William Byrd Hospital, Richmond city, age 65

NEWSOME, Frances(Mrs.)-W, March 16 in Heathsville, age 86
NICHOLAS, Ella Cary(Mrs. J. A.)(nee Ambler)-W, January in Lynchburg, age 69
NOWLAN, Elizabeth W.(nee Young)(Mrs. Thomas)-W, January 14 in Richmond city

PATTON, Jennie-W, March 6 in Stafford County, age 46
PAYNE, Catherine(Mrs.)-W, March 7 in Richmond city, pneumonia
PEMBERTON, Margaret J.(Mrs.)-W, April 5 in Fredericksburg, age 64
PETTUS, Victor M.-W, February in Newport News
POSEY, Cordlia(Mrs. James)-W, January in Staunton,
buried in Alexandria
PORTER, Jesse J., March 17 in Louisa Co., age 77, paralysis
PRESTON, Walter G.-W, February 11 in Abingdon, Washington Co.,
age 60
PRUDEN, Percy L.-W, April 22 in Suffolk, age 40

REED, Harry A.-W, February 16, age 45, resident of Brunswick Co., railroad accident
REVERE, E. Rutledge-W, February 13 in Newport News, age 26
RHODES, Daphna Lee-W, April 5 in Harrisonburg, age 26
ROBINSON, Lizzie(nee Davis)(Mrs. George L.)-W, February 16 in Richmond city
ROLLINS, Joseph E.-W, March in Covington, Alleghany Co., age 62
ROSSER, William(Mrs.)-W, February 21 in Appomattox, age 75, pneumonia
ROYSTER, W. B.(male)-W, April 23 at the Soldier's Home, Richmond city, age 69

SCOTT, Susan(Mrs.)-W, March in Tappahhanock, age 76
SEAY, Mrs. Loyd L.-W, March 3 in Spotsylvania Co.
SELDEN, Samuel M.-W, March 4 in Buckingham Co., age 60, heart disease
SERGEANT, Robert-W, January 1 in Gordonsville
SERMONS, May Etta(Mrs.)-W, March 30 in Petersburg, age 24
SHACKELFORD, Mary E.-W, February 13 in Colonial Beach, age 71, paralysis
SHEPPARD, Sterling C.-W, February 21 at Lee Camp Soldier's Home, Richmond city, age 75
SIMS, John Herbert-W, January 7 in Richmond city, age 36,
buried in Louisa
SISTER PHILOMENE-W, April 1 in Richmond city
SHEPPARD, Sterling C.-W, February 21 in Richmond city
SMITH, Martha Christian(nee Ellis)-W, April 9 in Richmond city
SNOWDEN, Herbert-W, April 15 in Alexandria
STOCKTON, Professor William B.-W, March 4 in Montgomery, Washington Co., age 50
SUMTER, Capt. John U.-W, April 6 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., age 73
SUTTON, Indiana(Mrs. Maj. Philip)-W, March 30 in Richmond city

TALBOTT, Charles H.-W, April 6 in Richmond city, age 72
TALLEY, J. P.(male)-W, April 22 in Danville, age 42, railroad accident, buried in North Carolina
TATUM, E. G.(male)-W, March 6 in Richmond city
TEMPLE, Jane(Mrs. Col. W. Thomas)-W, March 23 in Disputanta, Prince George Co., age 77
THOMPSON, Arthur, January 1 in Christianburg, was assaulted by Cornelius Reynolds on December 24, 1911 and died 8 days later
THOMPSON, Dr. James F.-W, April 12 in Fredericksburg, age 77
TINNEY, Rebecca J.(Mrs. Preston)-W, March 22 in Petersburg, age 61
TINSLEY, Margaret E.(nee Gallagher)(Mrs.)-W, January 13
TINSLEY, Peter-W, February 20 in Richmond city, age 88
TOWNSEND, H. J.(male)-W, February 20 in Charlottesville
TREAT, Morgan, April 22 in West Point, Va.
TUCKER, Bertha Maud-W, April 1 in Richmond city
TUCKER, Charles, January 3 in Ocean View
TURNER, Annie Ruth-W, March 4 in Amherst Co., age 19

UTZ, James H.-W, January 13 in Richmond city, buried in Orange Co.

VAN VALKENBERG, Charles H., April in Staunton, age 68
VAUGHAN, W. E. S.-W, April 1 in Richmond city, pneumonia

WADE, Jane(nee Edie)(Mrs. John)-W, January 6 in Christianburg, Montgomery Co., age 86
WALKE, Wiley W.-W, January in Richmond city, age 65
WALKER, Annie(Mrs. Thomas C.)-AA, February in Gloucester Co., heart disease
WALLIS, J. Walter-W, April 5
WARREN, Nannie H., April in Richmond city
WEISIGER, Laura Virginia-W, January 12 in St. Luke's Hospital, Richmond city
WELCH, S. M.(male)-W, April 13 in King George Co.
WELLS, Robert Samuel-W, May 4 in Petersburg, age 58, apoplexy
WESTON, George-W, January 14 in Staunton, age 56
WHALING, Posey-W, April 14 in Stafford County
WILDER, James-W, March 8 in Richmond city
WILKERSON, George-W, April 12 in Chesterfield Co., age 43
WILLIAMS, Sarah C.(Mrs. Stephen N.)-W, February 15 in Halloday,
age 78
WILSON, Charles A.-W, January 7 in Norfolk
WILSON, Margaret Jane-W, March 7 in Richmond city
WINSTEAD, Mrs. Judson W.-W, March 30 in Northumberland Co.
WOODIN, Louis Horton-W, May 9 in Norfolk, age 73
WOODSON, James P., January 1 in Richmond city, buried in Goochland Co.

YOUNG, Thomas N.-W, February 16 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co.
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