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"My Amelia ancestors include John Poland and Eliza Walthall, his wife, their daughter Mary Susan A. Poland who married Thomas Lockett Warriner.Henry W. Carter son of Thomas Carter and Catherine Muse.

Henry Carter married Martha America (Carter?) their son Hiram Lee Carter who is my great-grandfather. Lee married to Mary Elizabeth Warriner in 1903. She was a daughter of John Taylor Warriner(son of the aforesaid Thomas & Mary) and  Julia Archer Cottrell.

John Archer, Jr. married to Ann Bott and they had 4 sons, William, Miles, Richard and Alexander. Richard Archer is my line.

These are some of my Amelia County ancestors."
~Beth Bond

"My Amelia county ancestors on my maternal side:  Boisseau, Blanton, Ligon, Crowder,  and Johns.  On my paternal side:  Steger, Wheeler, Watkins (after 1916)."  -MaryBettie Form

"Greetings!  My sister married Lowell Thomas Harris in Martinsville,
Virginia.  I am researching the Harris line and have found that Lowell's
grandfather John Jackson Harris lived in Amelia County around 1920.
He and his family were listed in the 1920 census:
1920 census: Amelia County, Virginia
Roll T625_1878, Page 2B, Enumeration District 3, Image 960, Visit 37
John J. Harris, age 57, born North Carolina, both parents born North
Carolina, Farmer, General farm
Nannie H. Harris, age 52, born North Carolina, both parents born North
George S. Harris, age 21, born VA, Laborer, Home farm
Charlie D. Harris, age 20, born VA, Laborer, Home farm
Lula E. Harris, age 10, born VA
I would like to share information about this family."
-Beverly Lipford Yeager

My closest Amelia County ancestor is Virginia Booker Chappell (b. 1839 Amelia, d. 1908 Goochland) who married John Winston Randolph (b. 1834 Goochland, d. 1908 Goochland).  These are my great-great-grandparents.

Virginia's parents were James Chappell b. 1801 Amelia, d. 1880, Amelia & (m. 1825 Amelia) Louisa Marshall Seay b. 1808 Amelia, d. 1886 Amelia. 

James Chappell's parents were John Chappell b. 1755 Amelia, d. 1825 Amelia, & (m. 1800 Amelia) & Elizabeth Townes Craddock b. abt 1761. 
Louisa Marshall Seay's parents were Austin Seay b. 1775, d. 1861 Amelia, & (m. 1801) Sally Marshall Booker b. 1783 Amelia, d. 1820 Amelia.

John Chappell's parents were James Chappell b. 1722 Raleigh Parish, Prince George Co., d. 1776 Amelia, & Susan Hudson b. abt 1728, d. bef. 1764.
Elizabeth Townes Craddock's parents were Charles Craddock & Rebecca Clough
Austin Seay's parents were Moses Seay b. 1737/38, d. 1824 Painesville, Amelia, & (m. 1758) Elizabeth Luck b. 1734, d. 1816.
Sally Marshall Booker's parents were Efford Booker b. 1760 Amelia, d. 1798 Amelia, & (m. 1783) Mary Hudson d. 1808 Amelia.

6g-grandparents (those known):
James Chappell's parents were Robert Chappell b. abt 1680 Charles City Co.,, d. before 2/12/1723/24, & Sarah Cox.
Moses Seay's parents were Jacob Seay b. abt 1688, d. 1790 Amelia, & Rachel Wingo
Elizabeth Luck's parents were Samuel Luck b. 1709 New Kent Co., d. 1787 Spotsylvania Co., & Mary Phillips.
Efford Booker's parents were George Booker b. 1720/21 Abington, Gloucester Co., d. 1791 Amelia, & (m. 1745 Amelia) Sarah Cobbs b. abt 1724.
Mary Hudson's parents were Nicholas Hudson & Sarah (last name unknown)
-Deborah Stanley

note: all places mentioned in above are in Virginia

"The earliest ancestor of mine was Gideon Winfree b. abt. 1751; was married abt. 1750 to Ann Beasley or Easley(?) in Amelia CO. VA. Gideon died sometime after 16 Feb. 1862. Gideon owned and lived property along Deep Creek in Nottoway Parish. My data base includes the following children of Gideon and Ann.

John Winfree; Mary Easley Winfree married William Phillips 13 Dec. 1795 in Amelia CO, VA; Robert Winfree married Susan Crowder 26 Nov 1781 in Amelia CO. VA; Susannah Easley Winfree married Richard Ligon; Issac Winfree married Sarah Stratton; Elizabeth Winfree married James Harris; Ann Winfree  b. abt. 1757 married Robert Easley Beasley 24 Nov. 1781 in Amelia CO. VA. died in Maury CO.TN. Charles Winfree my direct ancestor) married 4 April 1780 Anna Chappell. This couple migrated to Anson CO. NC.

Jane Winfree Beattie

If anyone wants to contact me about these dear folks of mine; I would be delighted to hear from them"
-Jane Beattie

"My Amelia County ancestors are Ann Echols and George Marchbanks, my g-g-g-g-g-grandparents.  He migrated from Scotland via ship Elizabeth and Ann, arriving in Yorktown.  After marriage to Ann, they lived awhile in New Kent County, but lived most of their married lives in Amelia Co.  He acquired several thousand acres during his lifetime.  He died in 1740.  I have a copy of his will filed in Amelia Co. that lists his children, and the acreage he willed to each of them.  I have data on the descendents of Ann and George through the many generations up to the present day.  Jim McDonald, Austin, TX" 
-Jim McDonald

"Here is a list of Family members of mine in Amelia, Va.

Farley, Chappell, Midkiff, Simonton, Nunnally, Weisiger, Burcham and Smith Families. If anyone would like to share information, email me please at I have a lot of Farley information to share."
~Ginger Farley Llewellyn       

"My Amelia County ancestors are Patrick Hanley (b.1785) from Ireland, who had a son, Henry White (1818 - aft.1910), a free mulatto, carpenter and sharecropper at the Hermitage, owned by William Everard Meade. Henry White married my gg grandmother, Frances Eggleston (1839 -1925), a mulatto and former slave from Chula. Frances was a seamstress and midwife at the Hermitage until her death in 1925.

Also from Amelia County, Giles Township, were my gggg grandfather, Luke Dixon (1790 - aft.1870), believed to be a slave, and his son, my ggg grandfather, Peter Dixon (1815 - 1891). Peter Dixon married my ggg grandmother, Mollie Crittenton (1825 - aft.1880), a mulatto from Giles Twp. who had a daughter, my gg grandmother, Rosa Dixon (1841 - 1870). Rosa Dixon married Washington Johnson and had three children; Mollie Johnson, my g grandfather, Albert W. Johnson, and Fields Johnson.

Other ancestors include:

Flora (b. 1822), an Eggleston slave from Giles Township. Later Flora was known as Flora Scott.

Mammy Jinny (abt. 1800), a slave and midwife. Mammy Jinny was Flora's mother and later was known as Jinny Robinson.

Sarah (abt. 1762), a slave from the Accra Region of Ghana (according to a recent DNA test). Oral history tells us that Sarah was an African princess before coming to America.

Sarah White Johnson (1870 - 1916) a school teacher at the Ingleside-Fee Memorial School in Amelia County and later at Burkeville, VA. This school was established and controlled by the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church and offered an accredited high school and two-year college for the freed slaves of Virginia. Sarah taught algebra until her marriage to Albert W. Johnson and the couple moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Sarah's sister, Clarinda White, also taught at Ingleside-Fee Memorial School until she married William Seay, also of Amelia County, and moved to Richmond, VA, where she continued to teach in the Richmond Public Schools."

James E. Harley
Washington, Pa.

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