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January 15- Albert Maxey marries to Sarah Jane Majors, the ceremony was performed by G. H. Denny

January 15- Alpheus Winfree and Lucinda Anderson are married by W. H. Jefferson

February 5- Gladys Holland dies at age 7 of pneumonia

February- Henry Rowlett dies age the age of 78.

March 4- Henry R. Austin marries to Lula B. Seay, J. L. T. Holland officiating

April 16- Mary Kate Childress and Culvin Ford marry

April 18- Dr. Richard N. Hudson marries to Jane P. Blair, the ceremony was performed by F. G. Scott

September 6- Elizabeth Baker is born to parents, Esther and John Baker

September 30- Samuel Perrin and Rosa M. Perrin are married by John R. Bagby

October 9- Thomas C.Burton and Ida J. Barden are married by J. R. Bagby

December 4- William "Willie" Stuart Warriner is born to parents, Mary Powers Rowlett and Egbert Watson Warriner.

December 18- Anna Page Boisseau is born to parents, Belle Coleman and Caleb Capers Boisseau

March 14- Mary Emily Bedser is born to parents, Sarah Smith Warriner and James Bedser.

March 20- Aubrey Bedell Carter is born to parents, Grace Davis Cofer and James Curtis Carter

April- Maude Leonard Lowery is born to parents, Mary F.Carter and John W. Lowery

October 13- William Foreman marries to Ella J. Carter with J. R. Bagby officiating

November- Susan B. Howlett dies at the age of 90.

December 9- Page Patrick Hatcher Archer dies at age 88

June 30- Willie P. Seay is born to parents, Emma E.Carter and William O. Seay

August 18- Richard A. Carter and Bessie H. Moore get married.

August 31- Emma E. Carter Seay dies at age 27 of dropsy

November 8- Pat Murphy dies at age 78

November 22- Thomas Curry Ellington is born

December 6- Eberle R. Scott marries to Cora Lee Dunnavant, Jno. R. Wilkinson officiating

February 24- Lewis Frank Harver is born

May 24- Caroline Green Pride dies at age 48

June- Pigie Leo Lowery is born to parents, Mary Florence Carter and John W. Lowery.

June 8- Martha L. Allen Carter dies at age 67 of dropsy

August 9- Richelieu Coleman Boisseau is born to parents, Belle Coleman and Caleb Capers Boisseau

November 20- Leon Barden is born

February 15- Eugene Alphens Stokes is born

February 18- William Edward Anderson is born

April 19- Leroy Flippen Barden is born

January 24- Norwood Gilmore Greene is born to parents, Carra Eva Robertson and Edward J. Greene

January 24- Baptisms by the Rev. E. V. Carson at the Mehtodist Church this day include:
Mary Capers Warriner, Hiram Lee Carter, William E. Maxey and James Curtis Carter.

August 6- Nettie Bailey and Walter Lee are married by Rev. E. V. Carson at the Methodist Church.

September 15- Campbell Alexander Southall is born in Jetersville

December 23- Richard Adams marries Jennie Gibson at the Methodist Church. The ceremony is performed by the Rev. E. V. Carson.

May 31- Floyd Washington Maxey is born

June 23- Henry Earl Mann is born

January 26- William A. Light marries Mary Cofer, the marriage is performed by E. V. Carson

March 7- Milton Davis and Minnie Davis are married by William H. Taylor

March 11- Violet Judith Faley is born to parents Lou and Willie J. Farley.

February 7- Arthur Taylor and Cora Robertson are married by R. C. Brown

March 21- E. C. Rand and Thyrza H. Vaughan are married by Rev. J. R. Rennie

April 2- Rev. Stephen O. Southall and Julia Pride are married by V. Wrenn

September 21-  Earnest Cofer and Covena B. Royall are married by E. V. Carson
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