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June 26- Irvin Ray Carter is born to parents, Martha Blanche Cofer and Henry Irvin Carter

June 30- Julia Cottrell Warriner dies at age 48, wife of John Taylor Warriner, Sr.

July 12- Milton Shepherd Cottrell dies at the age of 82, he was a widower.

September 8- Fannie Gregory Clay, daughter of Ida and Thomas Clay, dies at age 16

January 2- Joe Perry and Martha Hill are married, C. M. Meade officiating.

January 3- Agnes Robertson and Richard Watson get married, W. H. Thompson officiating

June 19- Andrew B. Wingo marries to Stella B. Williams, Robb. Bagnall performed the ceremony

July 18- The Amelia County Republican Committee held a meeting on this day.

November 27- Sarah Eugenia Vaughan married to Samuel A. Branton, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. R. Rennie at the Union Church.

May 3- Dr. Lemuel Holt Vaughan dies at age 59 in Jetersville

December 31- Mrs. Dr. Richard H. Marshall, who died in New York, New York on December 28th, is buried in Amelia County this day

January 16- Little Saddie Roberts dies

January 23- Miss Lelia Scott resigns as a teacher at Rodophil and she will leave on January 26th for Surry County where she will teach at a public school.

February 10- Mrs. Marshall Seay dies near Painville

February 11- At Chula Depot,when Eddie Harris was abusing his mother his brother Jack "Candy" Harris apparently tried to sstop Eddie and then Eddie shot Jack three times. Jack was left in critical condition. Then Eddie turned the gun on himself shooting himself twice not dead yet Eddie then cut his own throat with a pocket knife, Eddie died.

February 12- Mrs. Marshall Seay is buried in Chestnut Row

March 27- Hattie Tabb dies

March 28- J. H. Haskins dies

May 12- Nannie C. Pride dies at the age of 50

May 25- John Abner Chapell dies at age 84

May 28- Watson Bell died this day.

May 29- Watson Bell is buried at Providence Church

June- Tom Vaughan killed by a blow on the head

June 7- Mrs. Mary Coleman dies at age 74, wife of county clerk Edward Henry Coleman

July 1- Miss Katherine Vaughan of Rice, visited with Miss Lizzie Southall in Jetersville   

July 3- Henry Meade was struck by lightning and died while sitting under a tree in his yard, he was about 80 years old

August 16- Miss Mary Elizabeth Wingo dies at age 60

January 19- Roberta Lee Carter is bornin Chula to parents, Mary Elizabeth Warriner and Hiram Lee Carter

February- Robert E. Bridgeforth and his granddaughter, Rosa Belle Watkins both drown in Bridgeforth Pond, he had gone in to rescue her.

March 17- Walter E. Griffith dies

March 18- Walter E. Griffith is buried in Jetersville

April 26- Arthur William and Robert George Harrison, sons of George and Rose Catherine Harrison, are baptized by Rev. Joseph E. Potts at the Methodist Church. 

June 2- Wedding of Mary E. Childress to James Pleasants Farley. They were married by the Rev. J. R. Rennie.

August 5- John R. Morris dies

January 17- J. Herbert Holland and Maude M. Waller are married. the ceremony is performed by the Rev. Joseph E. Potts at the Methodist Church.

June 14- Wedding of Annie Robbie Bridgeforth to Richard Anderson Marshall at Tabernacle Church. They were married by Rev. James Cannon, Jr., who was assisted by Rev. Richard Fergson.

September 16- Martha S. Flippen dies

December 28- Alice B., Robert B. and William Carthorn(Jr.) Archer, children of Dr. William Carthorn and Mary B.(nee Bridgforth) Archer are baptized by Rev. Joseph E. Potts at the Methodist Church.

January- John Wallace dies

January 16- There was a big dance at the home of Alonza Clark near Epes Falls. A large crowd attended including Miss Sallie Cousins and her brother from Mannboro, Mrs. L. T. Willians, Miss Annie and Mr. George Williams from Beaver Pond.
The music was by a string band from Church road, Va. Supper was served about 12 o'clock.

April 18- Mary Elsie Lowery marries Daniel W. Fowlkes at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mollie Carter Lowery in Pollard at 6 P. M. The ceremony is performed by Rev. Joseph E. Potts. She wore a traveling suit with matching gloves and hat. her bridesmaids wore organdie.

April 24- Leila Estelle Farley and George Edwin Carter were married at Sandy Creek Church.

April 25- At the home of Mr. J. L. Irons was held a wedding for his daughter, Miss Vera Irons and Mr. W. A. Tinsley. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. V. Wrenn. The bride wore the cecilian and carried a bouquet of white lilacs. She was attended by her brother Lyndon Irons and his wife,as well as Mr. Powhatan Tinsley and Miss Jessie Wrigglesworth. The couple left for Lodore where they were given a reception.

July 25- A hay-ride was given by some of the young people of Beaver Pond in the evening. The chaperone was Mrs. Caleb Capers Boisseau. The gathering was in honor of Miss Connie May Burton of New York. Other guests included Misses Anna Boisseau, Elizabeth Blanton and Rebecca Hardy. Messrs. George and Gordon Boisseau, Robert and Claude Hardy, Fannie and Samee(?) Johnson, Walter Grigg and Linwood Blanton.
They all met at Beaver Pond and seated in a large wagon which was partly filled with hay. They then drove the wagon to Mannboro where they were joined by Misses May Sydnor and Louise Coleman, Messrs. Aubry and Will Coleman and George Allen.
they were said to have a delightful time.  

October 27- Mrs. Thomas R. Hardy held a birthday party for her little niece and nephew, Frances and Stephen Southall.
The party guests included; Mary Southall,Valentine Southall, Alise Allen, Mary Jefferson and Emily Griffith.

December 5- Miss Lizzie Vaughan returns home from visit to Petersburg where she spent several weeks with relatives

December 7- Edward Saddler dies at age 86

March 29- Nannie Jones Wood Vaughan, who died in Richmond on March 27, is buried in Amelia County in the family burying ground next to her late husband Dr.Lemuel Holt Vaughan

April 12- David W. Leary dies

April 16- George William Burt and Alice M. Gibson marry at the bride's residence. The ceremony is performed by T. O. Edwards.

June 25- Mrs. Willie Mann buried at Sandy Creek Church

June 26- Mary Anner Boisseau marries Reuben Levi Blanton  at the Tabernacle Church. The Rev. O. F. Jones officiates.

June 26- Wedding of Fannie Bedford Fowlkes to Merlin Hudgins at the home of the bride's father, John Edward Fowlkes. The Rev. T. G. Edwards performed the ceremony.

June 26- Leslie Thompson buried at Sandy Creek Church

June 29- John C. Philips dies

July 1- Baxter Philips dies

July 2- Baxter Philips buried at Mt. Hope Baptist Church

July 10- Eliza W. Southall marries to Robert E. Lee Jordan at the Methodist Church at Amelia County C.H. The marriage is performed by T. O. Edwards.

February 17- William P. Farley dies

February 18- William P. Farley is buried at Sandy Creek Church cemetery

March 4- Lizzie Lee Barden and Dorsey Wingo are married by Rev. E. Wyatt at his home.

June 3- Giles Luster dies, found dead under a tree by John Morris

June 3- William H. Bosserman dies

July 18- Mrs. Nannie Walker dies

August 7- Bridgeforth's Mill, property of Dr. W. C. Archer burns down very early in the morning.

December- Mrs. Greenwood Walthall dies at age 65

February 6- Samuel Powhatan Tinsley dies at age 21

February 8- Samuel Powhatan Tinsley is buried in Union Cemetery

February 12- Miss Myrtle Hillsman has a birthday party

February 14- Truly Orange dies

February 15- Truly Orange is buried at Sandy Creek Church at 3 o'clock

February 16- Samuel P. Tinsley dies of pneumonia

June 10- Mrs. M. E. Farley dies

June 17- Peter Burton Crowder dies

June 26- Charles Crowder dies at age 59

July 7- Alice Lee Ellett dies

August 2- Dr. Joseph W. Southall dies at age 77
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