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November 27- Anna Boisseau is born to parents, Mary Michael Johnson and Robert Bridgforth Boisseau

January 25- Mrs. George Johnson died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Rowlett.

February 14- Thomas Pollard turns 98 years old.

June 15- Bettie Oscar Fowlkes marries to John Taylor Warriner, Jr. at the Moore M. E. Church, the ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. E. Daniel.

June 24- Two severe thunder storms strike Amelia County, Mrs. Bettie Boisseau and her son George Edward Boisseau's home's was struck by lightning and burned to the ground, only Mrs. Boisseau was home at the time. She managed to get out but her face was burned and most of the hair on her head was burned off. George had no insurance and his loss was estimated at $3,000.
Lightning also struck the drug store in Amelia at Broad and Main streets the druggist received a bad shock and the store was badly damaged.
During the storms lightning struck the phone wire at W. L. Scott's store at Morven shattered the phone and shocked about 10 or more people in the store. Also Mr. J. D. Rand's phone was struck at Clement Town Mills.

June 25- The new Sandy Creek Baptist Church was dedicated this morning with 500 people present. The pastor Dr. J. E. Bagby and Dr. William Hatcher from Richmond conducted the meeting. A dinner was given. $200 was contributed that day.

June 26- Mrs. Lee Barden is taken to Memorial Hospital in Richmond city

July 31- Mrs. Blanche Carter(nee Childress) and her niece, Agnes Ford(of Lynchburg) visited friends in the Olga neighborhood

June 15- Thomas Nixon Carruthers dies 3 days before his 74th birthday.

June 20- Little Addie Royall dies at the age of 9, a daughter of Thomas & Ellen (Johnson) Royall.

June 30- Martha Pattison dies at the age of 86.

July 9- Ruby Jackson Majors dies at age 2, a daughter of Jackson & Ann Eliza (Toone) Majors.

July 10- Henry Jackson dies at age 82

July 18- Nicholas William DeKrafft dies, son of J.A. DeKrafft, less than a year old.

July 19- Richard P. Giles dies.

August 4- Samuel Mumford dies at age about 76

August 11- Abby Peachey dies at age 89 of a cerebral hemorrhage

August 12- James Day dies at age 80

August 16- Annie Belle Walthall Royall dies at age 28 of tuberculosis

August 16- Julian Shark dies, a baby

August 28-30- Mr. and Mr. J. D. Rand held a family  reunion at their home. Some of the guests included: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Holman of Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Holman and their son Charles; Mrs. Wil Rand; and Rand Anderson of Norfolk.

August 28- Nicholas E. Flournoy dies

August 29- Nicholas E. Flournoy is buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery

August 29- Mrs. May Ellington dies at age 81

September 18- The Amelia Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy hold their annual reunion and basket picnic.
Mr. S. G. Williams was invited to address the

October 6- Charles Byrd passes away at the age of 40, killed by a train.

October 11- Mr. J. H. Deaton dies at age 78.

October 20- Cornelia Harris passes at the age of 58.

October 22- Cornelia Harris is buried at the Bethia Church cemetery in Amelia Court House.

December 25- Booker Robertson dies at the age of 71.

December 27- Booker Robertson is buried on the Pinchback farm in Chula.

April 6- Alfred Melvin Childress dies

December 26- Miss Josephine Harvie dies

December 30- A social dance was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Ponton. Entertainment and dancing went on until nearly 5 o'clock in the morning.

December 31- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Green gave a party from 8-10 in the evening  All of the guests were married people.

January 1- Lena Harris dies at age about 40 suddenly about 1 p. m. She worked as a cook for Leon Richardson's family.

January 1- Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Green had a card party for young friends at their home in the evening from 8-11.

January 11- The Rev. D. P. Rogers preached to a large congregation at the Memorial Presbyterian Church, after which he installed the following officers of the church: A. T. Leistra, Jacob Leistra and G. M. Harvie as elders; Bland Mason and Arthur Luet[?] as deacons.

January 17- Mrs. Rebecca Orgain dies at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. R. Blanton. She was buried at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg on January 19th.

January 31- Tucker Eggleston dies in Lodore from a stroke of paralysis. He was buried on February 1st in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

February 14- Gervis H. Southall dies

February 15- Gervis H, Southall is buried in the Presbyterian Church cemetery, the services were conducted by the Rev. J. E. Daniels.

February 24- Mrs. R. J.Jeter dies

February 26- Mrs. R. J. Jeter is buried in the family burying ground at 3 p. m., services conducted by the Rev. E. G. Mintz.

February 28- Kate Murphy and Walter Merchant are married at her father William Murphy's home. The ceremony was perforemd by the Rev. E. G. Mintz.

May 3- Miss Anne W. Taylor dies at her brother George K. Taylor's house

December 10- Oliver S.and Virginia Allen celebrated their silver wedding anniversary with over a hundred of their friends and family in attendance. The couple had 5 children. Virginia was a daughter of Richard Archer and Virginia Page Hobson. 
The happy couple received their guests standing beneath a magnificent bell of chrysanthenums that was hanging from an arch between the parlors. The whole house was thrown open and tastefully decorated with flowers and foliage, mixed with running cedar.
The bride was gowned in Crepe de Chine.
Mrs. Clara Nash presided over the punch bowl.
Among the guests were:
Miss Estelle Allen & sisters, Mrs. S. A. Wooton & family, Mrs. Kate Flournoy & family, Miss Julia Harrel, Mr. & Mrs. J. A. DeKraft, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Townes, Richard A. Marshall & wife, Annie Robbie, Miss Anna Page Boisseau, Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Miller, Robert R. Barnes & wife, Martha J., Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Greene, Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Stengel, Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Eggleston, Mr. & Mrs. F. E. White, Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Arhart, Mr. & Mrs. C. St. J. Beauclark, Dr. & Mrs. Craig Eggleston, Rev. & Mrs. Rogers, Rev. & Mrs. Paylor, Rev. & Mrs. V. Wrenn, Mrs. G. H. Southall & daughter, Judge & Mrs. S. L. Farrar, Mrs. John G. Jefferson & family, Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Bearkeley, Mr. Joe Irving & sister, Mrs. M. A. Woolridge, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Palmore & family, W. T. Robertson & wife, Minna, Mr. & Mrs. Macon Roberson, Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Hardaway, Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Barnes, Honorable R. G. Southall, Rev. & Mrs. Stephen Southall, Mr. & Mrs. B. I. Grigg, Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Williams, Miss Althea Wingo & brother, Mr. & Mrs. A. Lush, Dr. Philip T. Southall & wife, Sallie, Mrs. R. M. Thomas & daughter, Miss S. M. Jefferson & sister, Mr. & Mrs. W. T. King, Dr. & Mrs. Deakin, Mr. & Mrs. George K. Taylor, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Bury, Mr. & Mrs. LaFayett Mann, Mrs. Florence Norfleet & family of Richmond, Mrs. Clara Nash of Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Holt of Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. D. Mead Mann of Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. Welford Brockenboro of Richmond, Mr. Cameron Dunlop of Drakes Branch, Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Crutcher of Drakes Branch, Mr. & Mrs. Burrell Bragg, Mr. & Mrs. R. I. Lane, William Henry Lane & wife, Louisa & family of Petersburg, Mr. & Mrs. B. H. Lane, Mr. R. H. Ricketts & family of Flint Hill, Mrs. Betty Leary of Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. Y. E. Booker of Richmond, Mr. Walter Maxwell of England, Capt. Joe Hobson & sister, Mr. & Mrs. C. N. Stacy, Mr. & Mrs. George G__help[?], Messrs. Francis[?], Mrs. Margaret Allen, Mr. & Mrs.J. H. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smith, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Hrrism, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Barlow.
Ollie and Virginia's daughter Fannie Page Allen, who was taking a nursing training ourse at Johnston-Willis Hospital in Richmond, came up to Amelia to attend this special anniversary for he parents.     

December 15- Henry A. Farley and Rosebud Richardson were married at the rectory by the Rev. V. Wrenn.


March 20- Mary "Mollie" Florence Carter Lowery dies at age 58

December 19- Grover Cleveland Orange and Jessie Blair Mann are married by H. L. Weston.

December 21- Cleve Orange and Blair Mann marry at the home of J. O. Mann

December 24- Mr. Peter Easter gave a Christmas tree to his children

December 29- A dance is given at the Amelia Hotel by some of the young men in honor of some visiting young ladies. The guests include: Misses Etta Richardson, Lucile Mann, Lucy Blanton, Freeman, Hardy, Maie, Wills and Julia Mumma. Also Misses Saunders, Hamilton, Summers and Miss Mary Mason who was a guest of Mrs. J. G. Jefferson.

January 13- Dr. and Mrs. P. T. Southall gave a dance for their daughters, Mamie and Frances in the evening

January 26- Annie May Wills gave a dance in honor of her cousins, Estelle and Inez Wills of Richmond city

March 15- Miss Cecil Legron dies at age 38

March 16- Cecil Legron is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery at 3 o'clock, services performed by Rv. D. P. Rogers

March 17- Junius O. Mann dies

March 23- Willis Hobson dies at age 86

March 25- Willis Hobson is buried in the family burying ground, the Rev. D. P. Rogers conducted the services

March 26- Ruth Fowlkes and Ralph Whitlock are married at Hobson Chapel

April 9- Richard Tinsley is buried in Union Cemetery with services conducted by the Rev. W. H. Harris, Richard had died in Richmond city at the age if 25

April 10- Edmund Allen dies

April 10- Thomas Pride dies at age 75

May 17- Lucy Blanton Hillsman, wife of the late Capt. James M. Hillsman dies. She was survived by her husband and nine children. Also many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

May 17-The Jetersville school closed this afternoon and at the closing 9 year old Hazel Thompson was given a large box of candy for not missing a word in spelling this season.

May 17- Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Thompson give their daughter Beatrice a birthday party in the evening.Guests included: Miss Ruth Mann, Miss Sarah Clarke, Miss Gertie Merritt, Misses Beatrice, Nannie and Esther Thompson; also Mr. Keene Shockley, Mr. Joseph Coward, Mr. Jones, Mr. Wesley Farnsworth, Mr. Willie White, Mr. Lloyd Weyant, Mr. Jacob Womack.

May 18- Mrs. Lucy Hillsman was buried at Bethel M. E. Church, the burial service was conducted by her pastor, the Rev. Mr. Conrad 

September 17- Darvills High school opens for the new school year with a large enrollment.

December 18- Mrs. Emmett Morris dies at age 63 in Lodore

December 20- Mrs. Emmett Morris is buried in Union Cemetery, services are conducted by the Rev. George Harris.

December 25- Mr. & Mrs. Lafayette Manor ave a party for their daughters, Lucile and Helen.

January 25- Mrs. Buck Orange gave a dance for her children in the evening. Music was from violin and harp by Messrs. Watson Goodman, Herbert Tinsley and Raymond Davis. Among the guests from Richmond city were Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Barden, Mrs. Barden being a daughter of Mrs. Orange.

February 1- Grover Starr is buried in Lodore at the home cemetery, he died in Norfolk city at age 21 on January 31

February 14- Mrs. George Tinsley gave a party for young people this Valentine's Day.

February 21- John Wiggins who died in Lynchburg at age of 82, on February 20th is buried in Grub Hill cemetery, the services were conducted by the Rev. Joel Tucker.

February 22- Mrs. Mary Johnson Boisseau was buried at Moore's Methodist Church Cemetery.

February 25- John Skelton dies at age about 70

February 26- John Skelton is buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery.

March 16- Miss Esther Thompson's 16th birthday was celebrated iin Jetersville.

March 19- Rev. George A. Harris performs the marriage ceremony for Violet Judith Farley and William Henry "Harry" Nash.

April 29- Jasper Lawrence and Emma Barnes are married

May 31- John Southall was buried in the family burying ground near Deantonville

June 2- Mildred Foster and Thornton Holman were married at the home of Miss Ottie Craddock

June 27- Mary Elizabeth Hall of Brookneal marries to E. M. Myers.

August 25- Emmet Morris of Lodore shoots himself in the head and dies.

September 18- Brackett Seay dies at the age of 23 at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Foreman in Deatonville.

October 23- William Harvey and Beatrice Hill are married by Rev. D. O. Rogers in the Presbyterian Church.

November 2- Marguerite Laffoon was given a  birthday party by her parents. She turned 10 years old. Marguerite being the Laffoons eldest daughter.

November 5- Ethel Temple and Shelly Hobkins are married in Chula by the Rev. Mr. Tucker. Music was by Mrs. Therman Morris, sister of the bride.

December 18- Willie Page Seay dies while working in his barn

December 20- Willie Page Seay is buried




April 13- Charles Allen Holman, Sr. dies

April 23- Eliza Meade Robinson dies

April 29- Alfred Washington dies

May 1- Alfred Washington is buried

March 8- Rebecca Chappell Seay dies at age 88

March 14- Lewis Harvie Featherstone dies at age 65

March 17- Lewis Harvie Featherstone is buried in Mannboro

March 17- Jeff Hastings dies

March 18- Jeff Hastings is buried

March 22- Sarah Yeats dies at age 70

March 23- Sarah Yeats is buried at Sandy Creek Cemetery

March 30- Thomas Henry Morris dies at age 79

March 31- Thomas Henry Morris is buried

December 13- John Taylor Warriner, Sr. dies at age 78, one day short of his 79th birthday. He was survived by 6 children and 14 grandchildren. His wife, Julia, had died in 1900.
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