Virginians Who Died Outside of Virginia
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RAIKES, Morton, died May 19, 1898 in Baltimore, Maryland, resident of Lynchburg, Va., killed while working on phone lines by electrical wire

RANDOLPH, Isham, died August 2, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, buried in Old Chapel, Va.

RANDOLPH, Thomas F., died March 1912 in Washington, D. C., buried in Richmond, Va.

REEVE, Ellen T., died December 29, 1884 in Brooklyn, New York, buried in Richmond city

RICHARDSON,  Major Samuel J., died May 24, 1902 in Chicago, Illinois, buried in Norfolk, Virginia

ROMANS, Herbert, died 1909 in Kentucky

ROY, Virgil M., died June 1, 1904 in Washington, D. C., formerly of Richmond city

SALE, Dr. M. S., died April 6, 1905 in Lexington, Kentucky

SCOTT, Mrs. Hugh Walker(nee Hawkes), died July 1903 in Baltimore, Maryland

SCHROEDER, Elizabeth/Sister Mary Elizabeth, died March 1910 in Emmettsburg, Maryland, formerly of Virginia

SHAFFER, Perry S., died March 31 in Cecil County, Maryland

SHEPHARD, Fannie Jackson, died July 19, 1906 in Weldon, North Carolina

SHIFLETT, Robert L.,  died August 27 in Georgia, age 30, killed in a railroad accident, buried Staunton

SHINE, R. Edgar, died September 1904 in Clifton Springs, New York, age 45

SKINNER, Capt. Samuel W., died November 5, 1907 in Jacksonville, Florida, formerly of Richmond city

SLAUGHTER, Eleanor Fairfax, died June 1906 in Galveston, Texas, formerly of Leesburg, Va.

SLEMP, William, died March 4, 1912 in Louisville, Kentucky, buried in lee County, Va.

SMART, Louise, died April 10, 1912 in Ketchikan, Alaska, pneumonia

SMITH, Daisy(nee Gibbs)(Mrs. T. H.), died July 1897 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, formerly of Manchester, Va., buried in Maury Cemetery in Manchester(later Richmond city)

SMITH, Lelia Garnett(Mrs. Benjamin Rush), died April 28, 1902 in New York, New York, buried in North Carolina

SPOONER, Dollie(nee Durrett)(Mrs. G. W.), died March 30, 1907 in Washington, D. C.

STEPHENS, Jane(Mrs. Calvin), died March 19, 1905 in Washington, D. C., age 70, paralysis, resident of Frederick Co.

STEPHENS, Capt. Wilbur, died July 1932 in Denver, Colorado, buried in Greene County, Va.

STEWART, Charles Norris, died December 1, 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland, age 39, buried in Richmond, Va.

STRAUSE, Leon, died June 17, 1923 in New York, New York, buried in Richmond, Va.

STRUDWICK, Stanley, died June 12, 1906 in Cincinnati, Ohio, cancer of the stomach, resident of Wytheville, Va.

THACKER, Henry A., died April 4, 1934 in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois, age 77, formerly of Waynesboro, Va.

TIMBERLAKE, Florence P.(Mrs. W. L.), died April 11 in Mobile, Alabama, age about 47, buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.
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