Virginians Who Died Outside of Virginia
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VAUGHAN, Douglas, died October 3, 1926 in Kittrell, North Carolina, of Richmond, Va.

VAUGHAN, Hattie(nee Blankenship), died December 27, 1904 in Denver, Colorado, formerly of Manchester & Richmond, Va., age 36

WALLER, George W., died April 20, 1907 in Oxford, North Carolina, formerly of Richmond city

WARING, Harry, died March 1911 in Little Rock, Arkansas, age 35, typhoid pneumonia

WAUGH, Henry S., died June 22, 1908 in Louisvile, Kentucky, age 72

WEAVER, Dr. C. L., died July 18, 1925 in Williamsport, Maryland, formerly of Elkton, Va., age 47, buried in Madison County, Va.

WEISIGER, James Henry, died 1871 in Memphis, Tennessee, native of Chesterfield County, Va.

WELCH, William, died January, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland, resident of Roanoke, Va., age 65, dropsy

WHISTON, Florence(nee Nash)(Mrs. Rev. B. H.), died June 20, 1906 in Nebraska, age 19, peritonitis

WHITEHEAD, Eugene, died April 8, 1934 in Washington, D. C., age 33, formerly of Chatham, Va., buried in Chatham

WILKINSON, Dr. W. S., died April 26, 1912 in Tomahawk, North Carolina, formerly of Amelia County & Danville, Va.

WILSON, Bessie, died November 4, 1910 in Arkansas, age 28, buried in Bristol, Va.

WINFREE, Dr. John Mettauer, died March 1907 in Raleigh, North Carolina, buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond city

WOODY, Thaddeus M., died July 21, 1906 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, age 65


YARBROUGH, George W., died March 25, 1905 in Tennessee, formerly of Danville, Va., age about 70

YOUNG, Richard A., died January 24, 1911 in New Orleans, Louisiana, formerly of Virginia, buried Louisville, Kentucky

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