Wed in North Carolina
January 29- Holly Lowry(male) to Cora Crowder, both of Manchester city, Va.


November- Charles T. Morris to Bertie Robertson, both of Manchester city, Va., md. in Weldon, Halifax County

December 16- James Brockwell to Rebecca Buckius, both of Petersburg, md. in Halifax County

October 16- Andrew Mann, of Southampton County to Essie Gardner, of Nansemond County, md. in Cora Peak

December 21- C. Bruce Guerrant to Annie Hoge, both of Danville

February- Ralph Wood to Julia Archer Warriner, both of Amelia County

March 6- D. J. Smith, of Danville to Lydia B. Hardy, of Manchester, md. in Milton(Lydia formerly of Ringgold)

April 10- Thomas Shanks, of Petersburg, to Bertha Fleshwood, of Brunswick Co., md. in Henderson

June 6- John Wiley Nash, of Mecklenburg County to Eunice Bracey Nash, of Brunswick County

April 26- Virgil Vaughan to Sallie Cosby, of Mannboro, Amelia County, md. in Halifax

June 12- Benjamin Spiegel, of Richmond city to Mollie Feldman, of Salisbury, Rowan County

June 29- W. J. Henning, of Richmond city to Addie L. Pride, of Chesterfield County in Weldon, Halifax County

August 1- Charles J. Elliott, of South Boston to Lillian Smythe, of Danville, md. in Pelham

October 19- John Pitchford to Eva Beasley, both of Petersburg, md. in Halifax

November 12- William Miller to Nellie Furman, both of Petersburg, md. in Halifax

April 17- E. Hulston Cash, of Midway to Lucy J. Turner, of Norwood, md. in Pelham

October 15- John Coggins to Annie A. Darden, both of Franklin, md. in Elizabeth City

November 6- Ernest Hargrove to Inda Porter, both of Petersburg, md. in Weldon, Halifax County

November 6- L. O. Dishman to Josephine Belcher, both of Chesterfield County, md. in Weldon, Halifax County

July 8- Ernest Heath to Blanche Tucker, both of Petersburg, in Henderson

July 27- Paul Bullifant to Elizabeth M. Newell, both of Petersburg

September 17- Mac A. Dillott to Rebecca Branch, both of Petersburg

October 8- Robert H. Tucker, Jr. to Mary Ethel Gill, both of Petersburg, in Weldon, Halifax County

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