Virginians Who Died Outside of Virginia
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EASTHAM, Sadie J.(Mrs. Henry F.)(nee Stanard), September 2 in Baltimore, Maryland, formerly of Richmond city

ECKLES, Mrs. Sarah V., died March 27 in New York, New York, age 61

ELMORE, Richard E., Jr., died November 1931 in Durham, North Carolina, buried in Richmond, Va.

ETTINGER, Joseph H., Jr., died March 8, 1911 in Hagerstown, Maryland, buried in Lexington, Va. , age 30

FADELEY, Anna M.(Mrs. M. M.), died  July 1, 1906 in Washington, D. C., age 57, of Ashburn, Va.

FARRELL, F. A.(male), died November 4, 1907 in North Carolina, resident of Danville, Va.

FAULCONER, W. Emmett, died July 3 at Haw River, North Carolina, buried in Gordonsville, Va.

FIFE, Nannie(nee Row)(Mrs. Houston), died March 1907 in Buffalo, West Virginia

FISHER, George F., died April 1908 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, buried in Wytheville, Va.

FLETCHER, Maj. T. J., died June 19, 1906 in California, age 79, formerly of Staunton, Va.

FORE, R. W., died November 25, 1939 in Hagerstown, Maryland, formerly of Roanoke.

GAMBLE, Ruby(Mrs. Hay W.), died July 4, 1899 in Spence, North Carolina, formerly of Virginia

GILL, Thomas, died May 6, 1911 in Baltimore, Maryland, Bright's disease

GILMOUR, Elizabeth(nee Taylor), died November 21, 1932 in Rochester, Minnesota, buried in Richmond, Va.

GRAVELY, Frank R., died 1899 in Manilla, Phillippines, age 26, accidently killed, a resident of Danville, Va.

HATCHER, Vance R., died October 9, 1898 in Jacksonville, Florida, typhoid fever, buried in Richmond city

HARGER, Julien, died November 5, 1910 in Newburgh, New York age 23, of Swoope, Va.

HARMAN, Charles H., died December 1906 in New York, formerly of Charlottesville

HEATON, James R., died April 29 in Missouri, resident of Mount Clinton Co., age 31, tuberculosis

HENDREN, Mabel(nee Fay)(Mrs. W. H.), died March 23, 1906 in New Orleans, Louisiana, formerly of Norfolk city

HENNINGER, Will R., died March 25, 1908 in Los Angeles, California, resident of Bristol, Va.

HETH, Harriet(nee Selden)(Mrs. Maj.-Gen. Harry), died December 31, 1907 in Washington, D. C

HILL, John Todd, died February 1905 in San Juan Del Norte, Nicaragua

HILL, Samuel H., died  October 4, 1906 in Slater, Missouri, formerly of Lunenburg Co., age 90

HUFNAGEL, Sophia D.(Mrs. Conrad), died August 16, 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland, age 92, formerly of Richmond city

IDE, Appleton J., died 1908 in Columbus, Ohio
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