Virginians Who Died Outside of Virginia
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ALLEN, Irvin, died February 11, 1922 in Baltimore, Maryland

ALLEN, John B., died October 20, 1919 in Dumont, New Jersey

ALLEN, Mrs. O. M., died February 21, 1912 in Baltimore, Maryland, age 66, resident of Martinsville, Va.

ALLISON, William A., died June 20, 1911 in New Orleans, Louisiana, resident of Glade Spring, Va.

ANDERSON, Charles R., died February 1927 in Cuba

ARCHER, Elina F., died August 24, 1923 in Kenilworth, New Jersey

ARMSTEAD, Mary, died June 9, 1926 in Englewood, New Jersey

ATLEE, Harry Houston, died April 20, 1912 in Baltimore, Maryland, buried in Va.

ATWILL, Frank, died March 29, 1917 in Washington, D. C.

AUSTIN, Henry R., died January 6, 1906 in Little Rock, Texas, formerly of Cumberland & Amelia counties in Virginia

AUSTIN, John William, died April 8, 1919 in Draper, North Carolina

AVERILL, Elsie B., died June 16, 1912 in Washington, D. C.

AYERS, James T., died August 31, 1925 in Baltimore, Maryland

BABB, John, died August 11, 1925 in Johnson County, Tennessee

BAER, John L., died May 28, 1926 in the Canal Zone

BAGWELL, Maggie, died August 19, 1913 in Salisbury, Maryland

BAGWELL, William H. H., died July 11, 1940 in Hamlet, North Carolina, age 99, formerly of Va.

BAILEY, Rex Lee, died February 7, 1926 in Louisville, Kentucky

BAILEY, Ruth, died February 13, 1923 in Baltimore, Maryland

BAILY, Mary, died November 30, 1926 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BAKER, Elten, died September 6, 1897 near San Jose, California, age 71, formerly of Virginia

BALAZE, Steve, died November 24, 1923 in Santiago, Cuba

BALDWIN, Helen(nee Murray)(Mrs. Selwin), died July 4, 1907 in Knoxville, Tennessee, buried in Suffolk, Va.

BALL, Jennie(Mrs. Samuel H.), died December 1924 in Baltimore, Maryland

BANKS, James, died October 5, 1926 in Kimball, West Virginia

BANKS, Robert, died June 10, 1922 in Roxbury, New York

BARBEE, Hattie, died March 11, 1920 in Washington, D.C.

BARNES, William, died July 14, 1921 in East View, New York

BARNETT, Roy , died Sepetmber 1904 in South America, age about 24, fever

BARR, Harriet A., died June 12, 1925 in Syracuse, New York

BEATTY, James, died October 2, 1906 in Jackson, Mississippi

BEAU, J. W.(infant of), died February 24, 1915 in Washington, D. C.

BEAUCHAMP, Clara, died January 8, 1923 in Buffalo, New York

BEAUCHAMP, Eugene D., died January 9, 1923 in Buffalo, New York

BEAVER, Relia, died January 29, 1927 in Washington, D. C.

BEERY, Sarah, died August 27, 1915 in Washington, D. C.

BEKY, Michael, died April 26, 1924 in Haiti

BELL, Harry H., died February 19, 1915 in Charlestown, West Virginia

BELL, Moses, died January 24, 1918 in Washington, D. C.

BENJAMIN, Marie, died June 16, 1926 in Newark, New Jersey

BERNSTEIN, Mike, died February 1913 in Redlands, California, formerly of Richmond, Va., age 45

BEVERLY, Robert A., died December 7, 1904 in Beverly, South Carolina, heart disease, resident of Winchester, Va., buried in Leesburg, Va.

BIBB, Nannie(Mrs. A. P.), died May 7, 1910 in Chattanooga, Tennessee,
buried in Charlottesville

BISHOP, Leonora(nee Roper)(Mrs. Rev. William Frost), died July 1, 1908 in North Carolina, buried in Petersburg, Va.

BLACKWELL, Jenkins, died September 22, 1922 in Washington, D.C.

BLACKWELL, Solomon, Jr., died January 16, 1925 in Montclair, New Jersey

BLAIR, Edgar, died October 29, 1922 in Masontown, Pennsylvania

BLISS, George H., died April 26 in New York, age about 55, formerly of

BLOOMBERG, Henry, died July 4, 1908 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, age 30, buried in Richmond city

BLOOMER, James L., died March 1, 1910 in Bloominton, Illinois, age about 82, formerly of Norfolk, Va.

BOARD, James A., died February 25, 1913 in Cary, West Virginia

BOLTON, Martha M., died May 16, 1915 in Pelham, North Carolina

BOOKER, George, died December 8, 1924 in Charleston, West Virginia

BOOKER, Susie, died January 25, 1921 in Wilmington, Delaware

BOSS, Bettie, died September 28, 1914 in Charlotte, North Carolina

BOSWELL, Charles, died April 30, 1924 in Trenton, New Jersey

BOSWELL, Daniel F., died December 31, 1912 in Washington, D. C.

BOWE, James Hughes, died June 18, 1924 in Santo Domingo

BOWER, Lewis F., died December 20, 1913 in Welch, West Virginia

BOWERS, Sarah E., died December 28, 1914 in Roselle, Union County, New Jersey

BOXWELL, Lemuel T., died 1912 in Martinsburg, West Virginia

BOYD, Charles G., died November 27, 1919 in Pennsylvania

BRACEY, Edward, died 1924 in Little Silver, New Jersey

BRADT, William A., died February 25, 1910 in Washington, D. C., age 38, resident of Norfolk city, buried in Petersburg

BRAGG, Mary Alice, died February 1913 in Princeton, West Virginia, buried in Norfolk, Va.

BROPHY, Allecia, died February 18, 1924 in Catonsville, Maryland, formerly of Richmond city

BROWN, H. Guy, died April 19, 1911 in Charleston, South Carolina, resident of Norfolk, Va.

BUDD, Dr. Samuel W., died May 13, 1899 in Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, resident of Petersburg, Va.

BUFFUM, Clara Tufts(Mrs. Major R. E.), died April 1906 in Princeton, New Jersey

CALVERT,Mrs. Sallie A., died July 24, 1906 in Washington, D. C., age 67, formerly of Petersburg

CARROLL, William Arthur Avery, died December 31, 1900 in New York,
N. Y., formerly of Richmond, Va., pneumonia

CARTER, Edward, died March 11 in Thomasville, Georgia, age 30, tuberculosis, formerly of Chatham, Va.

CARTMELL, Nathaniel, died July 1898 in Los Angeles, California, age 70, of apoplexy, buried in Winchester, Va.

CAYWOOD, Mary V., died November 1910 in Washington, D. C., buried in King George County, Va. where she was a resident

CHILDRESS, Cliftonia, died July 30, 1905 in New Orleans, Louisiana, native of Albemarle County, Va., severe fever and pneumonia

CHOWNING, William B., died April 21, 1907 in Baltimore, Maryland, age 66, buried in Middlesex County, Va.

CLAGGETT, Henry Oden, died July 3 in Baltimore, Maryland, age 70, formerly of Leesburg, Va.

CLARK, Lawrence R., died May 9, 1910 in San Francisco, California, age 42, formerly of Virginia

CLARK, Louise(Mrs. Powhatan), died April 14, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland

CLARKSON, Mrs. James L.(nee Turner), died March 6, 1900 in St. Louis, Missouri, age about 52, formerly of Richmond, Va.

CLARY, Alexander F., died November 12, 1933 in Los Angeles, California, buried in Richmond, Va.

CLINCH, James D., died April 14, 1906 in Chicago, Illinois, buried in Norfolk, Va.

COGHILL, James H., died December 1908 in Morristown, New York, formerly of Essex County, Va.

COKELEY, Carolyn A., died January 1, 1909 in New York, New York, of Richmond, Va.

COLES, Thomas J., died May 13, 1924 in Cincinnati, Ohio, formerly of Pittsylvania County, Va.

CONINE, Nellie(Mrs. Joseph E.), March in Camden, New Jersey, age 38, consumption

CONOVER, Fred H., died March 1910 in Hoboken, New Jersey, buried in Portsmouth, Va.

COULLING, Major William M., died March , 1912 at the Army & Navy hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas, buried in Arlington National Cemetery, former resident of Virginia

COURTNEY, J. C.(Mrs.), died July 5, 1910 in Atlanta, Georgia, buried in Petersburg, Va. her former home

CRUMP, Beverley, died March 20, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland                

DABNEY, Eizabeth(nee Moore), died January 23, 1905 in Meridian, Mississippi, of King William Co., Va., age 79

DAVIS, Mollie E.(nee Moore), died January 1, 1909? in New Orleans, Louisiana

DEAN, George H., died May 1898 in Chicago, Illinois, formerly of Richmond, Va., age 53

DILLON, Samuel, died December 24, 1899 in Washington, D. C., died of injuries received at Fort Myer, resident of Roanoke where he was interred

DITTRICK, Fritz, died October 2, 1924 in Greensboro, North Carolina, resident of Chesterfield County, Va.

DOLLY, Rev. W. L., died February 5, 1910 in Maryland

DOUGLAS, Addison, died December 1911 in Washington, D. C., formerly of Heathsville, Va., age about 70
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