Virginia Marriage Notices from Newspapers
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FREDERICKSBURG, VA., Dec. 17.--Mr. Charles Acors and Miss Alice Seal, both of Caroline county, were married this week at the home of Mr. Thomas Brown, in htat county, and will make their home at Bowling Green.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, December 18, 1903 issue                         

BRUINGTON, Nov. 13--Miss Lillian McFarland and Shirley Armstrong, Jr., both of Stevensville, were quietly married at the home of the bride on Saturday. Dr. C. H. Hudson, of Bruington, was the officiating minister.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, November 14, 1929 issue

      Ceremony at Calvary Episcopal Church, in Dinwiddie County
DINWIDDIE, VA., May 13.-One of the prettiest and most fashionable marriages that has taken place in Dinwiddie county for some time was performed yesterday afternoon in Calvary Episcopal Church, by Rev. John Rideout, of Grace Church, Petersburg. Miss Evelyn Boisseau, becoming the bride of Mr. R. Linwood Baldwin. The bride is the daughter of Mr. J. W. Boisseau, of this county. The groom is a prominent young merchant of Farmville.
The bridesmaids were attired in white and blue shirred mousselines with chiffon sashes. The bride wore a beautiful costume of crepe de chine over taffeta, with long tulle veil caught with sprays of lilly of the valley. She carried a shower bouquet of the same.
Mrs. W. J. Branch, sister of the bride, was dame of honor and wore white silk, trimmed with point lace and carried carnations. Mr. A. E. Richardson was master of ceremonies. Little Miss Lucile Cousins, of Petersburg, in a dainty dress of organdie and  ribbon, carried the ring on a silver waiter. The bridal party entered in the following order; Messrs. John Pickerel and John Beck, Messrs. T. Montague Netherland and Joel Hillsman, Miss Roan Friend, of Petersburg. Mr. Darnall, of Bluefield, Miss Laura Harris and Annie Gilliam Smith, Messrs. Eugene Blanton, of Richmond, and Mr. Harris, of Farmville; Miss Pearl Edmunds, of Petersburg, Mr. Dorsey Davis, Misses Ruby Bland Leigh, of West Point, and Laura Baldwin, of Farmville;  Messrs. A. M. Orgain, Jr., and James Boisseau, of Emporia; the dame of honor, Mrs. W. J. Branch, Little Miss Cousins, the ring bearer, lastly the bride, leaning on the arm of Mr. Willard Boisseau, who gave her away. They were met at the altar by the groom and his beat man, Mr. Juan Baldwin; of Petersburg. The church was beautifully decorated with palms and cut flowers and soft lights shed their glow on a beautiful scene. An elegant luncheon was served at the residence of the bride. After the marriage the happy couple left on the north-bound through train on the S. A. L. for and extended trip North, and in the future will reside in Farmville.
The following are some of those present from a distance; Mrs. Edgar Tracy Hines, of Lynchburg; H. B. Baldwin, of Richmond; Mrs. M. D. Cogbill, of Petersburg; Mrs. R. A. Baldwin, Miss Mary Baldwin and Mr. R. C. Gilliam, of Petersburg.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, May 14, 1903 issue

On Thursday evening last, Mr. JOHN M. BANISTER, to Miss POLLY BOLLING-both of this town.
from the "Intelleignecer," Petersburg, Va., Tuesday, October 20, 1807 issue, p. 3, c. 1

  Leesburg, Va., April 19.-Benjamin F. Barton, son of B. F. Barton, of Bluemount, Va., and Miss Sadie Frazier, daughter of Henry Frazier, of Trappe, Loudon county, were married in Leesburg.
from "The Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Friday Afternoon, April 19, 1907 issue

  Onancock, June 10.-Miss Anna Sylvester Doughty, of this place, and Dr. William E. Baylor, of Cedar Bluff, Va., yesterday were married here by the Rev. J. W. Stiff.
from "The Washington Post," Washington, D. C., Saturday, June 11, 1910 issue, p. 3, c.4
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., Nov. 13--Dewey Lee Berry, of Nelly's Ford, Va., and Miss Annie Belle Gray, of Afton, Nelson County; motored here yesterday and were married at the parsonage of the Christian Church, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. Edwin S. Sweeney. Mr. and Mrs. Berry will make their home in Nelson County.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, November 14, 1929 issue

                               PRETTY HOME WEDDING.
           Miss Marie Annie Henson Bride of Charles G. Betelle.
PETERSBURG, VA., June 23.-This morning, at the beautiful residence of Judge W. J. Henson, his sister, Miss Marie Annie Henson became the bride of Mr. Charles G. Bettelle.
The bride wore a handsome going away gown of dark blue Panama chiffon, with hat and gloves to match. Mrs. Betelle is possessed of unusually high attainments and has been a frequent contributor to many of the leading magazines. Her talents and winning personality have won for her hosts of friends throiughout the State.
Mr. Betelle was formerly of Philadelphia, but is now a prominent businessman of Bluefield, W. Va.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, June 24, 1906 issue, p. 10, c. 4

Married, December 23, 1879, in this city, at the residence of the bride, by Rev. J. R. Garilek, JAMES R. BLUNT, to Miss MATTIE W. JONES; all of Richmond, Va.
from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, January 3, 1880 issue

On Tuesday the 15th instant, by the Rev. Rev'd Philip Courtney, Mr. JAMES BOTT of Amelia, to Miss SUSAN B. HATCHER, daughter of Mrs. Susan Hatcher of Chesterfield.
from the "Richmond Enquirer," Richmond, Va., Saturday, March 19, 1831 issue

North Garden, Va., October 16.- A quiet, but pretty wedding took place this morning, the 16th instant, at 10 o'clock, in the home of Mr. John N. Faris, Red Hill, Albemarle county, who gave Miss Ella Newton, his second daughter, in marriage to Mr. E. B. Bowden, of Lunenburg county. The Rev. R. H. Bowden, brother of the groom, officiated. Miss Julia Faris presided at the piano and played Mendelssohn's wedding march as the bridal party entered.
from "The News," Roanoke, Va., Friday Morning, October 18, 1907 issue, p. 8

William T. Brooks and Miss Alice Irene Childress intended getting married quietly Monday night  and keeping the matter a secret for a few days. But the report of the license being issued to them, as published in these columns yesterday, acquainted their friends, and the secret is out.
The marriage took place Monday night at 9:15 in the parsonage of Fifth-Street Methodist church. Mr. Brooks lives at 917 Stockton street and the bride's former home was 121 East Ninth street. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks are at home now at 917 Stockton street.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Wednesday Afternoon, April 3, 1907 issue, p. 2, c. 6    
FREDERICKSBURG, VA., Feb. 6.-Mr. Nervie Brown and Miss Etta Mozingo, of Richmond county, were married last week at Cabham Park Baptist Church, in that county. Rev. George M. Connelly officiating . Miss Mary Brown was the maid of honor and Mr. Walter Hynson best man. The ushers were Messrs. Charles Webb and Irwin Delano.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 7, 1905 issue

ROANOKE, VA., November 24.-A fashionable wedding was celebrated to-night at Calvary Baptist church, when Mr. Earl Brugh was united in marriage with Miss Pattie Webb. Mr. Brugh is a prominent young merchant of the city, and the bride was formerly a resident of New Market, Va. Mr. and Mrs. Brugh left after the ceremony on an extended bridal trip North.
from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, November 25, 1898 issue, p. 5, c. 3

-Mathews C.H., Va., October 16.-Miss Clara Virginia Miles,of Mathews county, and Mr. Gustavus W. Burton, of Old Point, were married this morning at 9:30 o'clock at the Central Methodist church here. Mr. and Mrs. Burton will make their home at Old Point.
from "The News," Roanoke, Va., Friday Morning,October 18, 1907 issue,p. 8

------On Thursday evening he 21st inst., Mr. REUBEN BUTLER, to the amiable Miss ELIZABETH RUFFIN, both of Surry county.
from the "Virginia Argus," Richmond, Va., Saturday, November 30, 1805 issue, p. 3, c. 3


Miss Mary A. Doyle and Mr. William E. Callaham, of Norfolk, Va., were married Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Margaret Doyle. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. Russell Cecil, of the Second Presbyterian church, in the presence of the immediate family.
The bride was gowned in a blue tailor-made traveling suit. Mr. and Mrs. Callaham will be at home to their friends at Pinner's Point, Va.
from The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Thursday Afternoon, October 22, 1903 issue,
p. 2, c. 2   

STAUNTON, VA., May 3-Miss Marie Rowe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Rowe of Lofton, and William Campbell, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Campbell of Ellard, were married here April 15 by the Rev. Hunter B. Blakely, D. D. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, May 4, 1933 issue

CAVAN-VAIDEN.-At the West Point Hotel, by the Rev. T. H. Boggs, Mr. A. Y. CAVAN, of Gloucester county, to Miss S. B. VAIDEN, of Chesterfield county, Va.
from "The Daily Courier," Petersburg, Va., Friday Morning, March 17, 1871 issue

LEESBURG, VA., Dec. 24.-Miss Bertha Ferguson, the attractive daughter of Mr. Emery Ferguson, of Airmont, Va., and Mr. John R. Chamblin, son of R. C. Chamblin, Esq., a well known citizen of the county, were married yesterday at 12 o'clock at the residence of the bride's father. After a reception tendered the bridal party, Mr. and Mrs. Chamblin left for a bridal tour to Eastern cities.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, December 25, 1903 issue 

BLACKSTONE, VA., June 20.-
Cards have been received here announcing the marriage of Walter Cheatham,
principal of the Blackstone High School, to Mrs. Clare Davis, of Williamsburg. After September 1, Mr. and Mrs. Cheatham expect to make their home here.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, June 21, 1923 issue

Miss Hattie A. Baughan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Baughan, and Frank E. Childress were quietly married Thursday evening at 9 o'clock in the parlor of the Rev. J. B. Hutson, pastor of Pine-Street Baptist church in the presence of the two families and a host of friends.
Mr. Childress is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Childress, of Montrose Heights.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday Afternoon, April 29, 1912 issue, p. 3, c. 2

A marriage of interest to many friends was solemnized in the home of the bride's mother, on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock when Miss Edna Vail Branch became the bride of Harvey C. Clarke.
The Rev. R. A. Goodman rector of St. John's Episcopal church, performed the ceremony in the presence of the families and a few near friends. They left for an extended Northern tour.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday Afternoon, April 29, 1912 issue, p. 3, c. 3

Alexandria, Va., October 16.-St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal church was the scene of a pretty wedding at 2 o'clock this afternoon, when Miss Rebecca Courtenay Marshall daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jacquelin Ambler Marshall became the bride of Dr. Thomas B. Cochran. the church was prettily decorated with palms and potted plants for the occasion. Rev. Peter Parker Phillips, the rector, performed the ceremony.
from "The News," Roanoke, Va., Friday Morning, October 18, 1907 issue, p. 8    

Providence Forge, Va., May 17.--Miss Georgie Marie Dunn and William Benjamin Coggin were married here yesterdy afternoon in the bride's home, only the immediate family witnessing the ceremony. The groom is the county school superintendent of Charles City and New Kent, and the bride is the daughter of Mrs. A. E. Dunn. Mr. and Mrs. Coggin left immediately for a Northern tour.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, May 18, 1911 issue   

MARRIED}-On Wednesday the 4th Woodberry, King William county, the late residence of Isaac Quarles, dec. Capt. ARMISTEAD COLEMAN, of Amelia county, to the amiable Miss BETSY S QUARLES.
from the "Richmond Enquirer," Richmond, Va., Saturday, February 14, 1818 issue, p. 3, c.5
George S. Collins and Miss Lizzie K. Boxley, both of Orange County, were
married at the home, in Orange, of Rev. R. F. Staples, who performed the
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, August 13, 1912 issue

Miss Lucille Chappelle, daughter of Mrs. L. A. Chappelle, of Waverly, Va., and Mr. Richard Corbett, of North Carolina, were married at Waverly on Saturday night. They left on Sunday for a wedding trip, after which they will reside at the home of the groom in North Carolina.
Miss Chappelle is very well known here, having spent several summers at "Brompton," with the family of Capt. M. B. Rowe.
from "The Daily Star," Fredericksburg, Va., Tuesday, April 20, 1920 issue

FREDRICKSBURG, VA., Feb. 6.-Mr. R. Lee Cox, of Orange county, and Miss Carrie Norvell, of Albemarle county, were married yesterday afternoon at the home of Mr. James Norvell, in the latter county Rev. E. V. Carson officiating.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 7, 1905 issue

LYNCHBURG, VA., July 6.-At the residence of William L. Terry. near Balsey's, his daughter, Miss Ella Virginia, was married to James D. Creasy, of Roanoke, the ceremony being performed by Rev. W. F. Fisher, of Concord. Miss May Feagans was the maid of honor and John Terry, a brother of the groom*, was best man. They will live in Welch, W. Va., where the groom is engaged in business.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, July 7, 1909 issue
*obviously it's either her brother or is surname is wrong
ABINGDON, VA., July 19.--Dr. James W. Cummings, of this town, and Miss Lizzie Preston, were married yesterday evening at Walnut Grove, the old home of the late Henry Preston, Esq., ten miles west of this place. Dr. Cummings is one of the most prominent physicians in this section, and the bride is as lovely in person as she is lovable for her many graces of heart and mind. This wedding is notable from the fact that it is a union between two families whose names are linked with the country's history for more than a century.
from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, July 20, 1900 issue, p. 3, c. 6

Mr. Ernest Daniel and Miss Julia Elmore were quietly married at the residence of the bride's parents on Tusday evening, at 3 o'clock, by Rev. J. R. Sturgis. No cards.            
from "The Blackstone Courier," Blackstone, Va., Friday, January 2, 1903 issue, p. 4, under the Brunswick column                   

WARSAW, VA., Nov. 13--Edgar Dishman, of Fauquier County, and Miss Beatrice Gallagher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gallagher, of Warsaw, Va., were married November 6 in Richmond, the Rev. W. L. Carson, D. D., officiating. The ring service was used. The groom is a son of the late Charles Edward and Mrs. Rosaline Burson Dishman. Immediately after the ceremony, the couple left for a trip South. On their return, they will live near Marshall, Fauquier County.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, November 14, 1929 issue
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