Richmond city, Virginia Deaths, 1879 & 1887 from newspapers
I transcribed these deaths from end of the year necrologies from Richmond city newspapers. I may add more sometime as well.

These are not all of the deaths that occurred in Richmond city during those years just ones the newspaper considered notable.
The 1879 deaths are from the "Richmond Disptach," Richmond, Va., Thursday, January 1, 1880 issue.

1st. James Phillips; aged 68 years.
3d. Patrick McNamara; aged 60 years.
4th. William Smith; aged 68 years.
7th. Robert H. Allen.
10th. Mrs. Magdalen Miller, wife of Henry Miller; aged 75 years.
12th. Mrs. Geraldine Shell, wife of Thomas N. Shell; aged 64 years. Mrs.
Jane R. Taylor, wife of Thomas J. Taylor; aged 77.
14th. Mrs. Frances E. Dunlevy; aged 77.
16th. Mrs. Sophia Hexter, mother of Levi Hexter.
20th. Mrs. Mary Franklin, wife of the late Fleming Franklin; aged 67.
21st. Miss Julia A. Magruder, sister of General Magruder; aged 66. Mrs.
Sarah Gompf; aged 83. S. Lisberger.
23d. Mrs. Robert B. Lyne. John Henry Eustace.
26th. Judge James D. Hallyburton; aged 76. Rev. M. J. Michelbaeber.
28th. Mrs. Judge George L. Christian. Mrs. Catherine Hunt; aged 65.
31st. William J. Bell; aged 60. Edgar M. Porter; aged 77.

1st. Captain James H. Henery. Mrs. Nancy Ann Smithers; aged 80.
2d. John C. Johnson; aged 68.
3d. Mrs. Julia Wildt, wife of William Wildt; aged 62.
5th. James P. Boswell; aged 61.
6th. Henry L. Destler; aged 64.
10th. John M. England.
11th. Mrs. Mary A. Ellett, consort of the late James C. Ellett; aged 63.
12th. Mrs. Mary E. Alvey, wife of the late Richard T. Alvey . Miss Elizabeth
E. Bryant; aged 82.
16th. Mrs. Catharine Marvin; aged 86.
21st. General Robert H. Chilton; aged 64.
22d. Miss Margaret A. McFall; aged 65.
26th. Mrs. Eliza Mears; aged 77.

5th. Mrs. Catharine Matthews; aged 75. M. C. Heggarty, killed by premature
explosion of nitro-glycerine at Dutch Gap.
15th. John D. Blair; aged 65.
16th. Mrs. Molly B. Crouch, wife of the late Thomas Crouch; aged 80.
17th. Milly Dandridge; aged 87.
21st. Mrs. A. M. Pettus, relict of the late Hugh Pettus; aged 81.
22d. Mrs. Margaret C. Fisher; aged 69. Mrs. E. S. Claiborne, mother of the
late Judge A. B. Guigon; aged 78.
23d. Mrs. Jean Mackie; aged 69. Mrs. Mary Eliza Hillyard; aged 77. Dr.
Charles B. Smith.
24th. Daniel J. Hartsook.
25th. Martha R. Franklin; aged 73. Patrick Fogerty; aged 64.
29th. Mrs. C. C. Stiles, widow of Rev. J. C. Stiles, D. D.
31st. Henry Nolte; aged 60.

2d. Mrs. Mary A. Houseman, widow of the late F. E. Houseman; aged 66.
4th. Mrs. Elizabeth E. Spraggins; aged 64.
5th. Robert V. Priddy.
6th. Shelton C. Davis, clerk of Senate; aged 61.
7th. Captain J. B. Strong; aged 66.
9th. Mrs. Maria Allen; aged 74.
10th. Major Samuel H. Boykin, Surperintendent of Public Buildings.
15th. Mrs. Sarah E. S. Cary, relict of the late Colonel Gill A. Cary; aged
89. William Freeman; aged 75.
17th. Mrs. Julia Jackson; aged 62.
18th. Mrs. Martha Eubank; aged 89. Miss Rebecca Edmonds; aged 64. Mrs. Susan
M. Pendleton, wife of Dr. E. S. Pendleton.
19th. Samuel M. Price; aged 63.
20th. Mrs. Sarah S. Powell, wife of Charles H. Powell; aged 76.
23d. Mrs. L. P. Anthony, widow of the late J. H. Anthony.
24th. Mrs. Selina A. C. Irvine; aged 78. Rev. Scott Gwathmey.
25th. Rev. F. M. Baker; aged 57.
29th. A. Monroe Bailey; aged 65.

5th. Mrs. Louisa G. Poindexter; aged 66. J. Harvey Campbell.
9th. Mrs. Susan M. Rawlings; aged 89.
10th. Mrs. Bridget Cahill; aged 80.
12th. David M. Lea.
13th. Mrs. Elizabeth Synco; aged 76.
14th. Mrs. Mary Brady; aged 76.
16th. Patrick Cummins.
23d. George W. Dyer; aged 63.
24th. Mrs. Mary Jones, relict of David Jones; aged 70.
27th. Mrs. Jane Swords, wife of W. J. Swords.
29th. Mrs. Mary Wilson; aged 84.

1st. Mrs. Martha A. Armistead, wife of Rev. R. A. Armistead; aged 69.
2d. Miss Sally Lambert, sister of the late General William Lambert; aged 80.
5th. John Harmer Gilmer; aged 68.
8th. Hannah Scott; aged 84. Mrs. Elizabeth Turner; aged 75.
16th. Mrs. Ellen Stansbury; aged 65.
17th. Pleasant E. Gentry; aged 62.
18th. Mrs. Fannie D. King; aged 75.
21st. Chastain White; aged 56.
22d. Mrs. Martha D. Richardson; aged 69.

2d. Mrs. Mary R. Ricker; aged 74.
3d. Miss Louisa M. Bolling, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Bolling, Sr.,
from the effects of burns. Peter Reynolds; aged 67.
4th. Mrs. Rebecca W. Robinson, widow of the late Anthony Robinson; aged 84.
5th. Douglas Branch.
8th. Robert B. Bagby; aged 78.
13th. Mrs. Anne Gilliam Smith, wife of Dr. E. H. Smith.
18th. Mrs. Imogen Warwick Bolling, wife of Charles N. Bolling.
22d. Mrs. Alice Walsh; aged 82. Miss Eliza Riddle; aged 81.
23d. Mrs. Mary R. Griffin, widow of the late Fleming Griffin; aged 68.
28th. John Maben; aged 80 years.

10th. Mrs. Gertrude L. M. Evans, wife of James Evans; aged 75.
17th. Mrs. Ann Mercer Williams, relict of the late Charles Bruce Williams;
aged 80.
21st. W. A. J. Martin; aged 64.
30th. George E. S. Netherland; aged 59.
31st. John W. Camp; aged 63.

The 1887 deaths are from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va.,
Sunday, January 1, 1888 issue.

2d. Dr. Edward M. Seabrook; aged 56. Funeral of Mrs. Mary Ann Hobson, wife
of Julius Hobson, formerly City Collector; aged 74.
4th. John Koppenhaffer; aged 61.
5th. Mrs. M. V. Johnston; aged 62.
7th. John E. Reams; aged 71.
8th. Mrs. James W. Rountree, of Manchester; aged 67.
9th. John Wesley Cardwell; aged 67. Thomas O. Keesee; aged 46.
11th. Mrs. Mary E. Hobbs, of Manchester; aged 67.
15th. William H. Briggs found dead in bed; aged 54.
18th. Colonel E. C. Mosby; aged 85.
26th. Mrs. Mary E. Lockett, of Manchester; aged 69.
28th. Mrs. Elizabeth Atkins; aged 89.
31st. Major Isaac H. Carrington; aged 67. Dr. William M. Withers; aged 58.

3d. Peyton Johnston, Sr.; aged 77. Mrs. Ann E. Crowley; aged 73.
5th. Mrs. Mary Emergene Rogers; aged 65.
6th. Mrs. Hunter Marshall; aged 67. Mrs. R. Alonzo Brock{no age listed}.
7th. Mrs. Jane W. Clemmitt; aged 65.
10th. Mrs. Sarah F. Blair; aged 77.
11th. Mrs. M. E. Rider; aged 63.
12th. Mrs. Jane L. Cowles; aged 70.
13th. John A. Lacy, Sr.; aged 87. Major Willis S. Dance, of Powhatan; aged
15th. Dr. John G. Wayt; aged 77.
18th. Mrs. Caroline E. Coonley; aged 63.
21st. William P. Munford; aged 68.
24th. Mrs. Leonora Carter Loth; aged 33.
25th. Thomas W. Brockenbrough; aged 71. Mrs. Jane McIntosh Place; aged 80.

2d. William G. Toler; aged 50.
4th. Joseph F. Cottrell; aged 50.
7th. Miss Caroline K. Bulington; aged 88.
8th. Mrs. Pauline F. Brown; aged 60.
16th. William Brunt; aged 66.
18th. Benjamin Cary Nelson died suddenly{no age listed}. Mrs. Catherine
Pemberton; aged 83.
19th. Charles W. Purcell; aged 70.
22d. Mrs. Lena Augusta Jurgens; aged 61.
26th. Mrs. Harriet Graves; aged 83.
29th. James Blackwell Foster;aged 77.
30th. Mrs. Sarah A. Bacon, of Manchester;aged 72.

4th. Dr. James B. McCaw, Jr.{no age listed}.
5th. Rueben M. West (colored); aged 83.
6th. James M. Tanner; aged 79.
12th. W. G. Forbes{no age listed}. Mrs. Sallie E. Norvell{no age listed}.
13th. Mrs. Anna G. Burgwyn{no age listed}.
15th. Josiah Clarke; aged 69.
16th. Mrs. Mary Frances Bancalari; aged 60. Joseph C. Jacobs; aged 63.
17th. Mrs. Mary Wingler; aged 79.
19th. William West; aged 75.
20th. William Wildt, Sr.; aged 73. Mary E. Westcott, of Manchester; aged 72.
22d. Mrs Louisa Webb{no age listed}.
25th. Mrs. Caroline Arsell;aged 79.
26th. Mrs. Martha Goolsby; aged 71. Mrs. Margaret Keilev; aged 79. Mrs. Jane
E. Wingfield; aged 64.

3d. Frank H. Alfriend; aged 46.
4th. Claiborne Burnett; aged 76.
6th. Charles Hartwell; aged 70.
16th. Mrs. Sarah Winston Miles; aged 73.
17th. Mrs. Mariah J. Belknap; aged 81. Mrs. E. R. Cosby; aged 75. Mrs. Nora
Downs; aged 76.
19th. Robert Rose; aged 81.
21st. Mrs. Sarah A. Nicholson; aged 71.
22d. Mrs. Adaline Pollard; aged 73.
23d. Mrs. Margaret Haibleib; aged 78.
31st. Mrs. H. Bentley (Henrico county); aged 61.

2d. Miss Mary Bowen, of Manchester; aged 77.
10th. Rev. W. F. C. Gregory{no age listed}.
12th. George W. Booker; aged 78. Mrs. W. R. Pemberton; aged 62.
14th. John Fountain Ford; aged 69.
16th. John Graeme; aged 58. Mrs. J. P. Magruder; aged 64. William H. Scott;
aged 64.
18th. Henry A. Phillips; aged 61.
19th. Mrs. Catharine Hackett; aged 61. Furman Tupper{no age listed}
25th. Peyton S. Coles; aged 58.

2d. Patrick McCreen; aged 60.
5th. Cornelia Wayles Leigh; aged 68.
6th. Benjamin H. Conner; aged 74. Patrick Reidy; aged 73.
7th. Mrs. Fanny Johnson; aged 90. Mrs. Virginia K. Weitcomb{no age listed}
12th. Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Cox; aged 78.
13th. Mary Mahoney; aged 63. Mrs. Catharine Leonhauser; aged 72. Mrs. Martha
A. Crafton; aged aged 82.
16th. Mrs. Jeanette Nachman; aged 70{?}.
18th. Joseph Brockenborough; aged 70.
19th. James Andrews; aged 69.
21st. Mrs. L. A. Floyd; aged 76. William Hancock; aged 64.
22d. Edward Major; aged 73.
23d. John Phillips; aged 63.
29th. William Norwood; aged 81. Mrs. Ann F. Bolling; aged 88.
31st. Willie Ann Baker; aged 65.

2d. Mrs. Susan A. Lawrence; aged 77.
4th. V. M. Jones; aged 64.
8th. Richard T. redford; aged 67.
9th. Mrs. Margaret Baben; aged 67.
11th. Charles Gennet; aged 81.
12th. Mrs. Ellen C. Burns; aged 63.
14th. Henry Wallerstein; aged 69.
21st. Mrs. Ellen O'Keefe; aged 69.
22d. John L. Baron; aged 68.
26th. Richard Bastin; aged 80.

1st. Nicholas Kiebert; aged 80.
4th. Mrs. Lucy A. Cardwell; aged 63.
6th. Mrs. Christina M. Haffner; aged 79.
7th. Mrs. Elizabeth Hennessey; aged 66.
8th. John A. Chevalle; aged 68.
11th. Mrs. Adeline S. Carrington; aged 71.
13th. John Dearborn; aged 88.
14th. J. H. Oliver; aged 63. Mrs. Susan J. Richardson; aged 64.
17th. Mrs. Harriet Blankenship; aged 84. John Beirne; aged 71.
18th. Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan; aged 68.
20th. Miss A. M. Ford; aged 69. Benjamin F. Ladd; aged 68.
23d. David Bridges; aged 77. John Ford; aged 61. James M. Thompson, Sr.;
aged 64.
24th. Mrs. M. C. Jeter; aged 64.
26th. W. J. Barker; aged 63.
30th. John E. Johnston; aged 63. Nathaniel Upsher; aged 65.

1st. Mrs. Selathia A. Puckett; aged 73.
5th. William H. Powers; aged 70.
8th. Sanitary Officer John N. Hobson; aged 63.
10th. Mrs. Emily Timberlake; aged 72. Mrs. A. M. Ragsdale; aged 62.
12th. Mrs. Harriet Wicks; aged 64. Mrs. Mary A. Lyddane; aged 82.
13th. Mrs. Judith Watson(colored); aged 87.
20th. C. H. G. Lohmeyer; aged 63. Mrs. Susan A. Clements; aged 71. William
M. Page; aged 82. James Arthur Snell; aged 67.
26th. Frederick W. Dunkel; aged 63. Mrs. Ann E. Gates; aged 79.

2d. A. G. Phillips; aged 62.
10th. Colonel Lloyd J. Beall; aged 81.
11th. John Chesia; aged 63.
17th. Thomas G. Crump;aged 73.
18th. William G. Valentine; aged 67.
19th. Mrs. Jane Hudgins; aged 79. Henry G. Taylor; aged 71.
21st. E. B. Spence; aged 82.
24th. Hulday J. Jackson(colored); aged 70.
25th. Miss Catherine M. Harris; aged 66. Mrs. Margaret Hanna; aged 84.
26th. Thomas S. Deuel; aged 84.
29th. F. W. Wagner; aged 68.

December {note:they have the 6th listed twice}
6th. John M. Young; aged 56.
6th. Thomas G. Watson; aged 40.
7th. Joseph H. Saunders; aged 70.
10th. Mrs. Mary Briel; aged 66.
16th. Louis Dill; aged 71. John C. Murry; aged 73.
19th. Mrs. Mary Crawford; aged 76.
20th. Mrs. Eliza Lyos; aged 93.
21st. Mrs. Catherine Delarne; aged 83.
22d. Alexander H. Sands; aged 60.
23d. John McCauley; aged 67. Mrs. Hannah Potter; aged 83.
27th. Mrs. Emily Pilkinton; aged 64.
28th. Marlene Lanzarone; aged 65.
29th. Mrs. Mary M. Burnett; aged 68.
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