Merry Christmas
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About the stores.
I am sure you have all heard some stores in the US will have Merry Christmas in their stores and in their advertising and some will not.

I thought to be on the positive side, I would list some stores that will use Merry Christmas this year.
To me stores that have advertising and signs that say Merry Christmas are alot more fun to shop in. And I myself believe why they are selling so much this time of year is because of Christmas! Right?
Also included is some businesses that sell through catalogs and online.
If you know of a store that will do so this year please let me know and we can post it here!

   I say good going to the stores and businesses listed below!


Wal-Mart 2006 back to saying Christmas good for them!

Family Christian Stores

K-Mart & Sears(they went back to Christmas shop in 2005 instead of holiday shop & a lady working at Sears & another lady at K-Mart both wished me a Merry Christmas!)




Ben Franklin Crafts

Garden Ridge(Va.)

Target somewhat but still will not allow Salvation Army bell ringers outside of their stores

Even some schools are telling children they cannot say Merry Christmas, it is a free country and they should be able to wish their friends a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa if they want to! Each of the holidays I think should be treated as unique in their own way and not lumped together as happy holidays.
Anyway this particular site is about Christmas so a very
                       MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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